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  1. 2 Modern Magazines - not FT - Delivered to CGC - 5/9 Received by CGC - 5/11 SFG (and clickable) - 5/13 Charged by CGC - 6/2 Grading/QC - 6/2 Shipped/Imaged - 6/3 5 Modern Comics w/ CCS - not FT Delivered to CGC - 5/9 Received by CGC - 5/11 Charged by CCS - 6/12
  2. So, a late winner will wrap the contest. Question 3 has been answered by @Max Carnage. The answer I was looking for was an owl, both a typical Druid's familiar in D&D and who appeared in the 1928 short story book The House at Pooh Corner. Two, now very famous, characters debuted in that book, Owl and Tigger. A tiger would not usually be a low-level Druid familiar, but I know several DM's who either have or would allow it (usually it is conditional on a good backstory), so either answer was acceptable. All questions have now been answered. Thanks to all!
  3. And we have a winner for Question 9, @Crops068 checking in at 10:11PM ET. The actor in question was Sir John Hurt who played the War Doctor on Doctor Who, was in V for Vendetta created by Moore, was in both Merlin and the original LOTR cartoon from 1978, and was Mr. Olivander in Harry Potter. He gets around and definitely deserved the knighthood.
  4. Teachers Rock! My GF and many of my close friends are teachers. Thank you for educating the youth! It's great that you get positive reactions from them when you sport the nerd stuff.
  5. Wow, thank you for sharing those! That's a wonderfully impressive lineup of collectables. I can't believe you scored a Gil Kane signature like you did, incredible. The Blade Runner book is classic, I have a copy hanging around somewhere. I am also jealous of your tie clip, that's some high class nerd-ism.
  6. Well, that’s all folks! Thanks for playing or lurking along! I will leave this thread open a while longer; Question #3 still needs a winner. I hope this thread taught you some random trivia you may not have known, maybe you learned of a movie/show/actor/comic to check out, or, at the very least, briefly distracted you from the real world. I know it mostly looks like I was talking to myself but I did get the chance to chat with a few folks over PM. Considering I rarely reach out to chat with folks here, it was nice to get the opportunity to speak with everyone who played along. I learned new things from your answers, right or wrong (including a few that sent me down some very interesting rabbit holes), so thank you for that! On that last note, everyone, please wear masks in public, wash your hands really well, social distance, and most of all be safe and ‘DON’T PANIC’ (sorry, had to throw one last Douglas Adams reference in there.)
  7. Thanks! Yeah, a fellow boardie hooked me up with that Superman issue, I love it. The watch was a gift from my GF, herself a big Who fan. And as for V, I was hooked the first time I read it, started picking up everything from Moore that I could get my hands on. The comic itself was a gift from a close friend. I am so very glad you had an enjoyable time. Thank you for playing along!
  8. And now for my 7 items: 1) Flash on Superman cover - 2- A Dalek figure (both mutant and alien - though not a cat) 3- Tardis Watch (I'm a bit into Doctor Who, can you tell?) - 4- My anarchy masks - 5- Lev Grossman's The Magicians (I highly recommend checking it out) - 6- The Giant Sized X-Men picture hanging in my nerd room (Wish I had a real GSXM, someday...) - 7 - My first graded comic and one of my all time favorite stories by an all time great writer, V for Vendetta CGC 9.6 -
  9. @comics4all clocks in a very close second place at 8:50PM ET. His items: 1: ASM issue with Captain America on the cover 2: Ashoka figure, is the alien. (Yup, alien) 3: Astroblast atari game (very cool, outer space themed, I miss atari.) 4: Spidey shirt (again, a nice looking shirt) 5: Kavalier & Klay (yup, definitely a fantasy novel) 6: Xmen picture off the wall (most assuredly hangs on the wall) 7: Star wars watch - (that's a bada$$ watch you have there, great choice for personal fave.) Don't worry @comics4all, you will still get hooked up with a prize, I'll hit you up on PM
  10. Wow, that was fast. @ADAMANTIUM with the lightning quick response checks in at 8:46PM ET and he didn't even have to cheat! I won't post his pics (he is welcome to post them if he wants), but in order these were the images: 1. Spiderman on an X-Men comic 2 Wolverine comic (Mutant) 3 star wars (DVD Set, outer space themed) 4 punisher shirt (well worn, looks good). 5 superman novel (absolutely fits as fantasy) 6 joker canvas (This was really cool, and hanging on the wall) 7 venom poster (Very nice favorite item)
  11. Question 10 – Scavenger hunt – Preferably these are all things you have around the house (this is an honor system type deal, please don’t abuse it.) You are allowed to scrub one image off the net for one and only one of the items, excluding #7. An item can be used for only 1 of the answers, so a Star Wars themed wall clock can go under #3 or #6, but not both. Please send me pics of: -- WON BY ADAMANTIUM 1: A comic with a character on the cover who is not usually associated with that book (i.e. Thor on an Iron Man cover but not Batman/Robin/Joker on Detective Comics.) 2: A nerd item involving a different species than human (i.e. mutants, aliens, a cat.) 3: A nerd item involving outer space. 4: Something you wear that is comic/nerd related (i.e. a shirt with Thanos, a wearable Hulk fist, a TMNT mask.) 5: A sci-fi or fantasy novel. 6: A nerd item that hangs on the wall. 7: Your favorite nerd item (yes, this is completely subjective and I will accept just about anything that can rationally be described as ‘nerdy’.) Since this is the last question and it is a scavenger hunt, IF you would like, you are welcome to post the answers/pics in the thread instead of PMing me, earliest time still wins. Feel free to get creative. If we do get a winner and you still want to post your items/show off your nerd collection, go for it! Just for fun, I will also be posting my scavenger hunt responses. Prize: Before Watchmen: Comedian #1 signed by Brian Azzarello – CGC SS 9.0 (IP $40)
  12. Had a few good guesses at #9 but still awaiting an official winner (we had one unofficial winner, @comics4all, who may have rushed a bit and sent the wrong answer before immediately correcting himself and sending the right one at 4:49PM ET, and even though he initially sent the incorrect answer, since he was the first to get the right answer and beat everyone else's time by over 3 hours and running, he will receive the IP $. -- if the winner is international, they can still claim the IP, too). With the penultimate question still going, the tenth and final question (a scavenger hunt) will be coming at 8:30PM ET. A slab is up for grabs.
  13. Question 9: This knighted actor has graced many a nerds’ screen, appearing in an Alan Moore adapted film, the Harry Potter series, BBC’s Doctor Who and Merlin, and The Lord of the Rings. Which character did the above referenced actor play on Doctor Who? (Prize: Dragon Writers fantasy anthology book, signed by Jace Killan) (IP: $15) (Won by Crops068)
  14. And we have our 3rd two-time winner. @littledoom came in at 2:28PM ET with the correct answer of 0. Yes, it was kind of a trick question, but it is also oddly true that the word 'Ewok' was not mentioned even once in the original trilogy. Well done! Question 9 coming about 4PM ET.
  15. Question 8: So, I was watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi recently and it brought to mind a random trivia nugget I learned at a trivia night a few years ago. How many times is the word ‘Ewok’ used in the original trilogy? (Prize: Westworld Superemo Friend figure) (IP $10) Won by Littledoom.