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  1. I’m heading back home tomorrow night I finished gathering supplies for light, heat and cooking. I won’t have any amenities/luxuries but me and the old lady will make it.
  2. Hello all I’m currently evacuated from home do to widespread power outage because of a massive snowstorm in southern Manitoba a couple days back. with that said I’ll forgo prize and will send out what I have when life returns to normal eta 10 days. lawrence
  3. Thanks to Andy and Shin for this years contest and every year you’ve held it. It has always been my favourite time to be the boards and to be apart of this community. It shows honour to our fellow board members who can no longer be with us and personally, you guys probably don’t realize how much this has given me reprieve from the stresses of my real life working life.
  4. You would’na been disappointed. I should have done it sooner but was away sooo many days for work travel.
  5. I will add a third prize it will be a Mystery box in honour of the last GEAHtm grading contest. Books will range from G-NM, from all genre, from gold to modern, how many I don’t know yet it depends how I fell when I’m packing up books but since it’s the last time for me to be “Generous” it might be worth checking out. shipping is on me btw.
  6. For only one of us the finish line is as sweet as banana cream pie. for the rest, well......
  7. No that’s us when they dangle a possibility of bulls in front of us.