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  1. Lowered for a quick sale, need to pay off a commission. $50 plus shipping and it's yours!!!!!
  2. Mike Grell Pencil Sketch 11x17 for $65 plus $15 shipping. PM me if you want it. Great Original Comic Art Mike Grell Sketch 11x17 for the book The Mongoliad On page 786 of The Mongoliad: Book Three Collector's Edition No Returns No Refunds No shipping outside US and Canada
  3. They have it set up to send to the US hub and then off to Russia. Am I responsible for the item once it leaves the US? Buyers has been on ebay since 2016 with several hundred positive reviews and no negative.......but Russia.
  4. I have an item listed on the bay that is closed to shipping outside the US and Canada. I received a decent offer from a buyer listed from the “Russian Federation”. Should I run for z hills?
  5. Very Very Rare 34/50 Batman vs. Ra's Al Ghul #1 - Neal Adams - CGC Signature Series Grade 9.6. This comic was signed and stamped with a blood red custom stamp on Batman’s cowl by Neal Adams. Also included Arthur Suydam “The Zombie King” sketch of Daryl from The Walking Dead on a blank Walking Dead #109. CGC 9.6. Lowered today to $150 plus $15 shipping. PM me if interested.
  6. Ya that’s what I thought. Just glad it wasn’t labeled purple for color touch ups!
  7. Picked up this cool virgin cover of Batman vs Ra’s Al Ghul #1. What’s unique about it is that Neal created a blood red stamp that he smashes down to create a blood soaked cowl. Pretty cool. Anyone else have something similar?
  8. I ended up snagging a SM WW page yesterday featuring Zod. Also below is a cool Arkham splash from Batman #676 I regret recently selling.
  9. In that case I’ll post some of his great art!
  10. Yikes. Well 0 for 2 on highlighting artist. How about Larry Stroman? Can’t go wrong there.
  11. Looks like he is offering several commissions in an effort to fund the New York Food Bank.