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  1. I wonder if the page has been altered since print. Would love to watch that one go on auction.
  2. I can see your point that it misses the opportunity of being unique. For the same amount you could request a cover that captures a likeness but with a personal touch of inspiration inspired either by the artist or yourself. As the original cover is a one of a kind, now so is the reimagining. You have talked me out of getting a one to one. You are so wise. Was looking to get a 1st Issue Special featuring the Warlord by Grell. I think I will let the Dinosaur win on this cover.
  3. Come to think of it I have owned a few characters not on top of their game. I owned this George Perez splash of the historically bad Triathlon Man.
  4. I owned a feral Wolverine for a short stint.
  5. I would be remiss not to include the fantastic re-creation gifted to me by luck of the draw from Toro my secret Santa. No clue who the artist is but great nonetheless!
  6. notable artist doing the concepts or gun for hire panel artist?
  7. She was fantastic on Jimmy Kimmel last week..I will give her that.
  8. Her next role should be a lamp or a plank of wood.
  9. Wrong Forum Feel free to delete, move, or contribute. That being said does anyone have a pinecone Ben OA page???
  10. Post pics of characters looking their worst. Not necessarily bad art but bad looks/costumes/redesigns. Wrong Forum Pinecone Ben
  11. Who is your favorite androgynous character?
  12. I also like the idea of a "lost" cover. When the day comes that I have saved enough to commission Neal my request would be to have a cover that could have been used for an issue in the Batman Odyssey run.
  13. Perfect for shipping art. I used them for that reason.
  14. I have been flirting with this idea for a while now and have some covers and and several artists in mind. My question is when getting a cover recreation by the original artist is there any tracing involved? I have seen some that are super tight and look on point with the original and others that are a close match but you can tell it was done using the original as a reference.
  15. In order of prizes I would like 6 31 33 49
  16. Dazzler 1&2 (both CGC SS 7.5) signed by John Romita Jr. (ship anywhere in the USA) - donated by Haupia Still available?