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  1. His style does lean towards Frank Miller more so than Jim Lee.
  2. Some art to get the discussion started.
  3. He has a style that makes him stand out and unique but is his art great? If not for starting his own pub/series would he have made it to the big two based on his artistic ability? I for one love his art....just having a hard time seeing it applied to the Marvel or DC stable.
  4. $600 to $800 on the Finch????
  5. Are they doing a Sketch Fighter sponsored by SyFy this year? I remember seeing this last year where they would have several artist sketch the same character in front of a crowd.
  6. On a line for line recreation does the artist light box or trace the exiting art? Or is it freehand?
  7. That Byrne Parker 101 has an attractive price.
  8. Just don't stare at the way he draws, it's not polite.
  9. See you and raise you my favorite Cobra Commander look.
  10. Thank you. Arriving this week. My only regret is I did ask him to personalize it for me...worried it may take away from it, haven't seen it with the "best wishes" yet.
  11. Alex Saviuk is a good dude and very affordable with quick turnarounds. I have been talking with him about a Web 70 cover redo.
  12. Congrats on completing the journey! A lot of dedication on your part.
  13. Probably in the minority but I like this Layton Iron Man version.
  14. Just wanted to get a pulse on the boards preference. Do you think it takes away from the piece or do you like the personalization? It's all up to personal preference, I don't have a hard stance either way.
  15. Question associated with thread topic. Let’s say if I insure a package and send it and it arrives bent to the recipient, who’s responsible for filing for insurance reimbursement? The sender or recipient?