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  1. im looking for a black hole 4 still in the multi pack bag, uncle scrooge 179 still in a multi pack bag and any of the HTF rare 8 DC Whitmans still in the multi pack bags? one can only hope I guess?
  2. bump I would also be keen if any one has a slabbed copy too?
  3. one last bump then I'm taking my ball and going home
  4. no worries, so if any one has a higher grade copy let me know? thanks
  5. Id sell it raw . A 2.5 CGC ebay is listed right now for 1600.00 a bit of a stretch on that . float it there and see what bites you get?? There are a few Whitman collectors on the board may be some one will chime in for advice?
  6. Nice find. Depends what you want to do with it? keep it or sell it?
  7. Its a bit of a long shot but ,I am looking to buy a DC Comics Presents 22 raw that might be able to press higher then a 8.5. If you have one for sale PM me.?? Thank you .
  8. I was holding out for a higher grade or waiting for Brock to post more DC Whitmans??
  9. Friday night bump. any one know any one that has one?
  10. I'm looking for a copy of SGT Rock 329 Whitman. If you have a copy for sale PM me. Thank you.