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  1. Asbestos

    Batman who Laughs

    The concept story seeems pretty interesting. Basically an alternate Batman in a world that combines his own with the joker and punisher in Batman who Laughs and Grim Knight, respectively. The cover art looks pretty rad in these mini series..and variants.. Here’s are some good references:
  2. Asbestos

    Batman who Laughs

    Thoughts on this comic and related comics on making some waves in the near future? New Titans #12 - First appearance of BWL Batman who laughs Vol. 2 #1 - First appearance of the Grim Knight (There’s a load of variants for this one)
  3. Asbestos

    wolverine180 kudos thread

    Made a great purchase from Keith who was great in responding to answer all questions! Shipping was expidited as much as he could and the package came very protected! Great seller, good deals, fast protected shipping! Highly recommended
  4. Asbestos

    Asbestos kudos thread

    Please leave your comments for Asbestos transactions here thanks
  5. Asbestos

    WTB/WTT: Strange Tales #89

    Sorry. I’m probabaly looking for a lower grade comic somewhere around 2-3 graded I suppose.
  6. Asbestos

    WTB/WTT: Strange Tales #89

    I’m open to something decent but probably on the lower end and affordable..
  7. Looking for a copy of strange tales 89 - first Fin Fang Foom Pm me to negotiate thanks!
  8. My ticket in the club.. volume 1 #1-19 plus annual.. not posted= also got several graded #1 and a 30 cent variant..
  9. Asbestos

    Daredevil #1 Club...where's the love?

    I’ve noticed DD#1 prices have been climbing recently.. too bad Netflix run got cancelled. Hopefully MCU can bring chars like these back into the mainstream!