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  1. 14 hours ago, shiverbones said:

    I will jump in, offering a sandman 4 Cgc 8.5 and a few surprise extras, us and Canada for shipping



    :cloud9: Love Gaiman.


    My prize: $40 PayPal from me to you, plus if you live in the US or Canada, a small mystery mix of random copper and/or modern raw books (if outside of the US/Canada I'll make it $60 PayPal instead of the books). (Shipped/PayPal'd around Jan. 3rd when I get back in town).

  2. My secret Santa package arrived safe! Thank you Santa! Its currently under the tree and will remain there, calling out to me, until the 25th.

    I'm shipping mine out tomorrow. Would've been today if not for me forgetting to add the card, but should hopefully still arrive well ahead of the holidays.

    I had a blast shopping, and it's very cool knowing I have at least 1 comic related present waiting. Big thanks to @HollyJollyOnefor putting this whole thing on. Your effort is greatly appreciated and you make the holiday season a bit brighter, thank you.

  3. So at this point last year, I was tied for 86th place with 14 points. This year those tied for 85th are at 18 points, so the board seems to be getting better. I currently sit in 71st with 20 points, so...progress! Shout out to @BlowUpTheMoon who last year was tied with me and this year is sitting nicely in 40th place with 28 points. Well done! Way to be an example of true progress for those who might be struggling this year.

  4. On 9/22/2019 at 10:42 PM, jimjum12 said:

    JAMES ROLLINS ….. I love his stuff …. mostly series type stuff. Sigma Force are my favorites.... if you like Berry you may like Rollins too.... heavy on research. GOD BLESS....

    -jimbo(a friend of jesus)(thumbsu

    Totally agree with you here. Rollins is amazing. He frequently comes through town and I try to go listen to him speak when I can. Very interesting guy and I enjoy how he incorporates animals since he is a licensed veterinarian.

    I'm currently making my way through Terry Pratchett's Disc Work Series. Just finished Witches Abroad but will probably branch out to the new Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child book Old Bones next.

    On 9/28/2019 at 5:55 PM, musicmeta said:

    Reading "Night School" by Lee Child.  A Jack Reacher novel.  I'm close to having read all of Lee Child's books.

    I keep up to date in Lee Child's series. I think my favorite so far is The Hard Way. Have you read Jonathan Kellerman? He is similarly dark.

  5. So, over the last 6 months I have purchased at least 1 comic for each reason listed:

    Appreciation of story: picked up a set of Cloak and Dagger books from the first run at a local auction.

    Nostalgia: picked up UXM 266 at a local con.

    Value/Investments: half the modern books I grab at my LCS, including Captain Marvel 8, TWD 193, and TMNT Ongoing 96 to use recent examples.

    Because someone recommended it: Canto 1

    To embrace my inner geek/geek cool: random Rolled and Told books, Firefly original run.

    Because I'm addicted: please see all of the above, but also 2 random lots at a local auction that I bought without looking closely (oops), The Magicians: Alice's Story graphic novel, and a not small percentage of my LCS purchases.

  6. 23 hours ago, skypinkblu said:

    Page 7

    Tom Cat #4 1956 Charlton

    VG- (some moisture staining)

    Bin $2


    Top Comics 1967 Lot of 3,

    Yogi #1 1967, nice copy with a small moisture stain on the back

    Walter Lanz Woody Woodpecker

    #1 Good

    #3, VG-

    Bin $5

    Take all 4 books for $4.00

    Take all 4, please. Thanks!