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  1. maybe search topics.. seems like tis been brought up before.. not sure if there was a resolution.. Maybe its one of those things where the chars pop up before say in ST.. swamp thing not strange tales.. then they form the league in say JLD? like the Avengers Good luck!
  2. I think it’s origin as how he got his name Adam .. to go with Warlock
  3. FF66 - origin of HIM FF67 - first brief appearance of HIM Thor165 - First full appearance of HIM (who is named Adam Warlock in MP1) MP1 - origin of Adam Warlock, first appearance of Warlock <= WINNER Ref I have all four but would think thor165 would be the one to get first, then FF48, followed by MP1.. this is based on value *shrug*.
  4. Comic book realm has a Grade function where it walks you though the various points to determine grade. I've never went through all 38 steps, just the first five or so but it seems pretty intricate. Must register/login to use I think. Not sure how this systems compares to CGC or any other grading service.
  5. What source do you use for FMV numbers ? -GoCollect -GPAnalysis -Ebay -others Personally I use GoCollect but thought I see where the community goes, not sure if there are others available.
  6. Was this a grade 8.0 by CGC, CBCS, or PGX? (I've been told it makes a difference .. )
  7. Purchased a DC Comics Presents #26 from Jeff and it was smooth as buttah! Great transaction, fast delivery, high recommended.
  8. Had a great experience buying a sweet 5.0 copy of FF48! Fast delivery and awesome communication, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Thanks again Hartley, looking forward in doing business again!
  9. Thanks for the feedback and my bad by not chiming this into the TWD thread. Anyhow we'll see what happens next week when the 2nd print comes out. Will I be buying one? negative. would be interesting to get the print numbers of all 3 versions and monitor the climb..