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  1. Was blown away by my gifts! Absolutely perfect! The Art of the Simon and Kirby Studio book and a 11x17 classic recreation commission! Thank you so very much Toro!!
  2. I have been looking out the window like a crazy person every time I hear a large vehicle passing by. You would think I was 12 again! Hope I get to put something under the tree!
  3. Thanks...I'll look into it. The thing about these trading cards back in the 90's is they were often done by popular artist, not just some jobbers. I picked this up for next to nothing, $25, be fun if it ended up being a nice little win.
  4. Not sure who the artist is, Scott Dalrymple, but it's a nice looking Kitty Pryde!!
  5. I hope it really does come back. Until then......
  6. Checking in one more time on the Spawn...any ideas on the artist? Thinking this is probably art for a trading card. Strange that it is not signed. No idea of year or actual publication other than it was purchased from the publisher at Wizard Magazine years ago. Just wondering if it might be from any of the early Spawn artists?
  7. I apologize for my erroneous assumption.
  8. I don't like to post my personal info and was just looking for advice. Guess that makes me how you say a "poser". You also tried to portray me as unethical and less than honest. I just assumed you were going to apologize at some point was just thanking you ahead of time.
  9. I accept your apology as well RockMyAmadues.
  10. I guess you will just have to take my word as a member of this community that I am being honest and not hiding anything. That and over 250 comic related items sold with 100% positive feedback. Little shocked at the backlash honestly.
  11. All I know is this is from Wizard Magazine, anyone know who the artist would be? Don't know if I have gold or coin in hand.
  12. No idea what I have here...all I know is that it's from Wizard magazine. Any insight on artist would be appreciated.
  13. The book was not separated from the cover....just had a small gap between the spine and pages like most large omnibus do, was also shown in one of the six pictures. It was also never read so that speaks to the condition of it. Didn't brush the buyer off, he wanted a states nor refunds. Last of it, peace and chicken grease.
  14. Not sure what constitutes a ban, never read this thread before so I apologize for being vague. I just find it odd when people expect used items to be flawless. I think I was more peeved by the lack of a thank you after giving the buyer $300 worth of books for free.
  15. Shipped 2 large omnibussuses...omnibuss....omnibis? 2 large used books 1/4 the normal price. I had six pictures included and with all my listings stated no refunds or returns. Buyer starts a refund stating that the spine is separating from one if the 1,400 page used books. I told him it's a used book and restated no refunds. He said he would take it to ebay and give me a negative review. Refunded the entire order and asked him to send the one book back. He asked me to take care of the $8 postage! I told him to keep both books for free. No thank you from him. Worthy of a ban?