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  1. Nice little bonus in the mail I didn’t ask for. Mike sent me a copy with digital inks same size as my commission!
  2. That's the Thomas Wayne I will sub it out.
  3. Tony S Daniel's Batman or David Finch's?
  4. Which do you prefer: Bob Layton's art on Iron Man or Sal Buscema's Hulk?
  5. Here it is. It was sketches he had for 298 and 300/301.
  6. $225k its a recognizable cover, most people can tell you the issue number I thought McFarlane owned this? I remember seeing a video of him realizing he had it. I’ll ferret it out
  7. Ya don't see these come up often. I saw it come up on ebay cheap and the fact that the cons are cancelled this year I figured hey, this guy did all the work for me, so I snagged it. Would have gotten it just for the Snake Eyes Hama/McLeod, everything else was a bonus. Still waiting to see if he can list the names for me.
  8. looks like all the Comic Book Men grouped there. Stuck on Spidey, Bullseye, Elektra and Power Man
  9. On a whim I picked up a Jam that came with little to no information. Could use some help identifying contributions. Thanks! So far I can make out: Snake Eyes: Larry Hama/Bob McLeod Daredevil: Joe Rubenstein Zombie(?):Arthur Suydam Captain America:Buzz Ms Marvel: Jamal Jones Cryptozoic Man: Walt Flanagan Spiderman: Bullseye: Tony Ojeda TMNT: Sal Otero Luke Cage: Elektra: Jeff Perdziak
  10. Do Adams and Byrne get along? Somehow I think they would create a black hole if the stood to close together?
  11. Just purchased, read maybe 200 pages. Need to pay off a commission (as always). $100 to paypal and it's all yours, Shipping included. This just released last month I think for $150. No Returns No Refunds Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters Saga Omnibus Vol. 1 (Green Arrow by Mike Grell Omnibus) Hardcover 1536 pages This omnibus collects Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters #1-3, Green Arrow #1-50, and a story from Secret Origins #38, plus an all-new introduction and cover by Mike Grell and an afterword by series editor Mike Gold.
  12. John Byrne. Not sure what happened after the 80’s but his style took a turn that doesn’t translate well for me on the OA front.
  13. This beauty is on the bay. Great 70’s Cockrum work
  14. Flipping through it I was surprised to find out that Mike did not pencil most of the issues, only provided the -script or cover. My memory served me wrong as I thought he was the main artist throughout the series.
  15. I put it in my watch list at $150 and quickly got a discount offer for $125.
  16. Now let’s hope for Warlord followed by Rom.