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  1. UXM 287 @ 1.50 UXM 291 @ 1.50 UXM 298 @ 1.50 UXM 316 @ 2.50 UXM 318 @ 1.50 UXM 332 @ 1.00 Thanks!
  2. Greetings, Looking for reader copy, not concerned with cover condition so long as the full story is there and can be easily read. No kudos page but I can probably supply a couple of board references if needed. Looking to pay no more than $20 including shipping (continental US). I pay via PayPal only. No HOS/probation list folks, please. Thanks!
  3. Coming to theatres soon Super Troopers 3: Bored Border Patrol
  4. These guys are popular on my local rock station. Had the opportunity to see them live a couple of times. They kind of sound/perform like a weird mesh of Slipknot and Primus (in a good way), so...80s new wave?
  5. Just ordered mine! Any modern day Doctor Who sketches?
  6. That is a great option when CGC deigns your con to be important enough to attend. Unfortunately, despite attending a con in one of the 15 largest media markets in the US, CGC did not consider it significant enough to send a rep. By that logic CGC is at least very slightly responsible for my current predicament. (Yes, I'm a bit bitter they ignored our con. Also, don't @ me or whatever the board equivalent is. I like CGC, see my above posts proclaiming their awesomeness, and the CGC boards are fantastic. And yes, I fully understand the reasons CGC did not attend. But, please, allow me my small and petty grudges, it's how I make it through this life as a miserable nihilist.)
  7. I had put my account number on all of the forms, so hopefully it goes on mine opposed to the shop's. (Seriously though, when is the next event on the boards? Note to any experienced boardies who have too much free time: more fun events please. I promise to always donate a prize.) It's unfortunate that this is a common problem, I was hoping it was a one-off issue and that I was special (Murphy and I have an arrangement, he frequently employs his eponymous law my way, and I mostly smile and nod). Definitely did learn a lesson, though. Very much looking forward to see the grades that come out of them. Sent a couple to CCS first () and the rest without pressing. Excited to see how each turns out.
  8. I emailed the shop after 3ish weeks of the books not appearing on the CGC site (which, looking back, seems optimistic), inquiring as to the reason. They let me know that they are just OCD about making sure invoices match books, etc. That seems reasonable, I am perfectly fine with OCD on this kind of thing. Anyway, they told me they just shipped them and to give it about a week. Emailed them again a bit over 2 weeks later, they stated the tracking confirmed it was at CGC and they should be in the system by next Friday at the latest (which is today). Somewhere around week 5, before I had received the 2nd response from the shop, I called CGC customer service just to make sure I was operating the website correctly. Spoke with someone (Jennifer? (Jessica?), sorry, I'm bad with names and didn't write it down) and she was incredibly helpful about both the website and what to ask the shop, and she definitely deserves tons of praise. Awesome customer service on CGCs part. Anyway, I'll probably email the shop again Tuesday if they still aren't in the system by Monday and request the tracking info. The CGC rep stated they could see if it arrived and is actually in house with that info. As mentioned, everyone has been responsive and great. I am optimistic everything will be resolved soon. Just not an experience I care to repeat. (Also, to be fair, if not for this issue I likely wouldn't have been on the boards to see the grading contest thread a few hours before it closed. Entered it and it was the most fun I've had online in some years. Assuming my books do eventually show at CGC, this was all probably worth it for the grading contest experience alone.)
  9. I am not wholly sure of how CGC handles shops acting as witnesses/submission locations at cons (it was at the same time as 2 other cons closer to CGC headquarters, so no official CGC rep was sent --still a bit bitter about that, but such is the way of things). The shop witnessed a few signings and I had other books to submit, so I had the shop ship them for me with the others (figured I would save a bit on shipping, plus I was brand new to this and they were/are being helpful). But that aside, yes, I know I am at the mercy of the shop, and as I mentioned, have been in contact and they are being as helpful as possible. No one's fault but mine and I am hopeful the issue will be resolved soon. In the future though, I will likely be sending in anything that's not SS on my own and not through someone else, even at a con. Just figured it was kinda relevant to this thread at any rate.
  10. So, I'm pretty new to the CGC scene (yes, I know, another noob posting things, but it's the only way to get my post ticker up to lose noob status), and I'll volunteer my experience. I dropped off several books at my local con in late May (my first time submitting to CGC) while I was getting some SS stuff done. The comic shop running it on behalf of CGC was very nice and mostly helpful. So far as I noticed, they took great care with the books. The problem lies in the fact that, as of today, they are still not listed on the CGC website under my status checker, after over a month. I have been in touch with both the shop and CGC. Both have been very helpful. CGC's customer service people are great and the comic shop has responded to all of my emails. I also get that both are extremely busy right now. On that note, however, in the future I will likely be submitting all of my non-SS books myself due to this (quite nerve-racking for a noob) experience. Also, as an aside for other noobs lurking on the boards, there is definitely a way to post a complaint with decorum, the above is not an example of that. If you are angry or upset, people here will understand it even without you calling something/place/one a joke (or other name), using multiple exclamation points, using all caps, etc. Listing the things that did go well is always a decent start. Things go wrong, it happens and it stinks, but the people on these boards are mostly decent folks who like to help. Try to be kind, even if you are upset. Sorry, that went much longer than expected. Bad noob.
  11. Right, long day for everyone running it. You definitely deserve many thanks, cheers, and beers TheDude!
  12. Oh my, how is the x-men #1 still left? That was in my top 3 if I had done well enough to deserve a prize.
  13. While everyone is waiting, just wanted to give a big thanks to @thirdgreenham and @sckao for putting this on. I had a great time, this was a unique experience for me but one I hope to repeat, thank you guys! Congrats to @Azkaban on taking first! Thank you to everyone else who participated for making this so much fun, and quite educational. Hope to see everyone here next year
  14. I'm a noob, nothing super cool or valuable to donate, so I'll throw in some stories I enjoyed. Assume all of these are for reading only, that way you can be pleasantly surprised if they're not, plus a check on the standings will show I'm not very good at grading anyway. Will ship free inside US. The New Shadowhawks #1-5, Beware the Creeper #1-5, X-Files 1/2, and The Twelfth Doctor Who #6.
  15. I thought it was a 5.0 and had the other as a 1.0, but everyone has been talking about the golden age bump. I Googled the dates of the books (and the dates of the different ages), and bumped each up 1. Thanks to everyone here for my highest score yet!