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  1. No - dropped out when I realised the cat was out of the bag
  2. exactly, a very handsome women and vintage comics It was from an email I got, that was the story basically There were about 200+ original owner mid-grade Silver-age - the GL no.1 being far the biggest key It was a non-comic autioneer When they first listed it though, the GL no.1 was not highlighted and was just 3/4 under another book - I thought aha there we go! However, someone must of told them as suddenly it was centre-stage and individually photo'd ! so yes, very good price for the comics and the oo
  3. A Whitchurch family has had a surprise windfall after a collection of comics found in a suitcase on top of a wardrobe has sold for £3,600 at Trevanion and Dean’s auction in Whitchurch last Saturday (21st January). The collection of 1960‘s comics which included a first edition of DC Comics Green Lantern along with other iconic names including Superman, Wonder Woman and Commando, attracted massive amounts of interest before the auction on Saturday. Auctioneer Christina Trevanion explained ‘We were so delighted for the vendor, he was clearing his father’s house and found the collection on top of a wardrobe – it just goes to show, you never know what you’ve got hiding in the cupboards!’. Sold in two separate lots, the comics attracted interest from America, the UK and Europe with bidders battling it out in the room, on the telephone and online before finally selling to two successful UK bidders.
  4. They're both the real deal. The YM 27 went for £104 - I was the under-bidder but really should've gone higher Anyway, had some good dialogue with the seller, he says he's had them both for 20+ years We've discussed the MM no.26 story in detail So we have three MM no.26 copies - 1. Greedy seller, 2. the one Derek bought, 3. the one from the auction none of us saw! He's under the impression that MM 27 has only 2 copies in existence?
  5. They are, but only by the very discerning. Indeed Do you think Brexit is more or less likely to increase the demand for pence price variants?
  6. In the overall scheme of my life & loves, it's not important at all ! However, in the context of the comic hobby which I love and spend many hours researching etc I do feel that many of us are trying to right a historical wrong - in that for many years comics with pence prices were considered "reprints" and somehow inferior - the actual truth, is that they are first prints too (same American presses, same time) and ironically, almost certainly much, much rarer than their American counterparts (silver and early bronze at least) There is no campaign to make the hobby think they're better than cents or worth more than cents, simply to say "this is the reality" - then people can be better informed, and the market will repond accordingly (and has done) Pence keys in high grade are seriously rare - I only wish I'd bought more even 5 years ago, never mind back in the 80s when you could get a pence AF 15 for £200 (!) While factually and logically, they are PENCE PRICE VARIANTS, CGC calling them "UK Editions" is not a big deal. But it is inaccurate. (Graded UK only original-material comics like Cap Britain and Marvelman are also called "UK Editions", which adds to the inconsistency)
  7. An 8.0 went for $19,323 in 2012 An 8.5 pence of ASM 1 went for $16,730 (good deal) last August Anyone have a good guess on the grade of this raw pence? I'll say 6.5. Yes I'd agree on that so actually probably a good deal I have a much lower pence ASM 1 he didn't have any more BTW
  8. Variants of the cents priced versions ? But I don't think we're going to agree on that, which is fine.
  9. High grade pence variants from either Silver or Bronze sell very well, and people definitely chase them, me included mid to low pence are in similar demand to their cents conuterpart, am not sure people are fussed either way at that level of grade however, concur on the pence being lower grade generally, but you can find exceptions I would say a disproportionate number of HG pence are graded I have loads I'd like to get done but it's such a chore
  10. anyyyyyyyyyyyway.... my reason for posting was to highlight the two original owner pence keys! lovely books don't you think? I spoke to the seller, he'd bought as child and had hid them away for 50 years he said he was "overwhelmed" with the sale prices and it would certainly be helping with his pension Is £4,500 / $5,400 a record for the ASM1 ? p.s. PENCE variants - original PRICE variants
  11. Evening did you all see those 2 beautiful original owner pence keys listed on ebay? both lovely books - and perhaps a record price on the ASM 1 ? ASM 1 pence TOS 39 pence
  12. Some of my 2016 finds... all would be "Gerber 8s" and above
  13. Firstly, very cool book. First UK fanzine I've seen graded! Nice grade to. I have a copy of Fusion no.6 whch is a counterfeit (bought off ebay) - though I wouldn't even use that word - it's more like a photo-copy of a computer print-out but would fool an inexperienced buyer I guess. If anyone ever needs help on these I have extensive pics of different genuine copies of all the major MM fanzines.