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  1. The Spider-Hulk cover has always been on my list to get done from web #70
  2. up front $100 gets you all monthly tpb. 120 a couple crossover events.
  3. Feel free to rip this apart. If I was Marvel or DC I would pair down the titles to 10 that would be put in a monthly trade consisting of all the titles and would be shipped to your door for $10 all in each month. If you pay annually it's $100. Get rid of the middle man. Ship from one location direct to consumer. Makes each title feel important with top talent contributing Single issues available at cons
  4. Not sure I would put she hulk up there. It's one of Stan Lee's last characters he helped create and write. Prominent character featured as a member of many teams and frequently has her own pub. I'd say she is priced right.
  5. Now: Eternal Warrior #4 Future: Machine Man #1/2001 #8
  6. Somebody should create an "influence in the medium" chart and walk around with it at a con. Their influence dictates their value. I'm sorry Mr. Stegman as you can see you have dipped just into the $15 range.
  7. I'm going to haggle with an artist at the next con....thanks for the idea!
  8. I'd pay top dollar for a Bob Kane signature done by Shelly Moldoff.
  9. I'd pay $100 for a legit Ditko on a Ditko Spidey comic.
  10. How much does K Eastman charge for a sig and a quick turtle head which by now is really his sig? Also, do you think artist should charge more for a "quick" sketch? I personally love a little spidey head or a cap shield but second hand acquisition of these slabbed are cray cray.
  11. Was there no quality control at Marvel? Wonder what other artist at Marvel were thinking at the time. I remember reading an interview with Herb Trimpe a couple years ago where Marvel in the mid 90's had asked him to mimic the style of Liefeld if he wanted to continue to get work.
  12. Dang it! This wasn't supposed to be a Liefeld bashing thread!!!!!! That being said, sticking with the same comic issue.....bottom middle panel.
  13. The kid is dislocating his leg with his super strength. Can't you tell the kid is a mutant with his right shoe that magically turned into a hoof.
  14. What are your thoughts on the price, fair market value?
  15. My 12 year old and I wrote Todd McFarlane last year and he sent us back two signed books. Yes I gave them to my son. He also sketched a large spider on the back of backing the board! Didn't realize it until I removed the comic!
  16. I bought a superman #50 batman #50 from him at a con that he signed for $100 total, I asked if he could throw a quick remark on it he said "That'll be $300". He looked down at my two little boys on each side of me and drew a batman and superman on them for free. The benefits of bringing children! They are getting older and losing their "cuteness", I need to capitalize while I can!
  17. Know nothing about them, this thing is listed for $595 locally, thoughts? "Dell Notice" stamped on the back.