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  1. To be clear I am not knocking the process. These artist have a craft that I appreciate and admire....and yes it's also about the finished product. I'm just stating from a collectors point of view that tends to frame and display as apposed to collect and store, it is more appealing when the blue pencil is less visible.
  2. Here is a good example of what I was really getting at. I am interested in this cover but a little turned off by the heavy use of the blue pencils. If it was graphite I would most likely purchase without hesitation.
  3. On some of the older pieces I don't seem to noticed as much, perhaps because inks were done over them. An example I was thinking would be like the piece I purchased below. Love reading the Scooby Apocalypse series so I picked up a Scrappy splash. Done by veteran Pat Olliffe the blue just seems to overwhelm the page, I still love it, but it is a bit jarring. Again, still a sophomore in collecting, maybe I will grow to appreciate.
  4. Not talking about a blue line scan. Some artist will use a blue pencil to set the scene on a page and then go over it with traditional graphite. The look is not very appealing as for a collector you can see the blue sketches on the page. My questions are does this effect value? Is it still considered original pencils if listing it? And does it turn you off as a collector?
  5. Love me some Jay Leisten...
  6. Nice Killer Frost splash. Forever Evil: A.R.G.U.S. #2 Neil Edwards Penciller, Jay Leisten Inker
  7. Will the Egyptian Queen be purchased today?
  8. I own this one.....'s a Mike Hoffman.
  9. Throw it up () on ebay for $100 or best offer. No need to get it verified.
  10. There has to be a story behind to share?
  11. Those are fantastic. What’s the size?
  12. Would love to see any covers that the group might have.
  13. Love the IDW collections. They have done these for several years now.....I'm assuming Marvel get's a cut.....yes?
  14. Got it framed and wanted to share.
  15. So I just started this passion just over a year ago... have around 15 pages. But I am compelled to frame and hang everything! How do you go from a hanger to a shelf collector? I assume as the pages increase in number but as it stands I always want to be looking at my art.
  16. So, for his commissions would he pencil a unique sketch and then fill it in with watercolors or would he have a stock image black and white that he would add the colors too? I only ask as I have seen multiple commissions that look very similar. I assume it's just because like other artist they have an idea in mind for a set pose and usually call upon that for commissions.
  17. Just picked up this beautiful piece by Shelly and it made me think of how overlooked he is by the industry in terms of recognition. He was a great talent and pioneer of the industry.
  18. Alex Saviuk is pretty accessible if you wanted to have Spidey thrown on there as an honorary member. He’d probably finish up the inking as well.
  19. Happy to give this Shelly Moldoff Hawkman a home. Best wings in the business!
  20. I would imagine it's like any other high pressure deadline meeting job. It's fun and rewarding for a few years and then it starts to take its toll. The ones that are "built" for it can't imagine doing anything else and flourish leaving a long career.