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  1. It seems this book would benefit from pressing, should I press it and have it slabbed?
  2. I use comic Collector Z, does anyone know how to group a particular group of comics? for examples currently there is an alphabetical order of my comics but the True Believers makes my list three times as long since it considers each comic its own separate title, is there a way to group them?
  3. or do you prefer to slowly get high grade to complete runs?
  4. the extraction seemed effortless,
  5. Haven't taken the comic out in more than 20 years and was kept in a hot and humid storage. I doubt these were acid free backing boards and bags
  6. I remember buying this when it first came out, bit didnt realize until las week that it had gone up quite a bit in price. Is it worth slabbing?
  7. Thanks everyone for the info. Is it too late now to get grader notes?
  8. Hello, last year I started submitting comics to get slabbed for the first time and dumb me didn't get my comics pressed. For example I have an ASM #300 9.4 CGC that I didn't get pressed. Can I resend it the slabbed comic to CGC to have it pressed in the hopes that the grade will improve? would I have to pay full price for re-slab? do I send the comic slabbed or do I crack it out of the slab? is there a possibility I might get a lower grade?
  9. I ordered mine, but one week later and it has not shipped yet.
  10. friend, you have not read the book
  11. It is exactly what happened in the 90's and then the debacle came
  12. are these worth it?
  13. I use these:
  14. Just wanted to update this got a 9.4 CGC but never had it pressed, not sure if I should resubmitt with a pressing?