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  1. $25 One of my favorite Byrne covers!
  2. WEAPON H Nuff Said.... I'm joking. But DC really thought they had something with Damage. X-23 has a shot at being pretty key.
  3. Also that darn Ten Speed Ad!!!!!
  4. The Rebirth banner ruined a manny of covers.
  5. Is it me or is the Norem signature in a slightly different location? Listed on the bay HA
  6. So what is the process for some of these pieces that look ultra realistic? Chris Clark, Wu Wei, Bravo, Kadar...? It's almost beyond Alex Ross realistic. Do these start out like most OA? Pencil sketch, ink, color?
  7. Got it....I did read an article somewhere that was talking about some of Todd's earlier work not holding up because of some of the ink that was used. Not sure if it was Indian ink or something else.
  8. So that being said will Indian Ink fade over time? Will this age poorly when compared to contemporaries or those of the silver age?
  9. Questions I always had about this piece. What is OA and what is composed of stats? Is the Spiderman and the city backdrop the only OA?
  10. Kirby Marc Silvestri Ernie Chan Keith Giffen - I'm one of the few that prefer him over Byrne and Perez
  11. Tales from the SUPER CHEAP! Under $10 finds. Larry Houston of X-Men animated series fame. Val Mayerik - creator of Howard the Duck
  12. Really stoked about this one. Loved the Masters of the Universe series by Keith Giffen, this one is from the Origin of Hordak #1.
  13. Never had it but boy did I want it....The Green Haro!
  14. Not sure if this was just regional but does anyone remember the baseball card coins you would get on the bottom of Slurpees at the 7-11. I had to get them all, that's a lot of bran freezes!
  15. Nice. Been scoping out garage sales for years to see if one would turn up.
  16. As far as PGX is concerned I would only snag one if it was really cheap and I didn't care about grading. One thing I will say that PGX has going for it is the slabs are extremely durable....probably best of the 3 slab companies. However comics with their slabs continue to decline. Horrible investment, if you have other choices I would almost pay double a PGX listed price for an issue I wanted to get it in CGC or CBCS.
  17. How dare you! I would love to get The Pouch CGC SS but those are starting to get pricey. Here is a CBCS for $200