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  1. Not A Clone

    GUESS THIS! Most common CGC slab (book AND grade)

    I knew it was the most slabbed Spidey book, so I took that as my answer. Had no idea how many Spawns were slabbed. I figured it had to be less than ASM #3000 & more than 7.
  2. I'll go with these. ASM #14 is definitely the biggest key from 2018 that I purchased. #238 news stand was purchased raw. Very happy to see it got the 9.8. #800 Ditko remastered. It's Ditko. Looking for more top 10 ASM keys this year.
  3. Not A Clone

    2018 Official Holiday Raffle thread!!!

    I'm #55, I think those are evil Clones of the real elves! I'm on to them.
  4. Not A Clone

    Best Amazing Spider-Man Collection ?

    I'll go through and export current GPA this weekend and total that up. Shouldn't be too hard & sounds like fun. I hear ya on AF 15. I think a .5 may be the goal for that. A 9.8 AF 15 hypothetically? Yeah probably between 2-3 mill like you said. The last 9.6 sold for 1.1 mill almost 8 years ago before the latest boom, but if the 9.8 popped up I think the 9.6 price would take a little hit. A 9.8 ASM is another $1 mill book. Would love to see a #28 9.8 pop up. $35k for the 9.6 this summer, but I'd bet on a 9.8 hitting close to 10x that.
  5. Not A Clone

    Best Amazing Spider-Man Collection ?

    I need the 11 issues in my sig to be 1 through current. Good thing those are the cheap ones lol. Having a blast finding those missing issues, upgrading low grades & sending my money, I mean my books to CGC. A complete 9.8 (or 9.6 where 9.8's don't exist) would be an Amazing accomplishment.
  6. Not A Clone

    Best Amazing Spider-Man Collection ?

    You talking 1-801 + the new issues or just like 1-100 kind of thing?
  7. Thanks for the Spidey goodies @W16227! Merry Christmas!
  8. What did the notes say?
  9. I had to check to make sure I wasn't mis-remembering when God of Thunder started, but #1 was out September 2012. So by the time War of the Realms wraps up next year we're talking about a 7 year story. Would really like to see this whole thing put into a couple of Omnibus. Speaking of Tom King, his Vision series was pretty awesome.
  10. Not A Clone

    2018 Official Holiday Raffle thread!!!

    Blue-Rays & TPBs of Blue-Rays. All are new/unopened. (1 prize) The Dark Knight Returns (Part 1 & 2 Blue Rays + TPB) + Superman/Batman-Public Enemies (Blue Ray & TPB)
  11. Not A Clone

    Statue Collections

    Nice looking Harley hiding back there too!
  12. Looks like his shoulders are dislocated. Must be painful.
  13. Maybe it is Otto and he swapped minds