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  1. Nelson Brothers-recording artists/Jon Jespersen's all-time favorite musical group I can't live without your love and affection...
  2. Love you Mike...we'll always have Seattle JJ
  3. Rarest 'modern' Harley Picked up a few cheap on eBay when the show started. Have there been any confirmed CGC sales yet? I know a raw sold for $400-500 on eBay IIRC when the news broke but still copies available. I think this one will pop eventually as they dry up or CBSI draws attention to it, which I am guessing they will at some point as they are usually on top of things quickly. Going to get interesting soon...
  4. MOONSHINE #1 NYCC Exclusive CGC s/s 9.8 Azzarello -$175. Five (5) cps available.
  5. Okay so this is pretty awesome IMO Big Trouble in Little China/Escape From New York #1 1 in 50 CGC SS 9.8 Greg Pak. $125 (1) copy available
  6. The Weaver's #1 regular cover 3 cps 9.8 SS Simon Spurrier. -$110 ea. Rare U.S.appearance.
  7. The Weaver's #1 variant 3 cps 9.8 SS Simon Spurrier. -$125 ea. Rare U.S.appearance.
  8. Girrion #1 (Scout Comics) Limited to 250 copies NYCC variant (8) CGC 9.8 blue label (universal) copies available $110 JJ channeling his inner Richie
  9. More books from Rich: (6) available Suicide Squad #1 s/s 9.8 Amanda Conner, Philip Tan, Jonathan Glapion & Scott Hanna -$125 ea. Rich via JJ
  10. (4) Available Josie & the Pussycats NYCC exclusive, SS Cameron Stewart, Cameron Deordio and Marguerite Bennett. $125, print run 1000 cps. Will start wait list. Print run shakey at 9.6, but these are 9.8 copies! JJ for Rich
  11. Richie just texted me as I am at home and in communication with him to post the following: CANNIBAL #1 NYCC exclusive, s/s Bucellato and Jennifer Young. New Image Series! print run lmt 400 copies $120 each
  12. So tired of stupidity... Bought book, paid for book and then later sends me this: New message from: systaz Top Rated Seller(4,712Red Star) I did not order this do not ship this please submit a refund. Thank you Susan BLOCKED already boxed and ready to ship. I guess I don't understand how you go through the process of buying an $800 book, accepting that you are buying, then paying for it and then saying you didn't order it. Then who did?
  13. Thanks Dre for the info. I was watching one on eBay, the few that were listed, and they were selling within minutes of listing. You're explanation was the same I got from another person at the show also.