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  1. Perfect for shipping art. I used them for that reason.
  2. I have been flirting with this idea for a while now and have some covers and and several artists in mind. My question is when getting a cover recreation by the original artist is there any tracing involved? I have seen some that are super tight and look on point with the original and others that are a close match but you can tell it was done using the original as a reference.
  3. In order of prizes I would like 6 31 33 49
  4. Dazzler 1&2 (both CGC SS 7.5) signed by John Romita Jr. (ship anywhere in the USA) - donated by Haupia Still available?
  5. I will not be cheated out of picking #61 LIVE!!!!! Let's speed it up!
  6. How long do these usually last? I'm 61, should I go get a haircut and come back?
  7. So is there a link to the live does it work in real time?
  8. Bird I will trade you #61 and a No Prize for your #56.
  9. Was blown away by my gifts! Absolutely perfect! The Art of the Simon and Kirby Studio book and a 11x17 classic recreation commission! Thank you so very much Toro!!
  10. I have been looking out the window like a crazy person every time I hear a large vehicle passing by. You would think I was 12 again! Hope I get to put something under the tree!
  11. Thanks...I'll look into it. The thing about these trading cards back in the 90's is they were often done by popular artist, not just some jobbers. I picked this up for next to nothing, $25, be fun if it ended up being a nice little win.
  12. Not sure who the artist is, Scott Dalrymple, but it's a nice looking Kitty Pryde!!
  13. I hope it really does come back. Until then......
  14. Checking in one more time on the Spawn...any ideas on the artist? Thinking this is probably art for a trading card. Strange that it is not signed. No idea of year or actual publication other than it was purchased from the publisher at Wizard Magazine years ago. Just wondering if it might be from any of the early Spawn artists?