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  1. Set Stanley Artgerm Lau cover set Vampirella v5 #2 metallic variant ADDED Catwoman vol. 5: #15 Please Provide Cert Number Set The Immortal Hulk immortal hulk #20 Please Provide Cert Number
  2. Ok current complete runs Re Firestorm Vol 1. and Vol.2 fury of firestorm, it was very easy as I bought fury set as whole and had to get issue 1 and 4 from vol 1. So it was easy, Firestorm one of my favorite title as a kid but entire thing was not super fulfilling but gettin close to daredevil vol 1 which has been challenging and expensive, just got a Cgc 4.0 #2, only keys I need are #1, and 131 and the very last issue and approx 20 other issues, so once I have done this very fulfilling, workin on Finding a swamp thing #1 of first series and then that will be complete. Almost meaning like 5 issues are spiderwoman vol1, Webof Spider-Man and sandman
  3. My collecting App has 8331 comics listed so it maybe say minus 10 plus ten
  4. One of the newest and hottest artists but many different titles, was trying to add a batgirl 31 9.8
  5. This is a great series and looking forward to each issue