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  1. I am envious of the wall space you "get" to use. The wife has given me one room to display which happens to be the smallest room in the house, my office. Once the kids are out of the house my dream is to turn the basement into my own private gallery, just a short 10 years away!
  2. What struck me was how simple the frames were for such top bill pieces.
  3. As close as I got were some jr pages from #5
  4. So the big question you get to keep the fake or do you have to return it? 😀
  5. Nice little moment shared by a feral Wolverine. Wolverine #106 by Val Semeiks.
  6. Just a guess on the first one. JAMES TYNION IV???
  7. If featuring any X-Men on the page probably closer to 3k +.
  8. The bay has some cheap($100) marvel universe master editions by Kieth Pollard. Not a bad pick up. Only obscure characters left. Think I saw 5 listed.
  9. Thinking of sending these pencils from Kurth to McLeod.
  10. I usually give them the dimensions I need and insert the art myself
  11. Anyone see this one in auction closing tonight sitting at $100???
  12. I have some Savage Sword pages that still have the overlay attached with word balloons whited out for what I assume is so that it can be printed in another language. Will it hurt the value if I remove the overlay? Looking to frame them and it will look 100x better without it.
  13. Dynamite did a short run on Captain Victory several years ago. Here is page 1 and 2 framed from the final issue. You can see my Mahomes jersey in the reflection. GO Chiefs!!
  14. I apologize, not my intention. I own several Lands and actually started a thread about how great his art is. I'll delete my comment and be sure to think before I type and show some more class.
  15. At least he has a nice signature, could you imagine if Liefeld signed all his art inside the page....
  16. Congratulations! This is fantastic! I always wondered on big ticket items, do you trust the mail system or prefer face to face transactions?
  17. Has Hama ever approached you about it? Is there anything he might have access to that you might consider trading for?
  18. The interesting thing about both GI Joe and Transformers is that the first 30 or so issues are going to almost guarantee a first appearance.
  19. To lazy to search through HA, do you remember what those #2 pages sold for? Looking for the #38 cover if anyone is sitting on it.
  20. Not much out there and it seems like not much has been moving in the past couple years. One of you guys sitting on a stock pile?