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  1. Have you touched base with Ze-man from these forums? He does restoration and is highly recommended.
  2. Tons of work! And each step requires money, too. Probably IS more fun than digging ditches, though, but not as much fun as the 40 years doing speech therapy that I just retired from. Kids brightened my days. Anyhow, good luck in your search.
  3. I've got one of those too, Darkowl. Graded 9.8.
  4. I have most of these Hulks in a collection I inherited and am beginning to sell off. They are raw, no signatures. I doubt they are all 9.8 or better, but the few I just checked are in great shape. So far I've had 17 various books of the collection graded, and 12 of the 17 were 9.0 on up to 9.8. Do you want some specifics and/or scans?
  5. Darkowl is giving it some thought. And btw, I've got plenty of other comics to sell, too.
  6. Thanks for your interest. (but Idk what "keeed" means lol)
  7. Scans attached - a little blurry. Will try to improve the clarity if you are interested.
  8. I'm just entering the world of selling comics, after inventorying and researching books that I inherited last year. To date, I've listed and sold one comic on e-bay, and had positive feedback on that. You could look me up as seller "KCClu47" I'll pull out the GSXM1 and scan it.
  9. I'm happy to scan it slabbed and send the pic to you. By feedback, do you mean the grader notes or on me as a seller? I'm pretty new to the comics world.
  10. I have a GSXM1 ready to sell. CGC graded at 6.5 a few months ago. Here's a scan from before I sent it for grading.
  11. Can anyone post the current prices for CGC grading at conventions? Can't seem to find it elsewhere. Thanks in advance.