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  1. Mike Grell Warlord #4 Original Cover Pencils Including the 9.8 CGC Signature Series $500 + Shipping paid by buyer. $450 + Shipping paid by buyer. $400 + Shipping paid by buyer. Paypal only Please
  2. All reduced by half until Sunday, Dec. 2nd 8pm. ct Will end on that date.
  3. Man of Steel #116 pg. 21 Superman and Black Racer $200 $100
  4. Jla/Cyberforce pg. 30 Superman, Martian Manhunter (from behind) and the Flash. Wonder Woman is there if you look real close. $150 $75
  5. I have been out of the hobby for a while and am looking to liquidate my collection. I purchased these items from JJ many years ago on these boards. Paypal only please. Priority shipping w. insurance will be at cost to the buyer. Must be a paypal authorized address. Thanks for looking and if anyone wants to try to flip these im open to offers on the lot so feel free to hit me up.
  6. Now that the work week is over I am closing the thread and will actually get stuff weighed and billed tonight. TGIF
  7. If anyone is interested in anything unsold feel free to make an offer. The Sandman’s are on hold pending agreement on terms. Im a busy person so bear with me as I slowly get things prepped, invoices and shipped. Thanks