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  1. All of these things are possibilities, but you can't put someone on the probation list, unless there is a way for them to get OFF the list. Normally, it's a refund. The refund was made. So now it's pictures? Are people really going to scan everywhere for a raw copy of the book? Would the same profit be possible if the book was deslabbed? Slabbing costs money , it doesn't seem very practical?. Gregory, I'm way over organized, which if probably why I still delete pictures, lol... I start every sales thread with a word document that I write, sometimes more than a month in advance. I put every book I plan to sell in a specific box that I keep on my desk until the sale, then I put sticky notes on each book that I sell during the thread and put each of those books in a pile with that person's name on it. I write the buyer's name on every sale in the thread and I go back and match them to each pile after the sale. Then I write a spreadsheet with a list from each sale, so I understand...but there have been times when things have happened and a book will wind up in the wrong place. Usually it's my husband's fault;) he will walk in to tell me jokes while I'm putting things in piles;)
  2. Just to change the subject;) Happy Father's Day
  3. and I agree with all of that...I'm just looking at it from another angle...
  4. I remember my husband buying our 2nd computer with 2 huge Gigabits and telling me we would never need a bigger hard drive.
  5. @GEEzusWalks Were you the person who submitted the book? Is there any chance you kept the number on the slab? Something on a spreadsheet, a note?
  6. I have a huge amount of stuff on dropbox with a huge amount of space, the videos I keep take up tons of room. I still delete pictures, lol. I just did that the other day. I find when I have too many my search results are too big. Then again, I guess I remember 1997;)
  7. I'm assuming, and we all know what that word entails, that he deleted the pictures BEFORE he realized he lost the book. If it happened the other way that of course is different.
  8. I understand Chris, but things happen. I have never in my life lost an electronic device, phone, my keys...nothing like that. I HAVE misplaced comic books. I have found them. Once or twice a while afterward. I have absolutely randomly deleted pictures, especially when I'm in a rush. I'm not saying I'd bet my house on the fact that was happened, but I will say it's not impossible. Again, what bothers me is the emphasis on cost. The book was a bargain? The book was sitting there for a day? If someone was going to write to tell him that he sold it too cheap, why wait a day to do that? Is Brock really out anything except the potential to make money off a purchase he made here? He was refunded the entire amount he paid. It's the money part that bothers me, people seem to be focused on the fact that someone might have made a profit on the purchase and that opportunity was lost. This was not a rare book, if it's for Brock's collection he certainly could find another copy. If this was a rare Fox and someone who had never sold a book and was dying for this one copy to complete their collection bought it and was disappointed, I might offer to go help Mr L look for the book, but it was a common issue. There really was no material loss that I see except the potential to make a profit. I'd prefer to see the good in people when possible, my transactions with Mr L have all been good, so I'm speaking up for him. COULD this be nefarious? Sure...but I don't want to hang someone for "could have". As for Brock's loss, I'm sorry he was disappointed, I wish I had a magic wand, but in the long run, I'm happy there was no physical damage to anyone. I'd like to see Mr.L removed from the probation list, because at this point it seems impossible for him to make any other offers other than offering Brock the what? $200 POTENTIAL profit? and I don't see that as being fair at all... I don't see people ever offering sellers the $200 potential loss they took. If people chose not to believe him, that's fine, then put him on your "private" lists.
  9. I've also only had positive transactions with Mr. L. I've sold a few things to him, he's always been responsive, always been polite. Last night I wrote to him and asked about the pictures. He said he deleted them from his PC. I delete things from my PC all the time. I delete pictures from Photobucket all the time. Do I delete them all? Nope, I delete them at random. I lost my kindle on the way home last night, I was on a plane. I could swear I put it in the outside pocket of my suitcase, it's not there, nor anywhere in my house and my house is fairly organized and I don't have small children here. I cannot find the darned thing, I plan to continue looking, but I think it was gremlins...or I was tired and thought I put it in the outside pocket of my carryon, but maybe I didn't. I asked Mr. L, if he would continue to look for the book and if it was found, if he would promise to sell it to Brock at the same price. I figured that if he could not produce the pictures that that offer would suffice. The bottom line is, he DID refund. It bothers me that we are so concerned about the potential loss of a profit, that we convict someone here and put them on a probation list with no hope of being removed instead of thinking...maybe this was a mistake? I know that if I couldn't find a book, I would refund. Maybe I'd wait a day or two and keep writing, but I would refund, there really wouldn't be much more I could do except try to find it and offer it at the same price if I found it.
