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  1. I always thought it was “Her name is Rio and she doesn’t understand”? Learn something new every day.
  2. What can't they just make a classic Neal Adams Batman film? It's what we all want. Why can't they just make a blue and gray suit not made of ballistic material?
  3. Tales to Astonish is such an undervalued series. Isn't this one essentially Hulk #7?
  4. Couple Neal Adams. Mr Sinister commission and some Ken Griffey Jr art from his card series years back.
  5. Both. Probably around 8-9 different issues with several copies of each. Some still in plastic others like new. They are at my local shop. Most running $20-$35.One was $210...not sure why.
  6. Thanks for answering. Always wanted to go for a theme for commissions but never settled on one.
  7. got to ask...what made you settle on these to characters to collect?
  8. Beautiful as the day it was born. Found a stash of these that have never been touched.
  9. Great prices. He might have health issues if I remember correctly.
  10. Nice Excalibur piece acquired from our ownUnstoppablejayd.
  11. Couple sketches for comparison around the same time. X factor always being a kid have been sitting next to Jack on a plane and he grabbed a pen and cranked this out in under two minutes and not giving a tight sketch. Notice the similar feathering on that 1st Thor.