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  1. Fixed. Have a 9.8 also that I am holding onto. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. Will leave these up for the day then off to eBay. No negotiations on the slabs as they are already priced below eBay sales. Will invoice buyers this evening. Thanks for the buys so far.
  3. Having problems with my scanner So will have to go with pictures from here on out.
  4. Stopping there for a few. Upcoming books include Black Hammer 1 (both A and B) covers, Vader 3 etc.
  5. Static 1 Bag still sealed Assume it's a NM no damage to bag Moved to Ebay
  6. Lumberjanes 1 NM/NM+ a couple hairline spine tics that shows up more in the scan than the actual book but keeps it out of the 9.8 range Moved to eBay
  7. Toxic Avenger 1-3 NM+ the number 3 has to be rare. Who would have bought that cover, right? 50.00 30.00 SOLD