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  1. Why would Roz sign a book? Something for sale, sure...but a book???
  2. Byrne X-Men is prime example. Much of that is not only the characters but the story arcs and place in comic history. But it’s still crazy to can buy a Doom Patrol page for $100.
  3. Not complaining, I have picked up some great pages that would have been double if they featured *insert any comic A lister*. For as popular as he is I would think his value would be worth more than it is. Any reasoning behind that....over saturation of the character perhaps?
  4. To keep it connected to first comic I "collected", not just read.
  5. I feel like Ringo Starr should be walking around in one of the panels.
  6. Priced to move fast!! $40 plus $10 shipping. Frame not included on the Logan. The Avengers #1 Baron Zemo Original Sketch Cover By Cory Hamscher Old Man Logan #1 Blank Variant Original Sketch Art Wolverine Marat Mychaels
  7. I feel like I ripped the buyer off. I couldn't stand to look at it and wanted it gone.
  8. clue this existed. Second year collecting, still learning. Thanks!
  9. Venom sold on Ebay auction for $12
  10. $300 burning a hole in my pocket. Feel free to PM me some items you might have. Looking for a splash or commission. Something that would look good in a frame. Batman characters, Spider-man characters, X-men, Iron Man