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  1. 23 x 30 Home Run. Ian has been on an incredible run of work with Little Bird this past year. I felt like Pan's Labyrinth would be the perfect subject for him to work his magic. The result is this giant masterpiece of the Faun. I love how Ian incorporated his tubes/tentacles to merge the Faun with the forest/Labyrinth. The eyes and classic Bertram hands add to the piercing feel of the piece. Once again, big thanks goes to Felix for another commission that exceeded expectations.
  2. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing and great idea!
  3. Was just thinking about the significance of art being published in a magazine/book in this day and age. With the prevalence of social media and the large following some artists have sometimes their personal work or commission work is viewed by an order of magnitude more individuals, publicly on their IG or Twitter. As a consequence, it feels to me like the preference for art being published or the premium that published art receives may be a bit irrational (for at least very modern art). What do people think on this subject? In the modern age, does it matter if it's published when thousands of eyes have viewed/liked/commented on a piece of art?
  4. Recent write-up The Paradox of Peanuts Bruce Handy https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2019/08/charlie-brown-charles-schulz-peanuts-papers-excerpt/596878/?utm_source=Daily+AR&utm_campaign=40831e474b-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_c08a59015d-40831e474b-144116121
  5. I can understand fakes or forgeries and how this may fool a subset of buyers. In this case, the seller is using legitimate images which would result in the buyer likely receiving a framed photocopy or just a photocopy. This would be immediately obvious and result in a cancelation of the transaction, no?
  6. Just wondering, if anyone knows, why would anyone do this? Wouldn't the buyer just cancel the charge through their credit card if they received something nowhere close to advertised? How is something like this worth it?
  7. This was bought by me a couple of weeks ago. The new post was different seller who used images from the prior listing as well as description replacing "original art" with "picture". This is why I requested the dimensions of the piece.
  8. Just saw a fake Schultz Xenozoic listing on Ebay. I know because I have it. Messaged seller and his dimensions are way off. Refers to the piece as a "picture." Reported already but there are 5 ppl currently watching so just in case they're on the boards... https://www.ebay.com/itm/392404545183?ul_noapp=true
  9. Another excuse to continue the demographics/future of hobby debate... I didn't partake in the recent Absolute Carnage art drop but I'll tell ya, looking at the action on Felix's recent drops, modern art buyers (whom I assume to skew much younger than the vaunted 50-60 yo vintage generation) seem to have some pretty decent buying power and without a doubt, some fraction will move on to older art. When I'm discussing buying power, I mean to say that current buyers are probably paying as much if not more for modern pieces in real terms relative to any past period. Just an observation...
  10. I'm not a big nostalgia collector. Most of the art I collect is just in appreciation of the combination of art and story. However, when I first found out about comic art, this page went to the top of my list as far as pages I was after.This was my first comic. I was young and didn't really think of comic books as a collectible at all so I read the mess out of it. Very quickly, the cover fell off. All these years, I've kept that book with me without the cover. This page is the cover for me.When it popped up on French Ebay without a US shipping option, I was stunned. In all my search, I'd come across maybe 1 or 2 pages from this issue. Now, the one was in front of me. The fact that I have it now is almost unbelievable and I can see why the pull of nostalgia for collectors is so great. The page is signed by Ernie Chan, though the art is all Big John for this issue. I believe the original owner brought it to a convention with Ernie and just had him sign as Ernie had a major role on this book with Buscema. Unforgettable art day! Update: this issue was actually inked by Ernie Chan. Obvious once you think about it and see. Thanks to @delekkerste for crushing my childhood!
  11. So freakin fantastic to hear. Congrats and happy to hear you got it!!!!!!
  12. Bunch of dealer/rep sites down as well (albert, felix, romitaman, etc.).