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  1. Baron Nemo is far and away my favorite, John Walker has been creepy from the beginning and Sam is nice but ...boring. Bucky is my 2nd favorite...maybe third after the Wakanda Warriors. I don't like Karli, I did like the Flag Smasher who was just killed. Also, I'm definitely getting confused.
  2. Thanks, but I think a lot of people ARE confused. I have a bid on some of those Archies myself...maybe Batman... I'm going to be DC shopping, I think Marvels are pretty high right now, DC (which I happen to love) seems like more of a bargain.
  3. You can search by title. I just bumped my post in the seller's thread. It seems from the first answer I got, that people are still confused about the 15% fee, that's only on the Kentucky collection. I'm really sorry ComicConnect set it up this way, I wonder how much it's going to affect all the other bids..
  4. Just a few days left. There are still low prices, for example, a 5.0 Batman 105 ended at $500 on Clink the other day. This one is a 5.5 and is $128 so far. ACTION COMICS (1938-2011) #293 DC CGC VF: 8.0 ow/w pgs Curt Swan cvr; origin Comet the Super-Horse Current Bid: $101
  5. Be very careful, I sliced off the tip of a finger once with one of those and I just realized why my computer doesn't like my fingerprint from that finger, lol...took a few years;)
  6. I was joking;) I almost hung up on them, I thought it was one of those "your warrantee is in danger" spam calls. I did suggest they post here.
  7. It seems they are calling a lot of people, I just got a call. Maybe they are not calling Canada @lou_fine
  8. @sagii Thanks, Cory! I think this is the only other one I still have, or at least it's still on my spreadsheet. I loved the story about the pedigree.
  9. Here is one from the "Evelyn Collection" I got about the same time.
  10. I have 3 that I have picked up over the years, never noticed when I bought them, neither did the sellers, 2 of whom were big time dealers. When I sent them in, CGC did mark them as Cosmic Aeroplanes, I did note the pedigree in the submission form. Here is one I picked up at Wizard Chicago, about 15 years ago. It has an almost split spine. picked up years ago i, it had an almost split spine.
  11. I find on a PC, I need a bigger screen to see some "options" must be the same principle, Meanwhile, I must be very naive, I always see as eagerly awaiting the good stuff...because when I ate movie popcorn, we always ate it during the previews...because my husband doesn't believe in saving it for the movie;) However, some people like quiet and to be professional and if things bother you when you are running a thread, just hit notify. Meanwhile, Please don't hit notify to have the mods close a thread or "delete" it. I keep asking to have the closed button