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  1. I would imagine it's like any other high pressure deadline meeting job. It's fun and rewarding for a few years and then it starts to take its toll. The ones that are "built" for it can't imagine doing anything else and flourish leaving a long career.
  2. US, Canada, UK......and that's it for me.
  3. Just picked up a page of original art from Peter Davids Aquaman run in the 90's, loved that series. Artist did some great work as well, Martin Egeland. He did around the first 30 or so of that run and then, poof! Aside from a few issues here and there just vanished. It's just odd that there are so many people from the 80's and 90's that worked for the big two on runs and then.....nothing. What happens? Do they get burnt out, tired of the pay, find work in design and advertising?
  4. Nothing terribly fancy, just always surprised at how cheap and overlooked the Peter David Aquaman run was/is. Loved it, think I read the entire series. Martin Egeland Hooked Aquaman ripping up some fools.
  5. Underrated comic Stained #1 sketched by the creator Dave Baron. Hey, he's typically a colorist (darn good one for DC) so don't judge the art! Also just noticed the date error from CGC on the signature date, grrrrrr.
  6. Seller has an odd mix in his inventory. Cups, shirts, and a 18k AS page.
  7. Curious to know how much the Frank Miller sketch covers cost at the cons? Does Frank do these on a whim and doesn't look to pocket much or are these set up in advance.
  8. Great page....thoughts on the price? 4 hours and counting...think it sells?
  9. Had it happen to me. They were great about it. Made it right and then some.
  10. Love to see the story behind Jack leaving to move on to DC. Bunch of cameos like Ditko, Steranko, Romita, young John Byrnes.
  11. End the movie with Stan going to see Iron Man in the theatre.
  12. The background supporting cast in the bullpens would be outstanding.
  13. Focus on the early 60's and then into the 70's. Would love to see this happen, not produced my Marvel. Maybe a small unbiased studio like Focus. Marc Maron from GLOW would be my pick for Stan.
  14. Not going to lie, my first thought was Colossus pulling out that damn tree stump.
  15. Never read or heard about Sovereign Seven....but here is page of the character "Reflex" chopping wood! Hey they all can't be winners. Ron Lim
  16. Door to door what was your time? If you want to impress us give the in and out. The pages are nice but I need to know your time.
  17. From Jim Starlins run on Stormwatch. Stormwatch #29 page 1. Yvel Guichet pencils
  18. Great WW cover... I thought it was a Frank Thorne on first glance.
  19. Mike Grell Ms. Tree Quarterly #1 If anyone could post the published page it would be much appreciated.