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  1. So I looked up "remaindered" CGC and found this thread. Good thing you didn't sell it for $150 back then because I just bid $500 and got outbid right away;) Good luck with the auction, I'm sure a few of us will continue watching.
  2. You mean the missing top part of the cover? I didn't think you cut anything, I was just surprised they said it was incomplete for just the top part missing.
  3. Thanks, Jon:) I have those, but I need an upgrade to Sensation 15;) Lots of Great books listed!
  4. Mysterious numbers I can't seem to edit out,
  5. I wonder why they graded it incomplete? Is that because of the logo missing? I've seen books with half the back cover off that got 1.0's? Or is there a page or coupon missing? Now that I think about it, I even have a book they graded 1.0 WITH a missing coupon, it's just noted on the cover.
  6. Reminder that the Holiday Gift exchange is posted in CG. The cut off to join is 11/22
  11. What a great book, I've never seen it before, but I love the cover. I don't see the artist noted, but it reminds me of Cole.
  12. Can you combine to make the $50 minimum, or is it per item?