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  1. Too vague. Key comics or do make copies of house keys?
  2. I can’t believe I’m quoting a Wilson Phillips song but hold on for one more day. It’s amazing how life changes minute to minute. Relax, breathe, rest, and recharge. Something different is always around the corner you just need to keep your eyes open. If anything.....go listen to the song, hard to be in a funk after that!
  3. Byrne Grell McFarlane Zeck Neal a bunch really. I collect commissions and original art.
  4. I would have traded you my Roger Clemens rookie card for it.
  5. Thanks for the advice! I’ll use the money I saved for the Heroes Reborn omnibus! I kid. I kid.
  6. Pantera's Comic Stock Cauldron + Batteries
  7. If I can pick up Omnibus #1, and #2 cheap...should I? Is it worth a read?
  8. On the hunt for page #10 and #11.....any direction appreciated.
  9. Cornucopia is a better name than Cauldron. Plus it has a fun shape!
  10. He has to be talking about Cauldron Comics.
  11. Why don't you tell Chuck that. And Cauldron Comics sounds like a place to get Halloween decorations at deep discounts.
  12. I had an idea of opening the first slabbed only store. Maybe have it sponsored by CGC. Carry only key issues, say 500-1,000 slabs. Take raw trades for cash or credit that I will in turn have graded and stocked on the shelves.
  13. It's an upgrade. If he want's excitement he should name it the "Beaver Pit".
  14. It's no "Blastaar's Totally Cosmic Comics".
  15. Think this with your store name done with a black Sharpie type font.