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  1. Before submitting books to CGC for grading what guide or service is recommended to determine comic value?? Thanks JV
  2. The minimum number of books accepted for pre screening is 25....can I submit an odd number like 29 or 37 books or does it have to be multiples of 25....50....75....100? Thank You JV
  3. I'm aware of the 25 book minimum for pre-screening....My question is that if part of the 25 books is a set of 12 can I request a same single grade for that set? Meaning (example) I request a 9.8 grade for all 12 (set Books) and pay the excepted grading fee for those 12 if all are 9.8....and if not pay....the $5.00 fee * 12 and not have them graded.........thanks....hope I made sense. JV