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  1. I don't as of yet. Just started looking into him after his Batman mash up covers. Outside DC and Marvel new artist tend to fall outside my peripheral. Sounds like he is slated to do some DC work in the future. Am I wrong in thinking he has the "it" factor?
  2. Kid is for his stock to rise, prices are already on the move. I could see him getting some big projects soon. Samples below.
  3. Would love to hear how the buyer came clean.....edge of my chair.
  4. Soooooooooooo does he want to buy it now?
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    Existing topic. Please delete.
  6. Someone should bring up the fact on one of his accounts that he originally purchased the item for $4,500 and if they think it is out of character for that individual to make such a HUGE purchase. Calling that out might get the folks on his side talking.
  7. One of the true nice guys in the industry. No ego and a hard worker. $$$$$ Anyone care to guess what the going rate would be on the page $$$$$
  8. Sure hope he does the right thing and doesn't toss it in the trash. Would you consider letting him know that no charges will be filled if he cops to it and returns the art?
  9. Not seeing it....seller has everything to lose. Seller Established in the OA community Active CAF account History of owning the piece with transacting history Would hurt his OA collecting in the future He didn't initiate a return...if this was his master plan WAY too much would have to fall his way Has many backers concerning his character Asked the community for help Buyer Gave a fake name
  10. Hope to god he doesn't destroy it as to not be tied to it.
  11. If they have Facebook pages for the cons maybe they would be willing to put out a PSA with a picture. Might be a good way to circulate the situation. Doesn't hurt to ask. Also, would not name names.
  12. What's the next con in that area? Might show up there for a cash in hand buy.
  13. Below is a nice Grell pencil I loved.....but just sold. It's from a book he did the art for called the Mongoliad. Here is a random example I pulled from the bay of how the ink tends to muddy his talents and flatten his art.
  14. Ha, wasn't eluding to that. Many of us have probably let "trust" fog our judgment. I got taken for a ride on a commission I paid upfront for (me being dumb) last year.
  15. My guess is the guy could care less about the artist. He found a mark and went for it. The art will resurface shortly somewhere for sale.
  16. Am I alone in thinking that Grell's art suffers from being inked and colored? Tends to make it look flat. But his pencils are fantastic?
  17. Meaning do you have an artist you collect where you prefer just pencils without being inked over? Example, I love Mike Grell's pencils, but his art seems to loose something when inked over.
  18. Great site and pages! Love the Issue #1 double splash page 18,19.
  19. A letter, email, and voicemail stating how serious you are about seeing this through might go a long way. Let him know that legal actions will begin if it is not returned within x amount of days.
  20. Mailman would not know the nuances of the transaction to make such a bold move. It's the thief Visalia.
  21. Mike, Found this for you on Comic Connect.
  22. I am envious of the wall space you "get" to use. The wife has given me one room to display which happens to be the smallest room in the house, my office. Once the kids are out of the house my dream is to turn the basement into my own private gallery, just a short 10 years away!