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  1. Thank you elves, you guys rock! And big thanks to @The Sledder
  2. Book 1: 8 Book 2 : 3.5 Book 3: 4 Book 4: 6 Book 5: 5.5 Book 6: 6.5 Book 7: 2.5
  3. New Mutants 100 - CGC 9.6 & $25 to Amazon (one prize) - shipped to the US or Canada.
  4. A Requiem for Thirdgreenham’s Grading Contest (sung to the tune of Snot feat Corey Taylor’s Requiem – I was going to link to the song but was unable to find a radio safe version, sorry, needless to say there are plenty of not radio safe versions on YouTube if you would like to sing along – Also, Long Live CMFT) We were ready for anything Everyone knows some pain I see loss every time someone says Thirdgreenham When you know the contest is hard And all the boards begin to care Who the best graders are I bonded and had fun and it
  5. I so rarely get to post here as most of my submissions can't compare to the gorgeous comics everyone else posts, but I was happy with my recent submissions, including the book I submitted for the CGC Claremont signing.
  6. I had a blast participating. It was a unique idea for a contest and it was nice to be creative for a bit. Thank you so much for putting this together and congrats on the registry win!
  7. An Ode There was a nerdy child, long ago Bullied and beaten, as these things go Books and comics became sanctuary To this child as he did grow Through maturity the fascination stayed Escapism from the world decayed One room now a wall to wall library Best known as the reality blockade Then one day, a new site was found The CGC Boards, where nerds abound Where the best can be legendary With comics that leave you spellbound From then on, a slab convert was born Though he quickly b
  8. 2 Modern Magazines - not FT - Delivered to CGC - 5/9 Received by CGC - 5/11 SFG (and clickable) - 5/13 Charged by CGC - 6/2 Grading/QC - 6/2 Shipped/Imaged - 6/3 5 Modern Comics w/ CCS - not FT Delivered to CGC - 5/9 Received by CGC - 5/11 Charged by CCS - 6/12
  9. So, a late winner will wrap the contest. Question 3 has been answered by @Max Carnage. The answer I was looking for was an owl, both a typical Druid's familiar in D&D and who appeared in the 1928 short story book The House at Pooh Corner. Two, now very famous, characters debuted in that book, Owl and Tigger. A tiger would not usually be a low-level Druid familiar, but I know several DM's who either have or would allow it (usually it is conditional on a good backstory), so either answer was acceptable. All questions have now been answered. Thanks to all!
  10. And we have a winner for Question 9, @Crops068 checking in at 10:11PM ET. The actor in question was Sir John Hurt who played the War Doctor on Doctor Who, was in V for Vendetta created by Moore, was in both Merlin and the original LOTR cartoon from 1978, and was Mr. Olivander in Harry Potter. He gets around and definitely deserved the knighthood.
  11. Teachers Rock! My GF and many of my close friends are teachers. Thank you for educating the youth! It's great that you get positive reactions from them when you sport the nerd stuff.
  12. Wow, thank you for sharing those! That's a wonderfully impressive lineup of collectables. I can't believe you scored a Gil Kane signature like you did, incredible. The Blade Runner book is classic, I have a copy hanging around somewhere. I am also jealous of your tie clip, that's some high class nerd-ism.