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  1. Is this book still here? why?
  2. This Tec 27, WILL "NOT" SELL FOR A MILLION, I'm betting it gets 850/900 and stops, take that to the bank, Bunk
  3. HI ALL, Looking for the above, interior pages, prefer time period 1966-1969 Also Kirby FROM HIS TALES OF SUSPENSE run, thanks Brian
  4. Sorry to the OP, methinks your 1.5 is a sweet looking copy for the grade, IMHO about 12/14K BB
  5. I would consider the 3.5/5.0 in the same price point band, MOL, so that put the 5.0 around 40K? as a benchmark in my books, if I was bidding on it, and yes, I will be bidding on it, great looking 5.0 B
  6. One of my favorites for sure, Paid, 28,000 for this 3.5 in JUN 2019;
  7. Smells like misrepresentation all the way!
  8. Apologies if and where this may have been talked about, Was not the splash page offered for sale by HA, than pulled as the page had been stolen from somebody and or found in garage sale? Details if you have please, BB
  9. What are you paying? Guide? discounted? I have boxes of GA esoteric, war, Archies romance etc, low grade, VG grade, etc, before I search out you VG copies need to know what you are paying Brian