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  1. skypinkblu

    Should sellers leave prices up on sold books?

    If you read what I wrote a few pages ago, I agree that there should not be a specific rule. I'm just saying WHY I'd like to see prices.
  2. skypinkblu

    GA With Less Than Ten Copies in the CGC Census

    GIANT COMICS EDITIONS NN (17) 2 on the Census.
  3. skypinkblu

    Should sellers leave prices up on sold books?

    That's exactly it, personally I don't care at all about the prices on SA/Moderns and bronze, there is plenty of data out there. However, I collect mostly GA and that data is hard to find. However, I would keep all prices up (unless it's sold by PM) just on principle.
  4. skypinkblu

    Should sellers leave prices up on sold books?

    I respect you very much, Bob, but I see two different viewpoints.. You see the marketplace from a business standpoint, thus the "price points" are treasured data that you want to keep for an edge? I still see it as a community trading area, where mostly collectors, not dealers (not that there is anything wrong with it;) sell. Lately, there has been more buying on the board and selling the same books on the board than I've ever seen before, sometimes it seems days later. If I were those sellers, I would not want ANYONE to leave the prices up and I sure wouldn't do it myself...but since I'm not one of those sellers and I more often than not, look as a buyer, I'd like to get a clue. Plus to be perfectly honest, I'm curious about what some of the books I own might be worth (and I do have GPA etc). Maybe I'm naive to think we'd all share information here. Comic books have gotten very expensive and I suppose there are more and more pt dealers than ever. In any case, I'm going to leave my prices up. I even leave the prices up before and after I lower them.
  5. You could list a sales thread with the information you have here, and stipulate that payment should NOT be made until you have the tickets in hand. That way they can arrange a hotel (which can be canceled). Not sure about plane tickets, or you might get someone who lives in the area, but won't have to risk any funds..
  6. skypinkblu

    Should sellers leave prices up on sold books?

    I prefer seeing the prices stay. First of all, I use it to judge what I should be expecting to pay if I'm shopping (or what to charge when selling) and I want to see if I should smack myself for missing the thread;) When I sell, I leave the prices up. Most times PM sales (for me) are requests for Time Payments. Rarely it's for a lower price (unless I posted a percent off). When I buy by PM and I do that more than I post , it's usually to ask a question or because I don't want one of my friends teasing me about shopping again;) I don't really understand why people erase them unless they don't want someone knowing how much they sold? I often look back at my own sales threads to see what I sold stuff for. However this is my preference, I don't think we need a rule.
  7. Maybe PM them and tell them that. I know if I miss something I appreciate when someone tells me.
  8. Thank you for taking those, I kept hesitating because they are lovely, I just don't really collect moderns.
  9. No problem, lol. I'm happy to help when I actually know something;) Do you know for sure that they "know" it's trimmed? People miss stuff all the time, especially trimming.
  10. Trimming is "damage" not restoration. You will see them in a Purple label, but there are no "restoration" notes on the book (unless something else was done to it) The "Apparent" grade is noted.
  11. The books are going to start closing in a few days, there are some real bargains. Just to mention 1, Smash 44 is very scarce. I won't bore anyone with a long list of the virtues of each book, but there are some hard to find copies here. The Wonder Womans are my undercopies and it took me a LONG time to find upgrades. Good luck if you decide to bid! and stay warm!!
  12. skypinkblu

    Bronze Age Treasuries

    I've been trying to upgrade a few of the Hardcovers. I thought I was done a few years ago, but I keep getting drawn back in, lol.
  13. I may be wrong, but I think it's easier to post "Take" from a phone, than to post . I think CGC was trying to be phone friendly when they redid the forum, but it's not really as easy as typing on a PC or laptop. If a seller cares, he/she can state in their rules that they want a rather than "Take" but if I had a sales thread, I probably would never ask that. I like the fact that people can buy during lunch or on a train (hopefully not while driving;) What might be disturbing is that it's a new trend, and some of us old timers were used to the other way. I don't know about you, but I started here before I had a smart phone, so I never cared before.