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  1. What are thoughts on tracing the actual character you are creating? I get the photo refs of randos or celebrities to create poses or postures. What about when it’s tracing the character one for one of the character you are creating like below? I don’t have an issue with it as I can still see his style come through.
  2. Just want to be up font with everyone and say I am horrible at waiting to open presents. I will have it unwrapped before the postman pulls away.
  3. I see his art all over ebay....affordable for a former Bronze Age artist that had regular work through Marvel/DC. His work is needless to say a bit out there. Any experiences with the man or the art? He seems to be fixated on T&A and Nazis....and Nazis with T&A.
  4. What is interesting to think about is that Neal is 79. Jack was only 76 when he passed but seemed so much older. Not saying Neal is a physical specimen but he is sharp, energetic, and hands show no signs of arthritis. Makes you wonder if Kirby's health didn't turn if he would have done something similar in his later years. Selling off old pieces, variant covers, and doing sketches to make back some of the money owed to him.
  5. Is there a link that show them all?
  6. Frank Stallone has it now.
  7. Ask Byre on his site...he responds pretty much in real time.
  8. Are these things one of a kind or was this something sent where multiple were sent out during production.
  9. If anyone wants this please respond with “I’ll take it” if you would like this. Currently have an offer and need confirmation.
  10. $200/$15 shipping 2 11x17 original art pages and the Sal Buscema The Incredible Signed Incredible Hulk Book! No Returns No Refunds 1. Mike Grell Archer 11/17 Original Pencils 2. The Jam Page 11x17 : Snake Eyes: Larry Hama/Bob McLeod Daredevil: Joe Rubenstein Zombie(?):Arthur Suydam Captain America:Buzz Ms Marvel: Jamal Jones Cryptozoic Man: Walt Flanagan and the Comic Book Men Spiderman: Unknown Bullseye: Tony Ojeda TMNT: Sal Otero Luke Cage: Unknown Elektra: Jeff Perdziak 3. Sal Buscema The Incredible Signed Incredible Hulk Book - Great condition Used