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  1. Your books are really nice for the grades.
  2. I'll have to pick a few of those up:) I've grown to appreciate Archie type stuff more as an adult. When I was a kid, I was highly insulted when I was told I should read Archie, because it was a "girls' comic;)
  3. There is some racy Katy Keene art (or racy for the time) inside some of them...I can't see any other reason, lol.
  4. Very weird, I've been trying to answer here for a few hours, I keep getting a message that I'm blocked from the thread? Maybe because I was trying to post an eBay page. I found it works on some comic listings and not on some others...maybe only the ones you can read outside.
  5. I had my cell phone...I was thinking you were listing on Alaska time;)
  6. Nope, when I looked at a comic I got a message saying I'd get 8% back. Maybe because you can read comics outdoors?
  7. A friend sent me that eons ago. I found that some of the GCD info is wrong. Keitner seemed to always be correct. The problem is, he only did super heroes. With the GCD for years, pretty much anyone could edit, even me;) and some people either couldn't count, or didn't realize that the books they were counting were missing pages.
  8. I bought these from a nice boarder, last year:) I collect them for the Katy Keene pages, the Wilbur ones, not so much;)
  9. Age Index.pdf Usually the cuts are neater, I still have no idea why they had those cut outs.
  10. It's correct and complete. They did some odd stuff back then.
  11. Check your emails, another friend didn't get it either. This is the only one I've gotten recently, I was missing some of the others.
  12. CONGRATULATIONS! You've activated the eBay Bucks bonus offer. Earn 8% in eBay Bucks on all qualifying items. No minimum spend. Expires: May 22, 2019 11:59 PM PDT