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  1. I need one (or up to three copies) in NM+ condition.
  2. My modern submission has been stuck in SFG since Monday.
  3. I haven't seen any new ones in a long time. I'm wondering if the deal with Walmart has ended.
  4. My most recent submission was delivered on 8/6 and still has not been marked as received. I always get nervous when it takes a while to check in my books.
  5. It’s pretty easy for me to see that distribution dates do not matter. Which book actually existed first? Virus appeared in the FCBD book before he appeared in Venom #26, regardless of where the book sat in storage.
  6. I am looking for this book in raw NM+ or 9.6/9.8. PM your offers. Thanks!
  7. Has CGC made any statement now that the announcement has been made for non-essential businesses to close?
  8. I sent you a pm just now I really appreciate this most generous offer. I have given up on ever seeing this book in 9.8. The hacks at Jetpack Comics destroyed every copy they got by handling them with gorilla hands. If that is not the case, their entire shipment must have been damaged and they didn't care enough to demand a replacement printing. Every copy they have sent out is sub-9.4 trash. I would guess most copies are around 9.0, unacceptable to any collector of new comics.
  9. Might as well buy the comics. They are as close to tp as you will get in a Walmart right now.
  10. The three copies they sent to me were trash. I had to get a refund, and they were not friendly about it. Of all the shops who carried exclusive covers of #1, Jetpack Comics was the only one who showed no regard for the garbage they sent to people. I will never spend another dime there.
  11. The first of my submissions of this book have all come back 9.8 Covers A, B, C, G, P, Q, S (x2), V, Y, Galaxycon, Ashcan, and Foil.