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    FACT if I stop posting, trillions and trillions of transistors would be out of work.

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  1. Mike Bray

    Wizard World Nashville -- September 8-10, 2017

    a bump since were only a week out ......
  2. this past weekend it went like this for me - as with most conventions - Thursday -during set-up and preview night - spent 35% of my budget on better books Friday - spent maybe 20% on stuff I missed on Thursday Saturday - 10% on a few books while just hanging out Sunday - spent the remaining 35% on marked down material that dealers wanted to move overall I was happy --- didn't really notice anything being held back except cheaper bulk stuff - to fill in boxes after selling --
  3. Mike Bray

    Wizard World Chicago -- August 24-27, 2017

    I should be there shortly after breakfast on Thursday morning ....
  4. Mike Bray

    Advice for selling graphic novels at a con?

    do a $5 section and then the better hardcovers have a $10 section or 1/2 cover -- keep it simple --
  5. Mike Bray

    Bronze and Gold lots for Sale

    @ 25% off ---
  6. Mike Bray

    Hugo Brache?

    I just searched this too .....
  7. Mike Bray

    Hugo Brache?

    I bought many a Conan piece from him in the early to mid 90`s .....
  8. Mike Bray

    Why did I post on Craigslist ........

    I hadn't posted in years and gave it a shot - years ago I had decent luck , maybe 20% of contacts ended up with me making a purchase - but that was a long time ago ...... after this persons first response , I just continued with the contact to see where it would go .....
  9. Mike Bray

    Why did I post on Craigslist ........

    here is the latest ..... is anyone here soon to be married ?
  10. Mike Bray

    Why did I post on Craigslist ........

    simple easy to read post ...
  11. Mike Bray

    Why did I post on Craigslist ........

    and the story marches on ....
  12. So I hadn't posted any on Craigslist for several years - until yesterday .... now I know why I hadn't placed any ads there in a while ... I`ll let y`all know if there is any more communication from this guy ........
  13. Mike Bray

    Ahhh, the glamourous life of the comic dealer

    You might need a bigger vehicle !!!!
  14. Just got in a new 6 foot banner to place above my show display - its an old school "Wombat" that I`ve had since the mid 90`s - last banner I had was a bit smaller and I had a thin gauge PVC frame on the sides and top holding it - anyone have any other suggestions for display ?