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  1. Looking to buy a complete or near complete Alex Nino story, DC mystery preferably. Any help getting pointed in any direction would be appreciated!!
  2. I was looking at the Sprang Batman DPS and noticed that it's mounted onto a single board. It looks like one of the two boards was cut to make a fit and additional ink was added to make the flame sections match more smoothly. Any opinions on how this would impact price? I am basing these observations on comparisons of images between Heritage and CLink.
  3. First piece I've ever shared to this board. Damn proud to own this by Jim Lee and @stinkininkin
  4. Think it would be great to hear you guys just chop it up regularly, if convenient. Would be nice to just be a fly on the wall for your conversations if you hang out often.
  5. I think it's great to hear this type of discussion. The good thing that I always seem to hear on Felix's podcast is the helpfulness and guidance that many collectors in the hobby have received from the older generation. I think veterans engaging with younger collectors and remembering that there is a learning curve will help to keep the hobby strong. I had no idea what the significance of 'Master Race' was when it popped up on Heritage other than the fact that it was a complete EC story. However, I probably wouldn't want to engage with you if you looked down upon me for that fact or if I confused it with DKIII. Anyone collecting today has probably worked their way back in time from wherever there childhood was. That happens when there is a good community where the more experienced continue to engage with both peers and the next generation rather than being insular. The chain will continue if it is continued. Thanks Gene for doing that, it was very informative for me. Also, very much enjoyed listening to Lambert. His commentary is always well grounded and 'real'. Seems to me him and Felix are the prototypes for the types of veteran collectors this hobby needs to stay vibrant.
  6. Thought I'd bump this topic to review some prognostications from 9 years ago as well as see who people think are the future stars today. Seems like Felix has many artists that qualify and command correspondingly strong prices in the OA market (DWJ, Pitarra, Dragotta, Tradd Moore, Pope). I'd add names like Matteo Scalera, Jerome Opena, and a seemingly under the radar names like Farel Dalrymple and Ian Macewan. Also, feels to me like working on great creator owned projects may ultimately give an artist a better shot at recognition and top tier status. This may just be my personal bias though based on reading habits these days.
  7. Thanks! That's interesting. Do you know if there was a reason they did it this way?
  8. Excuse my lack of knowledge and inexperience but it looks like the entirety of Doc Ock's face is on a separate piece, like a giant stat and the last couple cm of his chin is on the board itself and there might be something underneath that. Or maybe it's an illusion from the camera?
  9. Agree with this. However, I find the letters ABC to be a bit imprecise as their may be a range within each level/letter. Just did a runthrough on some of the pieces from the last auction with a 3 category ranking (1-10). Obviously this is subjective but I tried to tie values to at least what the market looks to be rating each category. For a piece such as the KJ page, looks to me like whatever the buyer ranks the quality of the page would determine price it went at and this buyer rated it at least on the higher end of B (4-7). Anyway, it was a fun exercise for me to get an idea of why things might be priced a certain way and probably would help me to allocate my future spending. Full disclosure: guessed a bunch on many silver age pieces because I don't really have a clue why certain arcs or runs may be important.
  10. Sorry to hear about your disappointment. I think the order of the auction has a great impact on realized prices. I hesitated to bid on pieces like your Keown because I was saving for a major piece very late in the auction. I ended up being the underbidder but if I had known I wouldn't be winning, there are a bunch of pieces where I would probably have made at least an extra bid beyond what it sold at, like your Keown. Think Heritage or any auction site would do better to place their more highly estimated pieces earlier. Not sure if they've ever experimented with such things.
  11. 1st post - oddly I'm posting to this one. Seems to me the strokes for the "D" and "a" are very different. On a legit signature, the D always goes downstroke, upstroke, curve. On the "ar" and "an" the legit signatures shows the pen is never taken off the paper and a single stroke transitions from a to the following letter. That's not happening on the questioned piece.