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  1. Greg is great! Great price & super fast shipping. I bought it on Monday and received it today (Thursday). Safe and sound. Will be looking to buy more for sure!
  2. I could've told you which issue number the pages changed about a month ago, but now I forget lol. I've been re-reading through all of the Spidey books. I wanna say it happened around #400 but it was probably later. It's interesting that they picked #365 because it has the 3-D hologram and is the first appearance of 2099, which just screams Copper age And the Clone Saga hadn't started. But I think that didn't end until about 2 weeks before the Covid stuff hit
  3. A few more came today. I noticed when I put them in the registry that the 362-363 were 65pts & the 365 was 40pts. Is that the "beginning" of modern/End of Copper?
  4. Yeah, that's an odd one. I've always had 9.2 notes that I can remember.
  5. First time I ever got a graders note on a 9.8. I guess just to let me know how close to a 9.9 I was .
  6. It isn't guaranteed, but it usually results in the 9.8. For $5 it catches more of the 9.6 stuff than gets through. Different person grades it after the screening.
  7. Some moderns that I just got back or finally got scanned. Both 9.6 books passed pre-screen 9.8.
  8. I actually just re-read that part of ASM & the other books that crossed over in the Clone Saga. I enjoyed them.
  9. From one of my favorite arcs.... Anyone know where I can find a nice #174?
  10. My first pence! Bought it as a VG+ so it came out very nice
  11. I guess since I accepted a prize of monetary value, I will have to forego my Senior year and declare myself eligible foe next years Professional Grading League draft.
  12. Thanks to everyone (Bluemoon, Sckao, HumanTorch) for putting this on! Always a great time! And thanks for the slab Toro!