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  1. IMO it's unique to the creator. People like Neal Adams use it as a money maker, others like Mike Grell loves the fans and charges the them a measly $5 per sig. Most use the $20 to $60 tag to keep profiters from coming in with a handful of merch.
  2. Have to throw Hawkman #4 out there. Great cover, silver age, and Zatanna is a great character.....but there is a 9.2 listed for $4,250!!!!
  3. Has anyone read the it about body parts? Any insight would be appreciated. Does anyone loose a hand or face?
  4. It really does look as if a bunch of clip art landed on the page and they just went with it.
  5. I actually don't mind Liefeld and enjoy some of his work. This is not a RL bashing thread, those have been done to death and warranted in some cases, this is a .......did he ever give an explanation as to what the heck is going on this cover????Whose face.....why only a face.....and that hand........why?
  6. On the flip side you can still get an X-Men #244 9.8 for $150!!!
  7. How about this guy? Always wanted it but the tag on higher grades is nuts for a character who never made it beyond the C list.
  8. Yes...for years this has been overpriced while werewolf by night first is still very modest in price.
  9. Always wondered why Sabertooth's first appearance carried so much value. 9.0 - 9.4 around a $500+ tag. Slightly above a first Iron Fist in most listings.
  10. You got your avatar.....outstanding! I would love to get a Blastaar from Byrne.
  11. Found this on HA, sold for $830 in 2016 which seems high to me. Without a COA and the condition I would guess $300 - $350, extra point due to the fact it's a Severin Hulk.
  12. Jumping on the Johnny D bandwagon. ManBat
  13. Ok.....officially part of the Johnny D club. ManBat
  14. In that case.....I love it! I guess I was is a fun experience I will say to gamble on an unknown sketch. I think my expectations were set for best case scenario instead of "ya that's a nice piece".
  15. Just purchased my first IDW Black Label. Maybe I am being picky but the color seems rushed. Got to say I am a little disappointed in the quality. Alex Milne
  16. Here is the latest commission, this one comes from the elusive MC Wyman (I honestly think his name is a pseudonym shared by a couple artist). A shiny nickel to the one that can name all the characters!!!!
  17. I don't as of yet. Just started looking into him after his Batman mash up covers. Outside DC and Marvel new artist tend to fall outside my peripheral. Sounds like he is slated to do some DC work in the future. Am I wrong in thinking he has the "it" factor?
  18. Kid is for his stock to rise, prices are already on the move. I could see him getting some big projects soon. Samples below.
  19. Would love to hear how the buyer came clean.....edge of my chair.