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  1. Blastaar

    The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    Behold...90's cheese at it's greatest! I give you CYBERNET from Youngblood!
  2. Blastaar

    Need help identifying 4 pieces

    Unless you post pictures I'm going to have to go with the White-Out issue from Alpha Flight.
  3. Blastaar

    E level art

    I thought E was for eyewear, my fault. I can't explain what draws me to it, but I like it, I think? The main reason was to see where this would rank in the much talked about ABCD and now E ranking. No hero, lower tier artist, and rock bottom pricing. But it is a splash and a page 1 title that maybe has appeal?????
  4. Blastaar

    E level art

    Here is an odd one. Full spalsh, non hero,pg 1, ehhh art and only going for $100 on the bay. What's funny is I'm actually drawn to it, don't know why. So A,B,C,D......or E? Power of Shazam #33 Pete Krause
  5. Blastaar

    Who is the ARTIST part VII

    Ahhhh. Ok, that make sense. Thought it was referring to layouts. I'm a dolt.
  6. Ok, here is an odd one. Just purchased the original art to this page (sorry don't have OA picture in hand yet). It is Page #1 to Hulk(1999) #5. Great issue with contributions from some all time greats. Story and Art is split up into three parts between Sal, Tex, and Mike Miller, framing is by Dan Jurgens. But who did the intro page? My guess would be Sal, but on the next page, the start of part one, his Hulk looks strikingly different. Any thoughts on the artist? Will upload original when I get it.
  7. Blastaar

    Any Michael Turner fans?

    oh come one....this one is only$10,000. I bet you can get it for $7,500.
  8. Blastaar

    Any Michael Turner fans?

    I used to bunch his stuff in with the cheese of the late 90's and early 2000's but I have really started to appreciate it more and more and find it rather striking and unique. Since his passing it has been very tough landing some of his OA. Prices are insane. Anyone have any and would like to share? Here are some cool ones I came across.
  9. Blastaar

    The OFFICIAL "This week in your ORIGINAL ART collection?"

    I'm a sucker for the Thing, especially when he is fighting himself! FF #12
  10. Blastaar

    B level art

    I'll take a stab at A. Cover from a top 50 artist Splash from a top 10 artist Defining moment or first appearance
  11. Blastaar

    Art behind glass: Show off your framed art!

    Batman #676 Tony S Daniel
  12. Blastaar

    I think I was scammed over a commission

    Joined just a couple months ago, still getting the hang of the place. Was venting in the moment. Going to see if he makes good with a payback before PayPal has to extract the funds. If he does not pay me back before the deadline than I would be more than happy to share his name. It's listed as one of the names to watch out for on the facebook link shared in this thread. If you want his name PM me and I will share it.
  13. Blastaar

    I think I was scammed over a commission

    Ya, I checked it out as well. Lot of names on there.
  14. Blastaar

    I think I was scammed over a commission

    Just sharing my experience my man...sorry I can't be more helpful. I guess if your looking for a point or a teachable moment from me it is I should have asked for recommendations from the board or gotten a referral. That and artist that are open and willing to do commissions with a two week turnaround are available for a reason.