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  1. Am I the only one snapping up every pack with Spider-Verse #1 on the front? I think that book is going to be huge. First appearance and first cover for Spider-Zero.
  2. As all of the variants are arriving at my house, I must give the various shops credit for sending high quality books and using great packing. The only exception would be Jetpack Comics, who sent out copies that had creases on the covers and spine ticks. Overall, Image has partnered with some quality shops here.
  3. I will update my post with this info. The only thing that is inaccurate is the Color splash variant attributed to Unknown Comics. I contacted them and they said there are only two variants for their shop. Perhaps Image listed the wrong retailer for that book. May I ask where they posted the list?
  4. Just added two more. I think this is complete.
  5. These drop tomorrow. Are there any others that are not listed above?
  6. It was not my intention to deceive. I see what you meant when mentioning derailing the topic earlier. How about this before it gets too far off the rails? I will modify the original post to satisfy this possible discrepancy in numbers and we can focus on the books instead of minutiae.
  7. Print runs are not much higher than the number to be sold, but I have heard they go over by a small margin. It allows them to pull defective books and still have the stated “print run” available to sell. Honest shops will rip the cover off and make extras available as reader copies.
  8. The ashcan preceded NYCC by three months, so perhaps it will be considered the true gem of them all. I think all are worth getting since the print runs are tiny for each. Completing a master set of all of them will be super tough as they sell out and find homes in collections.
  9. I'm not sure how many were given out, but the pair of Diamond Valiant Unity TPB's from back in the 90's was one of the toughest things I ever tracked down when completing my old school Valiant run.
  10. This book has a TON of variants (currently 25 that I know of). I am attempting to create a checklist and identification guide of all of them to make tracking them down easier for others. Feel free to follow up with any that are not included and I will update the original post as needed. 4th World (retailer limited to: 500) An0maly (retailer limited to: 500) Ashcan (limited to: unknown) Big Time (retailer limited to: 500) B/W NYCC (limited to: 1000) Comic Kingdom (retailer limited to: 500) Comics Conspiracy (retailer limited to: 500 virgin, 1000 trade dress) ComicTom101 (retailer limited to: under 1000) Foil NYCC (limited to: 500) Hall of Justice (retailer limited to: 500) Jetpack (retailer limited to: unknown) Midtown (retailer limited to: unknown, trade dress unknown) One Stop Shop (retailer limited to: 500) Pastime (retailer limited to: 500) Space Cadets Collection Collection (retailer limited to: unknown) Standard A and B covers (limited to: unknown) Surprise pencil (retailer limited to: unknown) Surprise (retailer limited to: unknown) Third Eye (retailer limited to: 750) Unknown Comics (retailer limited to: virgin 250, trade dress unknown) Whalen cover (New Wave Comics?) (retailer limited to: 600) Stadium Comics (retailer limited to: 500) Scorpion Comics (retailer limited to: 250)
  11. I found out the issue with my modern submission received on 7/11. It turns out three books (all copies of the same book) were something never seen before and needed to be researched. Moral of the story: don't send in odd or unique books with your others. They will slow down the entire lot. Send books that might require some research in a submission by themselves.
  12. Seeing all of these books being sent back to their owners that were received around the same time mine were has convinced me my books are lost or misplaced somewhere in the process.
  13. My moderns received on 7/11 are still SFG