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  1. on the McFarlane Form there doesnt seem to be one.
  2. Questions, I currently dont have any paid memberships, if I were t purchase the Premium ($149) would I be able to use that 149 credit towards the $89 fee per comic, can the credit also be used towards the marvel labels?
  3. no, because he actually did drew those variants. Its only for any parody covers he did not draw. So he WILL sign that Spawn 300 variant.
  4. what they mean is covers that resamble cover TM originally drew, for example ASM 800 Shattered Variant is a parody cover of ASM 300, he will not sign that comic.
  5. On the form I only see the option to pick if you would like the custom label (ie spiderman, hulk, etc), but how do choose them? or is is automatica, if you send a Spiderman they will put the spiderman label, of if you send a hulk comic they will put the hulk label?
  6. CGC doesn't grade/slab poly bagged comics, so you would have to take them out of the poly bag and submit them. If you like to store you comics poly bagged it would make more sense to just send the non polybagged silver or the gold if you prefer.
  7. Same questions here, I have ASM 300 and Hulk 340 which are already blue label, can we send them slabbed? or do we have to crack them open?
  8. where you get those prints? was he selling them?
  9. So Imagine I have NM 87 with un-witnessed sig from Liefeld on the cover. Normally that comic would get a Green Label. Now Image I take that same comic to a con have it CGC witnessed so it ends up with 2 sigs on the cover. Would the comic then turn into a Yellow label?
  10. I got an email that CGC will be having Private Signing at NYC Comic con, Kirkman, Jim Lee, etc is it possible for us to mail comics directly to CGC so that they get them signed?
  11. Has anyone shipped their comics to Rocket Comics to have them signed, pressed and CGCed? are they reputable?
  12. never been to their store, but seen pics. So the long boxes in the middle are inaccessible to customers?