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  1. Bought a sweet grail from Matt, who swiftly took it to the post. It came to me super quick, with tracking all the way, and was packed securely. Thanks for the GSX1 deal! Super highly recommend!
  2. Looking for a mid range graded GSX#1 Ideally a 5.0 for around $1k +/- If you have one, please reach out to discuss the details. 03/31/2020 update - if you got one PM me since I still haven't made a deal on one.. Just gonna close the thread.
  3. Got a sweet deal on a 6.5 FF#50 and the communication was responsive. Slab was delivered expeditiously via usps with tracking in 4 days! Highly recommended and trusted source on the cgc forums!
  4. Very smooth transaction and responsive communication throughout. My purchase was packaged and sent out immediately! Package arrived securely protected in a record 3 days! Can't be any happier and HIGHLY recommended!