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  1. DC|Marvel

    --> Ebay bucks 8% Promo Til 6/20 11:59PST

    I should have prefaced; that "qualifying" was misleading. It did not mean that only certain categories or types of items were in play. Just the specific $$ ranges. At first I thought the same thing; great most likely will not be on collectibles/comics.
  2. DC|Marvel

    --> Ebay bucks 8% Promo Til 6/20 11:59PST

    In order to get 8% you have to spend $100+ 6% for $50-$99 Nothing for under $50 I just tried some comics and good to go.
  3. (I am actually waiting for that 15% code that usually pops up once a month) But in case anyone is on the fence with a purchase or bidding tonight; here you go
  4. DC|Marvel

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    Hulk 181 is like NFLX stock. It just keeps reaching new breath taking higher highs. I honestly don't think there has been a down trend price tick on this slab since 2008/2009ish. Its pretty much been straight up since. I have a buddy who has been waiting for a significant pullback since 2014 and he is still watching.
  5. That Caps presents much better than a FN+ That is the really neat thing about GA in particular. You can even stick in VG range and get one heck of nice looking book.
  6. DC|Marvel

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    Seems like yesterday NM+ slabs were fetching $4Kish all you could eat. And now........
  7. Are both of you talking about the seller part or buy side?
  8. Strange but on a web browser/computer I am not even getting the eBay bucks field to populate. Not there at all. But on my phone its 100% good to go. All set when I checked out with cart! Got several hits on best offers I sent out on ASM and Bats slabs
  9. Really excited for this acquisition. Been waiting quite a long time for the right price, new gen slab, and razor sharp corners with good centering to all come together and finally it did. Seems like yesterday I can recall picking up this comic as a 13 year old kid. It was a super hot summer day and just had hit the slushee machine at K-Mart. For some reason this cover made a lasting impression on me and its one of my all-time favorites. There is something about pure unadulterated nostalgia like this book that still resonates with me. Sure there are a bunch of better covers in SA and GA but the connection is not the same. Not on a personal deep rooting connection or emotional attachment as when I look at this book. There was something about this particular summer I also remember distinctly. The days were so long. We would play ghost in the graveyard til late at night. It seemed as if I had all the time in the world. I spent a great deal of that summer in the movie theatre as well for Back to the Future, National Lampoon's Vacation, Weird Science, Ghost Busters, View to a Kill, Goonies, Cocoon, an Arnie movie I forgot the name of, Mad Max, and last but not least, American Ninja. I wish I would have journaled in those days. I did actually start writing letters to myself with a specific opening date i.e. 10 years in the future. That sort of the thing. Sometimes to recap a given year or to send a reminder to my future self.
  10. DC|Marvel

    This week in your collection?

    I can recall vividly as a kid when I first saw this comic in the store. Oh man it was such a hot summer day. Good times.
  11. Well over 10 years ago now a C10 AFA slabbed Takara pre rub Megs sold privately for over $20K. I can not imagine what that would sell for today. It would be insane. I have not looked in years but for a long time only two of these existed. Megatron has always been at the top of the short list for high net worth collectors. Another one that is uber rare actually came out in the second wave; a "pre rub" SHOCKWAVE. There were a few that made it through production without the rub sign sticker. These are ridiculously rare. At one point I actually owned one in early 2000's but traded it. Can not imagine how much $$$ I left on the table for this one current day. SOUNDWAVE is another one. GRIMLOCK, Constructicons box set and/or bubble sealed cards. I tell you hunting for these toys back in the day...nothing like it ever. Literally spending a whole afternoon going from toy store to department store. These were impossible to get even back then. Shelves were always wiped clean. The stores would get them in and literally sell out. I was too young to remember in vivid detail, but in 70s with Star Wars I do actually recall walking into a Kmart. They had these enormous bins in the front of the store filled with what I believe were 12 backs. Just not sure if series A, B, or C. But you could get your hands on these. People were not knocking each other over. Transformer was a whole different planet. On Sundays when stores would run sales, you would have lines of people waiting for store open. And there would be a mini stampeded to the toys. I remember distinctly my dad jumped the gate and entered the store running through the exit doors to get an edge and race to the toy department to get me an Optimus Prime. There was a stack of him for I think $19.99. One moment Prime was there and the next, completely gone. Transformers were the greatest era of toys and I believe marked the peak/top. MOTU comes close but you could still for the most part get what you wanted. Supply side was much better in availability. And GI Joe immensely popular but I just don't remember having a hard time getting them.