  10. I collect mostly hard to find books, lots of times I pay whatever the "going rate is"...and that rate might be for the one book that shows up every few years. Sometimes I really don't know what to offer, so I rarely bother listing here. If I do, I say "over current GPA", but that's pretty useless because the current GPA might be one book sold in the past 9 years or more...or NO books sold in the past 9 years. If we eliminate the requirement, it does not preclude those people who think they will get more replies from stating a price or range. I agree that if you mention a price, you will never get the book for less than that price, but also...if that price just happens to be your attempt at a would stop you from having someone toss out a price higher than the one you mentioned, when in fact, you might be willing to pay that, too... you just didn't realize it yet. As for looking for books all day? well, you could always ask for a range if you don't have a spreadsheet... Or you could start a spreadsheet. @greggy is a whiz at spreadsheets:}
  11. Refrigerators? I had to erase what I wrote before, I made myself cringe, lol. I was remembering when a friend traveled to Europe with her BF and she told a group of us about him using a sink instead of the communal was a shock to us all, lol.. Never wanted to stay in one of those places again...
  12. Son of superman The fantastic Four Doom Avengers World Tour Batman 66 Batman Dark Knight Dynasty Batman the Dark Knight Strikes again
  13. Batman Adventures Doom Patrol Vol 1 & 2 $10 (Gerard Way) and the Will Eisner book
  14. You can get low grade Lois books inexpensively, but higher grade are tough. People actually read them. I've always expected her to have a bigger role in the future, there are more and more women going to the movies and becoming aware of characters. She's been evolving a little ever since the early tv show, not so much of a ditz in the Christopher Reeves movies and certainly not a ditz when played by Amy Adams.
  15. My dining room table (actually it's the kitchen table) last night... I needed a place to sort. It's clear now, because my husband's wife is not as understanding as he is;)
  16. and when you sell an item for more than $250 it says this where you print the shipping label. the Signature Confirmation box is checked off and this additional information shows- Signature Confirmation is optional but has been selected for you by eBay, because purchasing it can help protect you if the buyer claims the item wasn't received and opens an eBay Buyer Protection case
  17. Thank you for trying to help, however the information you are showing is for Singapore. I live in the U.S. When I look up the Paypal rules, I see this. The U.S. is not listed on that threshold table. In any case, it's moot, my insurance company, who WILL refund me if a package is lost, requires the signature confirmation over $200. I don't sell that much on eBay anymore, but I did call the proper person and I asked the correct questions. Paypal and eBay are not always in sinc anymore unfortunately. Establishing proof of delivery or proof of shipment The following is required as: Proof of shipment Proof of delivery Online or physical documentation from a shipping company that includes: Date of shipment An address for the recipient that matches the shipping address on the Transaction Details page An address for the recipient showing at least the city/state, city/country, or zip/postal code (or international equivalent). Online or physical documentation from a shipping company that includes: Date of delivery and ‘delivered’ status An address for the recipient that matches the shipping address on the Transaction Details page An address for the recipient showing at least the city/state, city/country, or zip/postal code (or international equivalent). Signature confirmation, if the full amount of the payment including shipping and taxes exceeds a fixed amount (based on the currency of the payment) from the signature confirmation threshold table below. Signature confirmation is online documentation, viewable at the shipping company’s website, indicating that the item was signed for. IMPORTANT: Your choice of carrier and shipment options with that carrier can have a big impact on your ability to meet the proof of delivery requirements. Please ensure, especially when shipping goods internationally, that your carrier can provide ‘delivered’ status at the correct address, or your Seller Protection claim may be denied.
  18. Thanks, but does this mean that if someone does not receive an item that Paypal will reimburse me if eBay takes the money from my account?
  19. It says Merchant account, I'm just a regular account. In any case, it doesn't mean eBay won't refund the buyer and charge me if the book is not signed for.
  20. I have the same sign but it's a little neater;) I would never send a signature thingy to you, Tim;)