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  1. Find out waaaaay in advance when a movie/tv show is coming out featuring an obscure character. Buy a 9.6 or higher first appearance slab of said character, sell within a week of show/movie debut, profit.
  2. Ok, since I am new I'll just post some other originals I have. Love this one from Ken Hunt.
  3. I do want to give a plug for a seller on the bay that I was in contact with recently. He has a great collection of stuff he is putting up that he needs to part with that is at a fantastic price. $50-$120. I didn't snag anything as I tend stick with known hero characters. He is longtime friends with the Vigils apparently. Below is some stuff listed.
  4. That's bad azz . Not sure you would ever get the commission price back on this unless it was truly unique. What size is it? $300-$500 would be my guess.
  5. If he had kept it clean in the late 80's and early 90's and became "company man" do you think he would have had a run on some major characters for Marvel, and DC? Would his name have been spoken today in the same breath as McFarlane, Liefeld, Lee and Silvestri?
  6. Ok so I ended up scratching my itch by just buying an old school Wolverine of his. Never bought from this dealer, any reason to think this is not the real deal? Looks like classic 90's Tim V.
  7. What's nuts is the price of anything other than his name written on a blank cover witnessed by cgc. I have seen basic spider sketches smaller than this one good for $500 or more on the bay.
  8. Also, it looks great framed in silver!
  9. Well, I was curious about the signature and reached out to Kirby's grandson to get his take on the piece. He said they are legit and he remembered fondly how he had a set. So anyone looking for a Kirby signature can rest well that these are a good way to own an affordable piece of comic history!
  10. I'm thinking of going with a classic 40's/50's style Moldoff Hawkman. Just insane detail on the wings and a savage look to him. I would love to know the story behind him not working for DC or Marvel.
  11. Anyone else think Tim Vigil's pencil work is underrated? Looking at possible requesting a commission similar to the one below. Anyone have any of his work?
  12. Does anyone on here have an actual character sketch of his?
  13. Sent it out today! What was funny is in my letter to him I discussed the old days of reaching out to an artist or writer by letter and getting a correspondence started.
  14. Nope. Never. Is that the reason he doesn't sketch that often? Rarely see any for sale.
  15. .....sort of. Sent two comics directly to McFarlane Productions close to a year ago with a note aboutwhat a huge fan of his I am. Today I got both comics back with the following on one of the backing boards!!! I know that he doesn't sketch often for fans so was super pumped to get this, also noticed he signed it "Toddy", never seen that before. I know it's just a Spider but this is cool right??? What should I do with it? Frame it, can/should I CGC a backing board? What a great guy!!
  16. Did some digging. Sounds like he wasn't signing much of anything after the 80's. Still going to trust this is the real deal.
  17. Yep big fan, just wanted to get something legit. Next stop is finding original pencil that won't break the bank.
  18. Correct, using an ART slab not the graded one. Not that this will be worth tons but it was a cover alternative and was featured in the pages of the TPB. Plus I think it's cool piece.
  19. Just snagged this prelim for a the final cover in Death of Hawkman done by Aaron Lopresti. What do you think, worth getting slabbed or stick to framing it?
  20. That's my fear, but the fact that these are numbered and somewhat official looking my guess (hope) is that these were signed under supervision and packaged after his passing. Anyone on here have any kirby art or signatures?
  21. Sorry posted this on another thread, new to this site. Just bought Jack Kirby signature that was part of a pin set on Ebay. There are several more listed, you can find them searching Jack Kirby Signature Collection Pin set. Questions I have about it are does $100-$150 seem too low to be authentic and it states this collection is from 1995, year after he passed. Thoughts on if these are legit or not?