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  1. Can anyone post the current prices for CGC grading at conventions? Can't seem to find it elsewhere. Thanks in advance.
  2. Afraid I'm a noob and don't know beans about grading yet, but that sure is some BEAUTIFUL cover art!
  3. Thanks Bob, for the insights and advice - very helpful (and speedy!) It's not reasonable to expect CGC to send someone to meet me outside (I could wish, though, especially since I'm disabled). We've just got the one "Walkthrough", and maybe a couple of "standard tier" comics. Then cheaper stuff. I'm trying to crunch the numbers and decide what to do. CGC does say "guaranteed" graded by end of convention", but that seems a difficult goal to guarantee, since it depends on numbers submitted and some other factors.
  4. Sorry to dwell on this. I understand paying to attend. My question is, do you have to buy a ComicCon ticket again to pick up your books graded on-site? For 2 of us at the Boston Fan Expo starting Friday, that's $70 plus $18 parking, each visit. Ouch! Of course there are more and different events going on the other days, but my goal is mainly to get some comics graded. One is valuable and I'm reluctant to ship it. Thanks for your insights.
  5. sillysophical

    Need advice

    Very true. I inherited a collection.recently, and have been inventorying and doing research. I posted my (higher grade) copy of this same comic in the "Please Grade My forum", and did get some PM's from interested buyers. We decided to wait, get this book and a few others graded, and go from there. Good to see from these comments that we're on the right track. These forums have been very helpful!
  6. sillysophical

    2018 Green Eggs Grading Contest -Final Round

    Grades in. Veeeerrrrryyyyy interesting! Thanks all. And I suspect the emoji's on our grades from sckao and greenham are either mind games, or just random. But fun.
  7. sillysophical

    2018 Green Eggs Grading Contest - Round 9

    Grades in. Second guessing too much after all these rounds!
  8. sillysophical

    2018 Green Eggs Grading Contest - Round 7

    Grades in. I hope. Messed up sending to wrong address last time!
  9. sillysophical

    2018 Green Eggs Grading Contest - Round 1

    Thanks for all your work, and GreenEggs, too, This is my first grading attempt and am learning a lot.
  10. sillysophical

    2018 Green Eggs Grading Contest - Round 1

    Please grade the one I submitted on the Can you spare a grade? forum a couple hours ago. - I'd like your experienced input!
  11. sillysophical

    PGM HULK 181

    Thanks. We got lucky :-) What is going on with the back cover top left corner? Is there some light creasing there? I took another look, pulled it up from its bag. Don't see any creasing. I agree It does look a little odd on my scan, though.
  12. sillysophical

    PGM HULK 181

    OP here. You have good eyes - there is the tiniest tick there. I took a close look again. It partially breaks color. All of this inherited collection is raw. This one is definitely worth grading, and probably a few others too. I think we'd regret it if we sell without grading.
  13. sillysophical

    PGM HULK 181

    Thanks - that is my guesstimate too. I inherited my brother's collection of almost 2,000 comics a couple months ago, and am on a crash course to figure things out.