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  1. Rob Liefeld. Graduates high school and with NO formal/professional training gets a job with DC at 19. Nobody wanted to work on Hawk and Dove so Mike Carlin gives it to him while telling him nobody else wanted it. He does 5 issues with Carlin telling him how bad he is. Marvel offers him a job around the same time. Within 3 years at Marvel he co-creates a comic at Marvel whose fist issue sells 4 million copies. At 23 when most of us are fresh out of college he partners up and creates the third largest comic book publisher. Even today he is enthusiastic about what he does. He is a comic book fan who would do what any of us would have done and more. I'ts not his fault people gave him jobs and bought his comics. Over the years I have softened up on the guy and even purchased a few pages, not because of the work, but because I admire the kid.
  2. Too much, loose blue graphite pencils.
  3. I bought a complete penciled unpublished story Alan Kupperbeg did for Green Lantern Quarterly for pennies on the dollar. It was cool to be the only one with the story.
  4. If it is priced much less then published art than my feeling is I love it!
  5. For me I'm thinking 3 options: Framed and matted seamless together. Framed with two open matted openings with small space splitting them. Two separate frames next to each other, no matting just tight 11x17 frames.
  6. Anyway you want to display it is fine!! I will say that you can get an 11/17 frame from Target for $15 that should fit it perfectly, just NO SUNLIGHT!
  7. If the class wouldn't mind sharing I was looking for examples of framed double page spreads. Just picked one up and I'm having trouble coming up with the best approach. Thanks!
  8. Wow. A rare front back published page. Cool.
  9. LOVE the black on black on black! Who here had the attractive White Tiger white on white on white? Such a great look.
  10. Deadpool splash from the Spiderman Deadpool team up series.
  11. That is a good looking page! Been looking to pick one up myself.
  12. One last bump...seriously no takers?
  13. Lowered for a quick sale, need to pay off a commission. $50 plus shipping and it's yours!!!!!
  14. Mike Grell Pencil Sketch 11x17 for $65 plus $15 shipping. PM me if you want it. Great Original Comic Art Mike Grell Sketch 11x17 for the book The Mongoliad On page 786 of The Mongoliad: Book Three Collector's Edition No Returns No Refunds No shipping outside US and Canada
  15. They have it set up to send to the US hub and then off to Russia. Am I responsible for the item once it leaves the US? Buyers has been on ebay since 2016 with several hundred positive reviews and no negative.......but Russia.
  16. I have an item listed on the bay that is closed to shipping outside the US and Canada. I received a decent offer from a buyer listed from the “Russian Federation”. Should I run for z hills?
  17. Love pine cone Thing! Great page I remember that issue well.
  18. Very Very Rare 34/50 Batman vs. Ra's Al Ghul #1 - Neal Adams - CGC Signature Series Grade 9.6. This comic was signed and stamped with a blood red custom stamp on Batman’s cowl by Neal Adams. Also included Arthur Suydam “The Zombie King” sketch of Daryl from The Walking Dead on a blank Walking Dead #109. CGC 9.6. Lowered today to $150 plus $15 shipping. PM me if interested.