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  1. Yup. Sent an email last night. So Mark doesn't recall doing the artwork.
  2. Bought it from a top seller on the bay that doesn't sell comic related items. It came their way via a friend that collects art. That's all I got. Made an offer and I got.
  3. So I found this Ultimate Spider-Man character model sheet of Bagley's online. It shows the exact Black Cat as the one I bought down to the words and descriptions. Does that image look like a collage of images photo shopped together or is that the original on that sheet and mine would be perhaps a fake/copy? Mine is a 11x17 and the image below seems to be much smaller on a sheet with other concepts, unless again these are just pasted together in a college, however it looks pretty seamless.
  4. Hit up Corey Hamscher on Facebook. He does solid work for around the same price and has worked on some Spidey titles. Two week turnaround. Here is a Magneto I just received from him.
  5. Can we get an updated wrap up the story?
  6. I don't see him discussed here often and rarely see an original pages/covers only sketches and commissions. Any collectors out there?
  7. As for affecting the value I would say yes, it will take away value as this book/sketch was a limited edition promotion. Separating that loses the appeal, imo. If you plan on keeping it than rip away! It's all what you like!
  8. Wow! That turned out much better than my Venom. Congrats!
  9. I would love love to see Skottie do a commission of this poster.
  10. I would say a good 40% is hanging on a wall. What say you?
  11. Just got an idea for my next commission thanks! Who would be the best artist to pull this off?
  12. Some Liefeld Bardrock #1 splashes sold recently on eBay. That might be a decent comparison.
  13. Are they the same size as baseball cards? If so why not a card holder.
  14. Loved how Subby's turned out. Reached out to Angel Medina to snag this commission. Next step is getting it inked!
  15. I was going in on the low side and got blasted away. Doubled in 30 seconds.
  16. Wolverine unleased looks like it’s going to go to on the cheap side. Better pull the trigger. It’s right up your alley.
  17. Let’s pass around a hat and get the McFarlane Hulk cover.