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  1. It was actually the entire team that signed it. (4 sigs I believe). I miss it already lol.
  2. Thanks @thirdgreenham for the Outcast & Ronin books! Been working long hours since the holidays and haven't had time to post I appreciate them!
  3. I knew it was the most slabbed Spidey book, so I took that as my answer. Had no idea how many Spawns were slabbed. I figured it had to be less than ASM #3000 & more than 7.
  4. I'll go with these. ASM #14 is definitely the biggest key from 2018 that I purchased. #238 news stand was purchased raw. Very happy to see it got the 9.8. #800 Ditko remastered. It's Ditko. Looking for more top 10 ASM keys this year.
  5. I'm #55, I think those are evil Clones of the real elves! I'm on to them.
  6. I'll go through and export current GPA this weekend and total that up. Shouldn't be too hard & sounds like fun. I hear ya on AF 15. I think a .5 may be the goal for that. A 9.8 AF 15 hypothetically? Yeah probably between 2-3 mill like you said. The last 9.6 sold for 1.1 mill almost 8 years ago before the latest boom, but if the 9.8 popped up I think the 9.6 price would take a little hit. A 9.8 ASM is another $1 mill book. Would love to see a #28 9.8 pop up. $35k for the 9.6 this summer, but I'd bet on a 9.8 hitting close to 10x that.
  7. I need the 11 issues in my sig to be 1 through current. Good thing those are the cheap ones lol. Having a blast finding those missing issues, upgrading low grades & sending my money, I mean my books to CGC. A complete 9.8 (or 9.6 where 9.8's don't exist) would be an Amazing accomplishment.
  8. You talking 1-801 + the new issues or just like 1-100 kind of thing?
  9. I had to check to make sure I wasn't mis-remembering when God of Thunder started, but #1 was out September 2012. So by the time War of the Realms wraps up next year we're talking about a 7 year story. Would really like to see this whole thing put into a couple of Omnibus. Speaking of Tom King, his Vision series was pretty awesome.
  10. Blue-Rays & TPBs of Blue-Rays. All are new/unopened. (1 prize) The Dark Knight Returns (Part 1 & 2 Blue Rays + TPB) + Superman/Batman-Public Enemies (Blue Ray & TPB)
  11. Nice looking Harley hiding back there too!