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  1. Aww, as a, mostly, lurker I don't usually chime in but I enjoy your posts, for what it's worth. Also on the list: @valiantman @Bosco685 @thirdgreenham @BlowUpTheMoon@Bird and @kav (welcome back!).
  2. Captain Marvel, she seems like a more fun hangout. Husband against wife? Rogue vs Gambit
  3. Goblin if the encounter is a surprise, Joker if he can plan ahead. How about a couple comic characters - lumping person and pet into one here - that have already died (and remain dead\undead). V (from V for Vendetta) vs Ezekiel w/ Shiva (Walking Dead)
  4. Awesome, will definitely stop by, especially to check out your Neal Adams X-Men books, need one to get signed. Thanks! Anyone else going, that will have a booth? Anyone have any panels planned? I'm planning on Jaime Lannister Friday and Goldblum Saturday, and I got meet and greet ticks to Adam Savage. Also, I'll be playing in the poker tournament Friday. Anyone else planning to play?
  5. Actually I think its @TwoPiece He had the lowest seeding round score and was a first round casualty. Nice work to @flashlites on pulling the first round upset and saving me a bit of cash. Thanks! Message heading your way @TwoPiece
  6. So who got the lowest entering score that was bumped in the first round and participated (sent grades) for each round? Sorry, have been out of town and missed the end of the contest.
  7. Thanks for this, my gf and I used it to see Shazam last weekend. We both enjoyed it, with her even commenting that it was better than Captain Marvel. Can't say I disagreed. Definitely a fun flick.
  8. Can you imagine how boring this place would be.
  9. +1 Though I really enjoyed the movies and am most definitely going to see the third.
  10. So very jealous, meeting him is a bucket list thing for me. Sorry for temporarily derailing the thread
  11. I spoke/babbled to Mr Capullo at a con last year and asked if he would ever do anything with Corey Taylor, he seemed keen on the idea. Just gotta get them in the same room.... And I don't think Taylor will retire from music, he will still be bouncing around on stage at 80.
  12. Not sure if this counts. I would absolutely set up a meet and greet with Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman and have them sign my favorite work by each (V for Vendetta 1 - Cgc SS 9.8 or higher would be my 1 comic to own - and Good Omens). The books aren't super expensive - I own both, unsigned - but bribing them to do a private meet and greet and signing would not be cheap. Really, I just want to babble with them. My second choice would be a meet and greet with Greg Capullo and Corey Taylor so I can convince them to do a comic together (with a new accompanying Stone Sour album). Then that would be my one comic to own. Sorry, now back to your regularly scheduled Supermans and Batmans.
  13. Welp, only lost by 4, so not completely embarrassing. Well played and good luck @RockMyAmadeus Big thanks to @BlowUpTheMoon for hosting and @sckao and all others who helped
  14. Grades in. I just hope to keep the match close against RMA, but I have a feeling it will be more Globetrotters vs Generals (which is to say I will be blaming my loss on the talent of my opponent, not my incredibly inept grading skills, when really, it's both).
  15. I'm excited for Neal Adams and Gerry Conway. I bought XMen 56 to get signed by Adams and will probably buy XMen 65 to get signed by both (I imagine the signatures get expensive fast with those guys and the CGC tax they add, so I'm trying to limit myself). Also excited for Summer Glau, because Firefly is amazing. Might have her sign the new Firefly 1 comic. My gf is excited for Donna (her favorite Dr Who companion, and my least favorite) and Captain Jack (I liked Torchwood), so I think I'll get her a pic with both. I'm hoping for more announcements soon. Come on Phoenix whatever-you-call-yourself-this-year, don't disappoint.
  16. Welcome to the boards. That's a very nice start to a collection, with grails some people can only dream of owning. Most folks on here are very knowledgeable, don't hesitate to ask questions. Searching previous posts is great too, lots of good stuff has already be discussed. Good luck to you in your collecting goals and hopefully you meet some cool people on here
  17. From what I can tell, it means the book has been received but is not yet pressed. You'll still have a bit before it heads back to CGC.
  18. $25 Amazon gift card emailed over for the last place finisher (lowest entering score + first round exit). If it's a tie, I'll think of something but both will get a prize.
  19. Prize 4: ASM #4 Ramos Variant CGC 9.8 - donated by thirdgreenham - Thank you for the most wonderful prize @thirdgreenham I am very much looking forward to the next grading contest And thanks to everyone involved and in this wonderful raffle!
  20. Welp, that's 3 of my top 5 down. The slow death of hope creeps in.
  21. My Secret Santa @Silver really came through with a great Gambit figure that earns an immediate spot of honor in the nerd room and an awesome run of Tom Strong comics by the always excellent Alan Moore (a personal fave) that I have been missing from my collection . Thank you and happy holidays!