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  1. I've got digital and physical copies of 250 designs by Jack Kirby done for Hanna Barbera shows in the late 70s. I bought them from Dave Karlen, who bought them from an animator who worked with Kirby and Hanna Barbera. Some of them are from the Super Friends show and have Batman and Superman, most are from other 70s shows like Space Ghost, Teen Force, Space Stars and even Scooby Doo and the Lord of the Rings animated movie. The designs get pretty crazy, and if the reason Kirby left Marvel was over Kirby wanting to be more creative, this is Kirby unleashed. A few of these pages can be found on the internet in various places, but 80% of the pages I've got haven't been seen by the public. They haven't been published in a book, either, to my knowledge. Since I'm in Australia and postage for 250 pages would be expensive (like it was the other way around), I can sell a link to a downloadable zip file containing the 250 1-2 MB photos for PayPal funds. We can discuss the price. Alternatively, if multiple people want to split a price I can post a link here for everyone. If you're interested send me a PM and we can work something out. Some examples:
  2. I am the seller of those listings. I have around individual 250 Xerox sheets like those posted. All different. If anyone wants to make me an offer for some or all of them, let me know, there's a great mix of characters, animals, gadgets and ships; even a few of Superman for the Superfriends show and many more which I haven't shown photos of. I'm able to post anywhere in the world, I could even do a swap if anyone wanted to. @Unca Ben @KirbyJack @MR SigS @Ken Aldred
  4. Unsurprising that Beerbohm would have likely had some pretty good stuff in that stack. He was at the forefront of the market in those days.
  5. Perhaps I should rephrase this thread... Does anybody CARE that there could be all kinds of grail art that we may never see?
  6. It makes sense that we may only view the top of the iceberg when it comes to Original Comic Art. I'm considering about the rare, historical, A-grade pieces out there that are deliberately hidden by their owners, or pieces which still exist somewhere unseen. Some pieces we will only ever have one glimpse at - Fresh to auction and then they dissapear forever. Prime example number one, is the famous page from Batman #1 sold at Guernsey's auction house in 1986. Hasn't been seen since. Even pieces we assume are long gone - We have little evidence to suggest they really have been destroyed. You could fit the entire original art to Action Comics #1 in a draw. The world's a big place - with a lot of draws. And the scariest thing about this, is we will never know if this stuff is out there somewhere. Does that scare anybody else? What are your views?
  7. Bump, still looking + edited ad with more info
  8. I bought 16 comics from Raze via international post. Everything was fantastic from start to finish. Would definitely recommend.
  9. Hopefully someone could help me out in answering "How many units of a particular comic issue would typically have been produced during the silver age?" Yes, it's a vague question. Did DC or Marvel ever release their mintage stats from the silver age? Does anyone have any educated guesses on how many would have been produced for the major lines like Batman/Superman for instance? 100,000? 200,000? Thanks in advance for comments.
  10. Hey, for the following issues: Detective comics 279 (GD-) Detective comics 299 (GD-) Detective comics 305 (GD) Detective comics 306 (GD) (Copy A) Detective comics 333 Detective comics 331 (Copy A) Detective comics 340 Detective comics 374 (GD) Detective comics 375 Detective comics 376 Detective comics 392 Detective comics 364 Detective comics 434 Batman 172 Batman 190 Batman 191 I'll follow this up with a PM to discuss discounts/postage etc Thanks!
  11. I am selling 6 individual daily strips from The Phantom newspaper series on CAF. They are all Wilson McCoy strips from 1958-1961. Great artwork. Great storylines. A range of prices and types. Contact me on the forums or on CAF and we can try to work something out. Safe and well-protected shipping from Melbourne to anywhere in the world includes tracking, insurance and signature on delivery for $35 USD. They are all Ink and Zipatone shading over graphite on Bristol board, with painted white highlights. Image areas of 20.75" x 6". Light toning. Slight discoloration to a small bit of the Zipatone; otherwise, all are in Excellent condition. Daily 9-7-57 - from the story "The Valley of No Return" (Phantom in two panels) $500 USD The Phantom shadows hooded figures as they begin to create the "magic" that makes all men and animals sleep in the secret Valley of No Return. Daily 11-13-58 - from the story "The Crown Jewels of Corba" $280 USD Diamond dealer Marston is held hostage by a group of guards who threaten him against telling the secret of the Crown Jewels of Corba. But wait - are the guards really who they seem? Daily 12-20-58 - from the story "The Crown Jewels of Corba" (With Skull cave and The Phantom's pygmy friend Guran) $350 USD A cool shot of Skull Cave and faithful Guran as the "Phantom calls..", before relays of carriers rush Robin Marston through the jungle to Corba where the mystery of the stolen jewels is about to be resolved. Daily 3-4-61 - from the story "The Iron Dragon" $280 USD Petty thieves Bura and Buddy meet in prison, they are trying to come up with a new plan to get rich. Daily 3-6-61 - from the story "The Iron Dragon" $280 USD Petty thieves Bura and Buddy are released from prison, and land jobs at the tank corps. They secretly have a plan to rob the jungle with a tank, or as the natives call an "Iron Dragon"! Daily 10-13-58 - from the story "The Crybaby" $280 USD Returned criminal Zork causes terror in a Wambesi village. This strip is the lead-up to him fighting The Phantom.