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  1. It seems pressing is still a hot topic nice to see familiar names on the board. Hi Bob, Roy, Greggy and the rest of the gang! Happy new year to all. It's nice to see another new pedigree coming into the hobby. Hope all is well with your collection. Benz
  2. I bought my AF15 in mid grade CGC 5.5 early 2000 for $5k. It's been a good "investment" but looking back I should have bought the 8.0 copy I think prices now are high?
  3. where can i buy the display base like glass? i bought a set of the super powers a few years ago. i was trying to get the big characters when this came out but manage to snag only Firestorm and Red Tornado for my brother. bought them of Ebay when i got older just for the heck of it.
  4. just stopped by and saw this post. out of curiosity i checked my collection and found out i have the 2 peds of this book. a 9.2 (rocky mountain) and a 8.0 (savanah) it seems the book is gaining steam!
  5. i won't count on it. besides if it is indeed original it does not capture Campbell's art.