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  1. Just retcon your origin and come up with a new one that you like. It'll become cannon in no time!
  2. Having almost completed my ASM run, I can tell ya there are a few things I would do differently if I had to start over. I grabbed as many of the cheaper books first to make the "need" list shorter and feel like I was closer to completion. That left the big ticket items for last and they are far more expensive now than when I started. Ask yourself if you would be happier with a stack of easily found books or 1 key book. In between purchases, if you find a book that you know is priced too cheap, but it and sell it for a small profit and put the gain into your comic savings. That will speed things up. Have fun!
  3. Yep, without a doubt! Or even worse, it's behind another stack and on the bottom
  4. Gotcha. So 73 business days. Still feels like 100 regular days
  5. Value received 11/1. Was stuck on scheduled for grading for some time & then suddenly today it switched to Graded/QC. 100 days
  6. I would also like to pretend I have a shot at the Championship! Count me in!
  7. Yep, actually been re-reading it right now. Only about 1000 issues to go to finish it, so I guess I'm a little over half-way through it
  8. I guess it's easier to look like a perfect copy of someone that no one has ever heard of
  9. Definitely go through and read the table of contents. It's pretty short but very helpful. Have fun and lemme know if you have any problems with it.
  10. I bought the CLZ app last night after reading this and checking it out. It's only $15 for a year so I said why not. So far it seems really easy and has every feature that I can think of. I did search for titles without a UPC and had no problem finding it quickly. After the first search, it was easier to find the rest of the books from the same title. Has the ability to keep multiple collections and move comics in and out. "Want List" is a nice feature also. So far the Go Collect price values that have popped up have been pretty good. I've adjusted 2 of the 20 that were being over valued. Lets you look at pretty much any books that fit a certain category also...graded, non-graded, Marvel, DC, Signed, Unsigned, etc. The scanning was lightning fast with how quick my books popped up. I also have my own spreadsheet that I've used for the last few years, but I think this will end up replacing it for good since I can export a file. Don't see how you can go wrong with it.
  11. So has a first appearance ever been drastically changed? For example, all it would take is for a writer to come along and say the clone in 149 wasn't Ben Reilly and that he just had that memory implanted and the real clone that Peter disposed of was actually dead all along. Then what happens? Does everyone go flipping through the $1 bins for Spider-Man #48? Just curious if anything like this has happened before.
  12. Very nice & congrats! Hardly any white showing except for that bottom corner. Almost perfect!
  13. Marvel Tails (1), Peter Porker (2-18), Ultimate Civil War:Spider Ham(19), Spider-Ham 25th (20). From