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  1. Nelson Brothers-recording artists/Jon Jespersen's all-time favorite musical group I can't live without your love and affection...
  2. Love you Mike...we'll always have Seattle JJ
  3. Rarest 'modern' Harley Picked up a few cheap on eBay when the show started. Have there been any confirmed CGC sales yet? I know a raw sold for $400-500 on eBay IIRC when the news broke but still copies available. I think this one will pop eventually as they dry up or CBSI draws attention to it, which I am guessing they will at some point as they are usually on top of things quickly. Going to get interesting soon...
  4. MOONSHINE #1 NYCC Exclusive CGC s/s 9.8 Azzarello -$175. Five (5) cps available.
  5. Okay so this is pretty awesome IMO Big Trouble in Little China/Escape From New York #1 1 in 50 CGC SS 9.8 Greg Pak. $125 (1) copy available
  6. The Weaver's #1 regular cover 3 cps 9.8 SS Simon Spurrier. -$110 ea. Rare U.S.appearance.
  7. The Weaver's #1 variant 3 cps 9.8 SS Simon Spurrier. -$125 ea. Rare U.S.appearance.
  8. Girrion #1 (Scout Comics) Limited to 250 copies NYCC variant (8) CGC 9.8 blue label (universal) copies available $110 JJ channeling his inner Richie
  9. More books from Rich: (6) available Suicide Squad #1 s/s 9.8 Amanda Conner, Philip Tan, Jonathan Glapion & Scott Hanna -$125 ea. Rich via JJ
  10. (4) Available Josie & the Pussycats NYCC exclusive, SS Cameron Stewart, Cameron Deordio and Marguerite Bennett. $125, print run 1000 cps. Will start wait list. Print run shakey at 9.6, but these are 9.8 copies! JJ for Rich
  11. Richie just texted me as I am at home and in communication with him to post the following: CANNIBAL #1 NYCC exclusive, s/s Bucellato and Jennifer Young. New Image Series! print run lmt 400 copies $120 each
  12. Why not start one of these up... One man's trash is another man's treasure or so they say If anyone is interested in trading some books that they have, post em up here possibly with what you are looking for or what your interests are?