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  1. Oh, so YES, I think this is their test auction, with non consignment books. I wonder how much money they have "lost" since this "upgrade".
  2. Morning @lou_fineI saw an "Event Auction" but you can't bid yet? My items are in a list called "unsold/relist", which I think is a little odd, since they have never been up for sale on the site, but I guess that is their "pending" list. I don't see any in their auction list, but I wouldn't bet the house either;) Thanks for asking, I'm sure I'll miss something.
  3. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, if you are posting love comics, let me know so I can skip them;);)
  4. I know if I don't take these, one of them is going to have the centerfold I needed, that I don't really know I need yet.
  5. Group of 5 "economy" books "received " 1/6, finalized 2/6. I almost fainted. Good job, CGC! Except for the packing...the packing was terrible. All five books wrapped together with one piece of bubble wrap, no cardboard separating them, put into a box with nothing else. The box was small, but there was no other protection.
  6. It's so funny that you posted that today of all days;) Since I obviously live in Bizarro world;) I ran out of small post-its last week and had to use tape on some books I was packing this morning. I did try and remember to fold under the ends and make tabs so the tape could easily be removed and put somewhere else, but I just ordered more small post-its on Amazon;)
  7. Thread will close tomorrow night, thank you for looking. The 80 Page Giant lot is now $75.00 shipped media in the U.S. I will sell to you if you live outside the US (of course) but shipping would be about $30 (first class).
  8. OK, I had left out a picture of the best books in the 100 page lot, I added it. I've also lowered prices substantially. Thread will close Tuesday. I expect to have a big sale of Batman and Detectives in 2 weeks.
  9. Thanks, Jon! These are not in my current collecting focus (I seem to be floating back in time:) but if anyone is interested, but think my prices are too high, feel free to make reasonable offers!
  10. OK, I thought I'd get a whole bunch of Batman and Detective books ready to add to this thread, but I'm just swamped this week and it won't happen. So in the interest of getting these out of the guest room before my next set of guests arrive. Take 10 % off if you buy one lot, 15% of you buy 2, and 20% off if you buy 3 or more.
  11. Yes, Steve...I had about 32 books with rings "redone" last year. I must have posted the "before" picture. Here is your Octopus cover:)