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  1. Gotcha, thank you. How desirable are these yellow/green labels on the resell market? is it worth it?
  2. If I send ASM 238 to be signed by John Romita Jr to the event, but my version does not have the tatooz, what color label with it get?
  3. Jim Lee McFarlane (Again) Liefeld (If they make the peace) Silvestri
  4. Mega Con Orlando just announced that Con will be Reschedule for October on Halloween weekend and will be limited to 25,000 tickets, existing tickets will carry over unless you ask for refund before May 31st. My questions is this, what will happen to this signing event? will it get pushed to October? Should we still send out our comics to CGC this month? or will it get cancelled?
  5. Frank Miller has always been the most expensive artist sig and I would never pay those prices, specially considering his comics are not worth much, maybe if it was for sentimental value.
  6. you can put it inside one of these:
  7. Have they given dates for the Infinity Gauntley, and both Jim Lee Xmen omnibuses reprints release dates?
  8. is this the first official McFarlane Spidey since he left marvel?
  9. Rob says he spoke with the CGC people over the phone and now he is no longer working in any capacity with CGC, he won't be doing any more witnessed signings of any kind for CGC.
  10. WTB Spider-Man by Todd McFarlane Omnibus Hardcover