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  1. You can't post PP's too bad that he came back to delete posts, because that convinces ME at least that he should be in the HOS. Where is @crassus ? R...what do you think?
  2. Just met a really nice newer boarder, so I changed the participation date to June 19 or before. The date is really just so I don't have people showing up from other social media sites signing up and crowding out people who have been here and participating.
  3. I got a question about shipping to Canada. I wrote it all out, so I'll post it here. I'm happy to send to Canada, but it's a little more convoluted than it is here. Average shipping here, has been running around $3.50. I ship first class package in the U.S. To ship to Canada is a lot more expensive of course. I can send them in an envelope, but you can't send a rigid envelope or have it vary more than 1/4 inch or it's considered a package. I had bubble mailers for the US that I bought and there was more than a 1/4 inch variance and it's considered a "package" which is fine for the U.S. So when I shipped some full size ones to Canada a few weeks ago, the cost was just under $12 for up to 6 ounces,which meant at least 3 masks. I bought some envelopes that are like backing boards, but I'm not sure if they will be considered rigid. If it's rigid then it counts as a package. It's less to mail an "envelope" but I'm not sure if these will be accepted as envelopes. If you want to be sure, then I'll send them as a package and your part of the shipping would be $9 for up to 3, maybe 4. If you want me to try to send them as an envelope, I'll be happy to, I think it's a lot less, but I'm not sure if it will work.
  4. I want to thank everyone for participating. I had originally planned to list the adult masks in mixed to let other people join in and help finance the kids ones, but I had 3 parents want to help others last night and between those and a very generous donation, plus the sell out of the adult masks, so I'm just going to be listing kids masks for the next week or so. I am also changing the rules, since it we are talking about kids and kids need to switch off, it makes more sense to send 2 each at once instead of mailing separately. So, it's now 2 per child of a boarder, or grandchild of a boarder and I'm sending out 2 per each child to everyone who took masks yesterday.. Someone suggested Minions and donated the funds to buy a yard of material, so I ordered Minions last night and we will have Minions after I pick up the material. I will have more tomorrow night at 8pm, EST. I should have at least another 10, maybe more. Someone suggested Avengers, so I'll try to do some of those. I have Frozen material cut,Mickey Mouse, more Minecraft, more princesses, Cars (I tend to think like a girl, so I'm trying to figure out boy ones) more Harry Potter. I have Milo Morales on on order, if I get more of that I will have some of those later in the week. I also have Peanuts. I ordered some JLA material last week, when it comes I'll have those. I will take suggestions, but I can't make things to order it's more efficient for me to use the same thread color in batches.
  5. @KCOComics I have a kids thread in G/S/B and tomorrow night I will have more masks. Not sure I will have the same Avengers, but I have some blue material with Avengers and I will put it on my list. It's going to be first come/first serve...but I will have more every few nights for the next month at the very least, so should be enough for everyone. I just bought more material, I need to pick it up and put it together.
  6. Thanks, Dan...I'm going to be listing at least 30 more in the next two weeks (because we have some really nice boarders) so please come back and pick out one for your son (and a student)
  7. Thanks so much, someone else made an anonymous donation for the childrens thread. So I will be busy with that for a week at least. I'll post more adult masks here next week.
  8. So all the masks in the mixed forum sold ...thanks to @ThothAmon I will be posting the 11 masks he is donating in a few days. Next thread color is blue...stay posted;) and there are still 3 left.
  9. Thank you, John...and bless you, one shipping is wonderful:) and you just donated 11 masks for kids. I'll post more in a few days if someone else wants them. I'm just doing one color thread at a time, I have more.