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  1. Go on....did it come as an alert or a notification?
  2. I looked into them, seemed legit, was thinking of getting the ASM 347 redo..but it was sloppy and just not very appealing.
  3. Never read Grimm Fairy Tales, Notti & Nyce, or Lady Death. but see the covers everywhere...are these actual comics with a story or just soft core pron?
  4. There is no shortage of his pages as he has been working constantly since the late 80's early 90's. If George Perez had a monthly comic since '92 my guess is his price would be lower than it is now.
  5. It boggles the mind why Marvel would let certain covers pass for print....
  6. People can be such aholes sometimes.
  7. Ya why can’t cyclops be 275 with diabetes?