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  1. HI Eric, some LB jungle in here, discounted prices for you, thanks Brian  http://bunkybrothers.com/constock/index.php?type=&title=&notes=cole&PrivateNotes=&publisher=&genre=&age=&grade=&cgc=&shipped=&issueNumber=&minIssueNumber=&maxIssueNumber=&sort=title%2C+issueNumber%2C+grade+DESC&msg=&bookID=&firstLetter=&numResults=47&num=10&page=1&slabbed=&catID=&addedWithin=2000
  2. Lots of people "don't know what they don't know"
  3. Have a low grade copy in the raw, 1.5 if you need a filler book, Bri
  4. Great stuff as usual, Just passing through on the way to daughters cheerleading, Have a great thread Rick, see you boys, Bri
  5. Great title, great covers, pretty fun stories too, nice to see you showcase them, B
  6. HI Rick, this is neat stuff comedy books