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  1. $50.00 Payment: PayPal Shipping: $13.00 within USA Returns: No returns PM for negotiation, first in thread takes it!
  2. Batman Beyond #37 CGC 9.8 Batman Who Laughs #1 CGC 9.8 Batman Who Laughs #2 CGC 9.8 Dceased #1 Jeehyung Lee Exclusive CGC 9.6
  3. Published: Dceased A Good Day to Die Laura Braga, Richard Friend
  4. Deathstroke #30 CGC SS 9.6 Signed by Priest Mattina Cover Batman: White Night #3 9.8! Neo Joker
  5. Question? Does anyone think Cadence reads this? If they do read this, they can't be all to happy. Collectors may just start to avoid them all together. I've had two experiences with them. The first was nerve racking. They were quick to invoice and slow to ship but worst off slow to respond to all emails. The second was on point, no need to even send them an email cause art was shipped quickly.
  6. Along with a couple complete runs, Mignola Sketchbook and Justice League 12 signed by Jim Lee Comics
  7. Haha, with so much speculation and focus on the market I'm surprised it wasn't already a thing.
  8. Why is this not a thing for comic art? Fantasy
  9. Hello, Looking for pages from Black Adam The Dark Age, panels would be great. Thanx,