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  1. Funny kids got me the below shirt for last Father's Day. I was wearing it while at my home office, grabbed a cup a coffee, looked at the commission on the wall, looked at the shirt, looked at the commission on the well....damned if the shirt isn't a Ron Wilson Hulk with almost the exact same pose!
  2. I have no idea what is going on in this thread.
  3. I always spend the extra money to get the color TPBs or Omnibus but have the opportunity to pick a bunch of Marvel Essential collections up on the cheap. Do you get used to the BW? Does it hinder the reading experience?
  4. Bringing those up as several are elaborate and include staging.
  5. Who was it here that got ahold of some Dave McKean Sandman covers?
  6. I am a fan of Andrea Sorrentino but having a difficult time finding original art to some of my favorite published pages, example anything from the secret empire or Old Man run.
  7. Depends. I like Leisten’s inks as he has a unique style and makes pretty much any art his. So I do collect his inks on blue line. But I probably have more raw pencils than anything.
  8. Mike Grell. Fell in love with his pencils and talked with him for a long while at a show. Was surprised at how approachable and friendly the majority of creators were. Before then I just collected key issue comics and like others have said when I realized I could own a piece of art/history in my hands for roughly the same price of a key issue it made since to make the jump. Sold all my comics.
  9. To be clear I am not knocking the process. These artist have a craft that I appreciate and admire....and yes it's also about the finished product. I'm just stating from a collectors point of view that tends to frame and display as apposed to collect and store, it is more appealing when the blue pencil is less visible.
  10. Here is a good example of what I was really getting at. I am interested in this cover but a little turned off by the heavy use of the blue pencils. If it was graphite I would most likely purchase without hesitation.
  11. On some of the older pieces I don't seem to noticed as much, perhaps because inks were done over them. An example I was thinking would be like the piece I purchased below. Love reading the Scooby Apocalypse series so I picked up a Scrappy splash. Done by veteran Pat Olliffe the blue just seems to overwhelm the page, I still love it, but it is a bit jarring. Again, still a sophomore in collecting, maybe I will grow to appreciate.
  12. Not talking about a blue line scan. Some artist will use a blue pencil to set the scene on a page and then go over it with traditional graphite. The look is not very appealing as for a collector you can see the blue sketches on the page. My questions are does this effect value? Is it still considered original pencils if listing it? And does it turn you off as a collector?
  13. Love me some Jay Leisten...
  14. Nice Killer Frost splash. Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. #2 Neil Edwards Penciller, Jay Leisten Inker
  15. Will the Egyptian Queen be purchased today?
  16. I own this one.....'s a Mike Hoffman.