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  1. Last drop $150 plus $20 shipping!
  2. Price drop to $175 plus $20 shipping!
  3. Just purchased from the IDW site last week. Cool sketch of General Hawk. Thought it would be fun to buy one of these, and it was, just not the biggest Joe collector so looking to pass on to someone that is. I think the books are actually really hard to come by and are pretty expensive by themselves. Good news is that you get to save $150! Opened once to show pictures. $150 via paypal plus $20 shipping, us only, due same day as claiming below "i'll take it". • Limited to 50 copies • Hand-drawn illustration of classic Joe character by the legendary Larry Hama • Limited-e
  4. Both #2's are pretty recognizable and significant. Optimus vs Prime 1st cover and 1st Snake Eyes cover (and just a kick butt cover). Would imagine those would be similar in price to each other and maybe a 1/3 less than their #1 counterparts asking prices?
  5. Was always intrigued by this product so with all the talk of GI Joe I picked up the Larry Hama GI Joe Black Label. Got it today. Pleased with it, just one problem, who the heck is the sketch of? Any ideas?
  7. Laugh but the neck and the signature are the only things that look like Neal.
  8. This thread tugged on my nostalgia...Just placed an order for an IDW G.I. JOE: BLACK LABEL with a Hama sketch. I know he’s not the greatest artist in the world but would still be fun to have. Plus don’t think there is a Trimpe one. Let’s just hope I don’t get Mrs. Arbogast.
  9. I guess I never realized how little art Hama did for the series. But if I recall most of the Marvel series was his brain child, correct?
  10. Nicest guy I have worked with on a commission, have several. Love your DPS recreation!
  11. Big fan of Angel Medinas run on Warlock and the Infinity Watch. Commissioned a Thanos.
  12. How does the first 50 issues of Transformers stack up with GI Joe OA, I would imagine pretty comparable in cost and demand? Both of them are hard to come by.