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  1. Not sure if this was just regional but does anyone remember the baseball card coins you would get on the bottom of Slurpees at the 7-11. I had to get them all, that's a lot of bran freezes!
  2. Nice. Been scoping out garage sales for years to see if one would turn up.
  3. As far as PGX is concerned I would only snag one if it was really cheap and I didn't care about grading. One thing I will say that PGX has going for it is the slabs are extremely durable....probably best of the 3 slab companies. However comics with their slabs continue to decline. Horrible investment, if you have other choices I would almost pay double a PGX listed price for an issue I wanted to get it in CGC or CBCS.
  4. How dare you! I would love to get The Pouch CGC SS but those are starting to get pricey. Here is a CBCS for $200
  5. It's not my thang.........but I have a hard time passing up cheap. Also....Jae Lee sketch pickup was pretty solid on it's own.
  6. Not a bad get on auction this past week. $17.00 Heroes Reborn #1/2 signed by Rob Liefeld and Richard Starkings $20 Spider-Man: Chapter One #1 signed with SANDMAN REMARK by Randy Emberlin signed with SPIDER-MAN REMARK by Jae Lee (DF coa)
  7. My favorite is " PGX like CGC"
  8. Sort of, releasing single issues at cons will drive attendance of those who are really collecting them anyways. Printing and production from a single location will lower margins exponentially and by giving the readers access to all issues monthly you increase engagement in the product and can better estimate earnings.
  9. The Spider-Hulk cover has always been on my list to get done from web #70
  10. up front $100 gets you all monthly tpb. 120 a couple crossover events.
  11. Feel free to rip this apart. If I was Marvel or DC I would pair down the titles to 10 that would be put in a monthly trade consisting of all the titles and would be shipped to your door for $10 all in each month. If you pay annually it's $100. Get rid of the middle man. Ship from one location direct to consumer. Makes each title feel important with top talent contributing Single issues available at cons
  12. Not sure I would put she hulk up there. It's one of Stan Lee's last characters he helped create and write. Prominent character featured as a member of many teams and frequently has her own pub. I'd say she is priced right.
  13. Now: Eternal Warrior #4 Future: Machine Man #1/2001 #8
  14. Somebody should create an "influence in the medium" chart and walk around with it at a con. Their influence dictates their value. I'm sorry Mr. Stegman as you can see you have dipped just into the $15 range.
  15. I'm going to haggle with an artist at the next con....thanks for the idea!
  16. I'd pay top dollar for a Bob Kane signature done by Shelly Moldoff.
  17. I'd pay $100 for a legit Ditko on a Ditko Spidey comic.
  18. How much does K Eastman charge for a sig and a quick turtle head which by now is really his sig? Also, do you think artist should charge more for a "quick" sketch? I personally love a little spidey head or a cap shield but second hand acquisition of these slabbed are cray cray.