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  1. I will second that Mike treats every size deal the same. He gets back within a day no matter what the questions or trade. I have been buying $100 -$200 scraps from him but I know when I am ready to buy my first Kirby it will be through Mike.
  2. How about a killer Kangaroo . Escapes from a lab where is was being experimented on. Twice the normal size with blades affixed to its hands and feet. Wears a metal helmet with lights and beeps....uses it to communicate with humans but is pure evil. "Kangaroo Jack The Ripper".
  3. So no powers just a batman level character. He has a split personality when he sleeps. He is his own arch nemeses but has no idea.
  4. I had the idea for a Superhero that saves people by day put is a serial killer by night. Never did anything with it. That might fit the bill??
  5. So they removed the 9.0 chair and replaced it with a 6.5?
  6. All three volumes of the 11x17 Frank Thorne Red Sonja art edition books signed for $150 total including shipping! These go for about $150 each unsigned! My guess would put these at a $700 value. Pretty happy!
  7. Awesome! Do you find it’s easier to get people to contribute after they see the list of artist already participating? Like they are like “wow, now I have to do this”. Also, any doing it free of charge just to be part of it? Also my two cents, Aunt May needs to go next to the open spot next to his right hand
  8. Good catch. And it is a nice piece, his work always reminds me of McGuinness.
  9. Was looking at this one on ebay, liked it, and then noticed the white out of the message from the artist in the right bottom corner. That's a lot of white out!
  10. Anyone else going back through their ebay history to see if they have purchased anything from rah-4224????
  11. In the 2000's I hated Mark Bagley's Spider-Man. I thought he looked too skinny with an egg shaped head....just looked like a Saturday morning cartoon. Nothing changed in his art...something changed in it is my preferred Spider-man. Yes over Ditko, Romita, and McFarlane.
  12. Here is a commission I got. Wish he would do some cover work for some publishers.
  13. Blastaar


    Was lost in the interwebs and came across some videos of Rene from Storage Wars talking about his massive find of thousands of silver age comics for cheap . Tons of keys. Videos are over a year old but it sounds like he still has more than what he knows what to do with. I ended up calling his store and talking with him. Very nice guy but he is buried in these books and has a average knowledge of comics. Started to get some keys CGCd. If anyone is in Cali they should definitely see if they can set some time up to browse his finds! Videos below.
  14. Couldn't find any Issue number 4 pages, wonder if that one is sitting in storage somewhere. Here are the surrounding issues.
  15. Incredible. What's the story behind betting these if you care to share?
  16. Is there a page out there from the same issue we can compare it with for sh*** and giggles?
  17. That's awesome. What's odd about prelims is the pricing, they can be very inexpensive in most cases. It's one of the last corners in the comic industry that hasn't inflated. I've said too much!