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  1. This owner has some Diamond hands!
  2. My opinion but I think it's acceptable to try and keep OA as close to the original condition/look as possible so in the case of your image, there was clearly text pasted on to create the word balloons. As long as you aren't changing the original image or adding word balloons that weren't ever there, it's acceptable, to me, to try and maintain as much fidelity with the original piece for the sake of conservation.
  3. Not sure that it fits the time period but I see that as Erik Larsen's signature
  4. Assuming you're talking about the Miller DKR anniversary cover from comicconnect @ 175k. Head scratcher for me. https://www.comicconnect.com/item/902240?tzf=1
  5. Easiest thing to do is subscribe to the channel on YouTube and you can set alerts to inform you of new videos. Bill usually gives a couple days (at least) notice of upcoming shows/videos. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCYljwk2DLVK8K67u7NPOgEA
  6. Disagree re: friend+family. As a buyer, I've encountered no issues and am generally way less concerned about a seller coming through. Obviously, cannot apply to all cases, but I am able to look at a seller's gallery and at get a minimal idea of whether they've transacted with others. The risk to an established seller or collector reputation for not coming through on a sale is high. As a seller, I'm more concerned with a buyer potentially reversing a transaction. This is more the case with buyers with possibly new accounts or less art in their gallery. So what are the options? Either do not sel
  7. It's actually in one of his show and tell videos. Frequent guest, top collection.
  8. Just listened to the 2nd episode and for somebody a couple years into the hobby, these episodes were ridiculously informative and funny as hell! Support a great charity and listen to some great conversations on comic art.
  9. 14 x 17 boardEcstatic to add this priceless Rocketeer piece by the legend, Dave Stevens to the collection. Masterfully done, this piece as used in multiple formats to promote Dave's most well known creation. His skills and powers are in full force and I am grateful to the Stevens family for allowing this to be under my care. Thank you @cheekyj2112 for making it happen!
  10. This was the piece. Listed and looked like sold for 16k. Listing description was not as complete as was the auction description.
  11. Looked like in general covers did well and interiors had very little interest. I haven't done a piece by piece breakdown but this is the sense I'm getting.
  12. The Zeck spidey cover was available for quite some time at 60 or 65k. Any projections for the auction? Over/under?
  13. I think that was the Von Grawbadger art and when Fanfare shut down it moved to ES.
  14. 19 x 24Paul Pope + NGE. Appreciative of the effort and research Paul put into this commission. I was a bit hesitant at first to request this subject from Paul as I wasn't sure with his familiarity. However, Paul did some research and even ventured into the 'Rebuild of Evangelion' to create a stunning piece.2 Eva's battling 2 angels. Sachiel (far right) is the 3rd Angel and the first Angel we encounter in NGE. Israfel is the 7th Angel and was the first instance in which multiple Eva units were sorted into battle. Paul also depicts Eva Unit-02 in 'Beast Mode' as controlled by Mari in the rebuild