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  1. FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #1 CGC Grade: 7.0 FN/VF Price: $650 YOUR PRICE $600.00 SHIPPED IN THE USA ONLY SEP 1963; Off white pages. Epic 37 pages story that had the Sub-Mariner attacking the human race, with visuals that only Jack Kirby could provide. Eearly Spider-Man appearance in a backup feature, with Kirby's pencils inked by Steve Ditko. A second backup feature reprinting the Fantastic Four's origin. The first appearance of Krang, and the first Silver Age appearance of Lady Dorma.
  2. Timing is everything, by design or pure accidental,
  3. thanks to all, that have PM or commented on the thread. Have some interest and legit offer Wanted to add open to trades and cash, for the below books, I would be open to trade, for the following books, and or cash, no PLODS, or GREEN label. AF 15 any grade, ASM 1, GSX 1, Hulk 181, Batman 1, Hope that helps, Bri
  4. Greetings, One book for today. I accept all forms of payment. USA SHIPPING ONLY, 10 day full refund, if not happy, References include, Bedrock, Gator, Filter, Primetime Ted, Harley, blah blah blah, The book; CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS #1 CGC 4.0 1941 Asking $145,000. or trade for a Batman #1, in CGC Blue 4.0/5.0 I would be open to trade, for the following books, and or cash, no PLODS, or GREEN label. AF 15 any grade, ASM 1, GSX 1, Hulk 181, Batman 1, Hope that helps, Bri MAR 1941; OFF-WHITE pages. Origin and first appearance of Captain America, Bucky and the Red Skull. Cap punches Hitler himself on this iconic Jack Kirby cover. Very minor amount of glue on cover.
  5. Hi AJ, don't have a JIM 83 but I will have all the graded books, on the link, look forward to seeing you, make sure you come by and say hi, Brian http://bunkybrothers.com/constock/
  6. My last pre Robin TEC, before the big boy shows up, but that's another thread for another day; Talk about important! This is just the second superhero cover in the history of comics! It's tied for that honor with Action #7, with of course only Action #1 coming earlier. Before Batman came along, this title had the Crimson Avenger, and this is his only cover appearance of the series. Jim Chambers is the cover artist for the book. Bob Kane, Joe Shuster, and Fred Guardineer art.
  7. Off white pages. Leo O'Mealia and Creig Flessel arguably gave DC the two most distinctive cover artists in comics during the days just before and just after Action Comics #1 hit the stands in 1938. O'Mealia provided the cover here, and also contributed interior art, as did Fred Guardineer and Joe Shuster. The issue has the first appearance of the Crimson Avenger. Like several of the early issues of the title that would introduce Batman a few issues later, #20 is rated "scarce" by Gerber. I think the 2nd highest graded copy, and could be available if anyone is looking for a super stunner!
  8. Thank you from a guy that has quite a spectacular copy himself, (you can post it here on the thread if you want )
  9. Billy Wright Pedigree. The cover is a classic in most anyone's book. Creig Flessel is the artist, Fu Manchu the character. Unrestored copies of this issue are tough to come by. Batman was nine months away and Superman had been in just three comics when this issue hit the stands. One of my all time favorites,