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  1. Very cool. Is that a legit character?
  2. I give you....... Amanita of the Green Lantern Corps!!! Penciled and inked by the late under appreciated Alan Kupperberg.
  3. I picked up a VG/FN copy of #77 today for $14. This should be considered a key....first time Banner is outed as the Hulk!
  4. Great art by great artists. Great stories that are key. Yet I can still walk into my old comic book shop and pick up a raw copy for $10-$20. Just don't get it, will they ever spike at some point in value?
  5. Blastaar

    The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    Thanks to Mike "Romitaman" for this great HULK by Ron Lim. Fantastic service as always.
  6. Blastaar

    The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    I'll pay you the $55 for it, make yourself a nice $10 profit.
  7. Blastaar

    The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    Love it, what is the size?
  8. Blastaar

    The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    HULK #27 Penciled by GABRIEL HARDMAN Red Hulk
  9. Looking to trade two fantastic splashes for something of equal value. Please private message me if you have something you would like to trade ($500 - $700 value). What I have: Both in fantastic shape, pics attached. Batman #676 p.18 Arkham Asylum Splash 2008 art by Tony Daniel, start of RIP, original pencils under ink. VENOM SPLASH-ORIGINAL SPIDER-MAN FAMILY #3 ART, LEONARD KIRK 2007, Mac Gargan as Venom, original pencils under ink. What I am looking for. Splashes or great scenes, main characters, original pencils. Pretty open really. I would prefer to trade the two for one piece around the $500-$700 price. Would like something that would look good framed. Please PM if something comes to mind.
  10. Blastaar

    Norem Rampaging Hulk #9 Cover

    I sent a message to the guy last week. Me: What's the size on this guy? Also is this the prelim or the actual cover? Do you know the process they used on these magazine covers once the pencils were done? Him: Its 16 x 21 and with the frame is a bit under 23x28. The art is same size as the painting would be. Norem would do his rough pencils and a color rough prelim. Followed by finished pencils on thin trace paper like this that he would essentially lightbox onto canvas to do the painting. You will find tears corners ripped on the finished pencils due to being taped down and the paper being so thin.. He din't take care of them so the condition is generally an issue. There are people that collect just his finished pencils as the detail can be better than the actual painting. and in some cases the average person will never find/ own the painting. Thanks for your interest.
  11. Blastaar

    Underrated artist Mario Gully (ANT)

    Others I want.
  12. Several weeks ago I posted about the appreciation for the art of Michael Turner. I started down a rabbit hole to find some Turner original art and I came across Mario Gully and his creation "Ant". This work had gone unnoticed by me in the early 00's. The artist, Mario Gully, created the character Ant while serving time in prison. It was first published by Arcana and then later moved to Image. Below is a modest piece I picked up (sorry for the glare), below are some great additional OA that have made it onto my growing wish list. I dig his stuff, not sure what he has been up to lately. It always amazes me these flash in the pan artist that are here and gone. What I got: