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  1. He knew he was ill for quite some time, he had the same kind of brain tumor that John McCain did. He was a very nice man and it was sad that he had to suffer through that. I'd be happy to help, but I don't know his family. If someone does and they need help and want to contact me that would be fine. However, he seemed to be planning for the inevitable for a while or at least that was the impression I had from him. Just a sad weekend, so sorry for his loss.
  2. Is that a facebook thing? Does it have a special significance?
  3. I'm never sure if people are upset about the boards themselves, or the rule regarding politics. Some people can't seem to wrap their most often very bright minds about the fact that it's not a great subject to discuss here, especially recently. Maybe they are all much smarter than I am, but I think the no politics rule makes sense. If there were no rule, then there would be constant arguments. It's unfortunate, but people are very passionate about the subject. You also probably can't discuss other things (like porn) which might be a passionate subject as well, but maybe not as hot a topic right now (I'm expecting memes for that one;) Personally, I love the place. I love the marketplace, I feel safer selling there and I've bought things I would never have dreamed of buying. I've learned more about comics from the various threads than I could have ever imagined. We have a wonderful group of people here. These forums as a group have raised well over $500,000 for community members in trouble over the past 12 years (the time I've kept some records). I've had a few recent threads trying to help out kids and I've been getting random, totally unsolicited help from members. None of them seem to be so dissatisfied with the boards. I'm not a fan of Newton Rings or other problems, but I LEARNED about them here. I had no idea what they were before. I learn about movies, what books to read, what to watch on Netflix, facts about the pandemic (rumours about the pandemic) weather issues, how to decorate a comic book room, how to determine restoration, where to find certain books...just tons of info. I've made some very close friends here, and some terrific acquaintances (including the thread starter;) I don't belong to facebook, it's not a place I've ever wanted to join, it's too big and too unfocused for me, and I can't imagine going there instead of here.
  4. Looks like it's also the highest copy, Ray...nice book. I'm not sure if the cover creeps me out or I absolutely love it;)
  5. I was surprised, too. This is the first auction I've watched in a while, prices seemed to be very high except for a few books and that was one of them.
  6. I have a beautiful although not terribly high grade Mile High Wonder Woman that I got from GAtor a long time ago, I've been looking for a Mile High Sensation for a long time. I finally found one:)
  7. OK, I just got off the phone with TD bank, they have not heard anything, but put a stop on my husband's account so everything but Paypal would go through. My account is separate and only has the $150 in it. I'm surprised it's not on the news, but maybe I'm not surprised.
  8. Top left down Avengers Medallions Captain America Amazing Spider-man Cartoon version Spider-man With Great Power Marvel Trading Cards Avengers Logos Next row Adventures of Zelda (with Link) Infinity Wars Sewing woes (a GA type Romance mask) Nightmare before Christmas with the Snake Marvel Villains and Heroes with Dr. Strange Top Right Harry Potter (dragon on the center) Gryffindor Quidditch Harry Playing Quidditch on his broom Harry Potter Tickets.
  9. I'm adding some size large masks tonight, they are all adult sizes, average measurement is about 7.75 across. Available for free to anyone 19 and under. 3 per child. I'm going to close the thread Wednesday afternoon, the remaining masks will be donated to a local school. Here is a link the the fabric swatches.
  10. My booth is now closed, transferring some of the masks to the free masks for kids thread in g/s/b if anyone has a teen who can use some!
  11. All masks are $3 for $25 shipped in the U.S. and $3 for $35 shipped to Canada (I will prorate all other Countries) This offer is good until 5 pm tomorrow night.
  12. Yes, but everyone will use it to try to get through and it won't be much use.
  13. I could, too...I've found that I can't get anyone on the phone since the shutdowns. When I do,they are working from home and not connected to the people who really know most of the answers. I'm not sure I blame them, it's a hard time for all of us, but with banking, you need another level of care. It's not like you are trying to call Lord and Taylor's about a missing package. I'm going to miss that store...not that I've gone there often lately, but it was around forever.