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  1. I saw nothing wrong with that review. he makes his points, and isn't overly negative. he even admits that critics aren't always the guide to what's popular or good.
  2. Maybe the best movie of the series. Everything except #2 is just an amazing movie, and even #2 had its moments.
  3. it is absolutely valid. you responded, i countered your response perfectly. checkmate i guess.
  4. To a lot of women, this movie is. I love how i mention representation, and you mention a bunch of females characters who don't have a solo movie.
  5. You said it perfectly. For a lot of women, this is that. There is a lack in representation. This movie could help to fill that void a little.
  6. Every woman i know is hyped, hoping this is as good as recent marvel movies. if it is, it could be wonder woman huge.
  7. To who though? i would agree, BP is far more interesting to me, but quite a lot of people will be salivating at this, esp if it's as good as Marvel is always capable of.
  8. No order, but 10 great ones to me Iron Man Captain America Winter Soldier Dark Knight Blade Unbreakable Avengers Avengers IW Batman OG Black Panther Thor Ragnarok
  9. hopefully we just get an origin piece. early on, her far more bloody. but i'm definitely looking forward to this. since iron man 3, marvel has only made one movie i cant watch (thor 2).
  10. Cotdamn was this mess terrible I imagine if Tom Hardy wasn't in it, this movie would be savaged and dead on arrival. Sony, Amy Pascal, and Avi Arad should be ashamed of themselves for putting out something with little effort. Say what you want, but let's be real, almost every diehard comic book fan out there knew that this mess wasn't going to work the moment we learned that Spiderman wasn't in it. They lost the goodwill of whoever was leftover after that when they changed their tone and made it PG-13 instead of hard R. In their defense, I think they knew they didn't have a Logan/Deadpool on their hands, so they toned it down to at least pad the numbers with that under 18 ticket money.We can only hope that this tanks hard enough so that Sony has to give up on their Spiderman-less Spider-verse, and maybe sell off the rights to the better villains back to Disney/Marvel, who actually knows what to do with them.
  11. No, she had her shot with Selma, and scored, then had another shot with 13, and scored.
  12. Ryan Coogler made Fruitvale Station before Creed.