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  1. I've always had great success with CGC grading and worked hard to understand what differentiates a 9.4, from a 9.6 to a 9.8, never expecting to ever receive a 9.9 or a 10.0! And that was fine. Until recently. I sent in a batch of 15 books, most of which came back in the 8.0-8.5 range. No grader notes provided. Called CGC, helpful talk, but still no grader notes. I've built a foundation on an understanding through a proven track record of 9.8's for years. I know I'm making a bigger deal than it is, but I can't help wondering if my books were in that bad shape in their eyes, that I could have possibly lowered my bar that far to have let slip through all the flaws, can't be! So was it a disgruntled grader, can't be since there's 2 of them! So now I have to consider if it's worth it to send them back in again at my expense. There is no appeals process I was told on the phone. In the past, any book lower than 9.8, typically included grader notes. If they had only given me the grader notes. I'd be fine with the verdict, if I had the reasons, the error, the flaw that I missed. We all want to improve the quality of what it is we are so passionate about collecting. How can we improve, if information is withheld or non-existent. 3rd party guarantees, certification protocols, quality control, can it still possibly be subjective? Maybe CGC can make the grader notes a part of the protocol for the benefit of its customers?