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  1. Seems like eBay has been littered with them over the past year. Did someone discover a warehouse of discarded issues?
  2. I’m actually warming up to the idea of collecting them. If it’s for the visual appeal and you plan on displaying, go for it!
  3. I'm really just doing this exercise to flush out what delekkerste is holding on to and not sharing with the rest of the class.
  4. Must follow the rules. No portfolios, you can only save two pages.
  5. Everyone else is run to grab two pages only....what are they?
  6. I was watching some Liefeld Splash pages on eBay from Badrock #1 that didn’t sell for an auction starting price of $300. It was classic Liefeld at a very fair price. I would have bought em but my wallet has been takin a beating.
  7. He still has some great Batman splashes left on his site worth checking out. Just an FYI.
  8. Hidden treasure find.... Just a nice Aquaman (Ken Hooper) page from the underrated 91 run. But wait...there's a nice surprise on the back.
  9. Why am I seeing Facsimile Editions of my favorite comics? Are these being produced by Marvel and DC or is this a third party thing? I don't like it one bit and I don't think CGC should slab them.
  10. What’s interesting is that the lack of pages should drive the cost up on his OA. The page I bought below I thought was a steal at $200 but after a quick HA search I see it sold for $140 a couple years ago. The guardians of the galaxy run has always been held in high regard by readers but it’s shocking to see the prices remain so low or flat for the series. And from everything I’ve read on the start of Image it sounds like it would not have succeeded without his guidance and business knowledge.
  11. Let's not leave out that Lee is the Publisher and Chief Creative Officer at DC.
  12. Who has had a more successful career Jim Lee or Todd McFarlane? I’ll listen off the air.
  13. Such a braggart. That is a great page!
  14. One of my favorite splashed of his.
  15. I just picked up my first Valentino page from his Guardians run. It's a nice page, and I started thinking (Dangerous) his body of work is actually small for his name recognition. It's pretty much Guardians and ShadowHawk. He is certainly very talented and has done much for the comic industry leading Image and serving on the Hero Initiative board. I wish there was more of his work out there. Would have loved to have seen him on an x-men or Batman run. normalman #1–12, Annual #1 (writer and artist, 1984–1986) Guardians of the Galaxy #1–29, Annual #1–2 (writer and penciler, 1990–19
  16. Was pretty shocked to be the only bidder and win this Jim Valentino GG page!
  17. Larry Stroman doing Walt Simonson’s Ragnarok.11x17 Mike Grell Ghost Rider 2015 Indiana Comic Con Commission. Pencil. Approximately 11x17 First person to remark below “I’ll take it” gets it. I’ll PM my PayPal address. Shipping is $15. Good luck and act fast!