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  1. The chair comes with it, right? Thanks again, John
  2. Love this cover. Think I still need a HG copy.
  3. Finished Fatale the other night. Great read!
  4. I have this whole series...thought I was the only one who liked it.
  5. Title says it all. Moon Knight by Warren Ellis in NM+ Would like to by it in one lot but will piecemeal it if necessary. Easy to deal with and will pay the going rate.
  6. Want the full run or the deluxe hardbacks. NM+ only. PM me if you have them. Got 'em in record time thanks to paperheart.
  7. Why isn't GL showing up anywhere. Barry and Hal are buddies!
  8. Justice League Adventures 1 (’02), 9.0-9.2; small cb crease top of bc; Timm/Ross cover; $5.00 Justice League Unlimited 1 (’04), 9.4-9.6; $5.00