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  1. Not sure what constitutes a ban, never read this thread before so I apologize for being vague. I just find it odd when people expect used items to be flawless. I think I was more peeved by the lack of a thank you after giving the buyer $300 worth of books for free.
  2. Shipped 2 large omnibussuses...omnibuss....omnibis? 2 large used books 1/4 the normal price. I had six pictures included and with all my listings stated no refunds or returns. Buyer starts a refund stating that the spine is separating from one if the 1,400 page used books. I told him it's a used book and restated no refunds. He said he would take it to ebay and give me a negative review. Refunded the entire order and asked him to send the one book back. He asked me to take care of the $8 postage! I told him to keep both books for free. No thank you from him. Worthy of a ban?
  3. I notified my recipient of expected arrival date because of potential porch pirates. Not sure if that goes against rules but might not be a bad idea.
  4. I'm waiting for Johnny Desjardins to take off. He's relegated to covers and commissions, not so much interior work. But I really like his style.
  5. Just curious if any posters have purchased art from this Brazilian studio and perhaps insight into the quality of the received item(s)? I am assuming these are amateur sketches from a class that are being sold correct? Just want to make sure I am not contributing to slave labor or a scam.
  6. Well heck. I’m in. All 4 of Mike Grell’s the Wonder Year signed and with an arrow remark through them. (Mike told me he never did that before).
  7. They should make a slightly larger slab to store your slab.
  8. Does 1k-1.5k sound like fair market value? I remember this issue being pretty popular when it came out.
  9. Don't read much of the work he is tied to but see his pages floating around for next to nothing. Unique work, interior pages go for around $30-$80. Thoughts?
  10. Always thought it was an overpriced issue.
  11. So is it now ebay who is going after this guy since there are out the money? Also...if the comic is found who gets it?