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  1. Wrong night to out to dinner with my wife, great books, great thread,
  2. WOWZERS IS RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Not according to Metro, its a MH
  4. The great "JimJum" happy 2019 as usual some of the best stuff on the boards,
  5. Bunky Brian

    CGC Slabs storing in a Safe

    "not sure if it covers rust forming" 100% WILL NOT COVER THIS FORM OF DAMAGE.
  6. Bunky Brian

    [CLOSED] Closed

  7. Your not asking enough, raise the price, and play hard to get, that works for me,
  8. Bunky Brian


    Well look who crawled out from the wet fog bank My bestest buddy Hope your family is well and having a wonderful holiday season, Bri
  9. Here's my paltry contribution, see if I can find some scan images,