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  1. Sorry for so many questions, I think I am getting it a little bit. So like the GSX 1, 2 and so on are one adventure of mostly new mutant team, but the X-Men #94 is the same team but a more expansion on their adventures?
  2. I guess what's confusing me is that how is Giant-Size X-Men 1 connected to X-Men 94? I think that's pretty much what is not connecting in my brain
  3. So I am looking around the at the X-Men Classic series, but I am needing some help on understanding it. I understand that each comic is a reprint with a little more detail of a specific comic like the first issue is a reprint of Giant Sized #1 and issue two is a reprint of X-Men #94. My question though, does anybody know if these comics flow as their own individual mini-series, or since they are reprints of what I see as random comics does that mean they really don't mix together as a story going from issue to issue or do they? I attempted looking it up, but couldn't find much.
  4. Ok I see that there are many reading orders out there. But the comic I'm looking to find info about is not on the list. It says Civil War, but not Civil War Chronicles????
  5. For the Civil War Chronicles Comics, is that the same as just the regular civil war comics, maybe just rewritten a little bit. I'm trying to sort a whole bunch of comics so I can start reading them in a sort of type of order. But I am confused. If the Chronicles are just a separate from the regular civil war, does it come after like civil war vol. 2 or before vol. 1. Hope this makes sense and I submitted a pic of one of the comics. Thanks in advance!