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  1. It surprises me how folks bash PGX and praise CGC as if NO other company can grade a comic book. That's like saying Ford is the only company that can make a vehicle. Does anyone at either company holds a Bachelor degree in comic book grading? I don't think so. Grading is SUBJECTIVE. A company without competition is also dangerous/a monopoly! Every company at one point has also had its issues from GM Motors to Sony products. Yeah you may catch a higher price for your book if it ever sells but it has to sell for higher in order for you to make somewhat of a decent profit due to the high fees you pay to get it graded. Its all a psychological game of greed. Like i always say to each its own on the microphone. If you feel that your identical grade from CGC is better than it's competition because you paid a higher price then all power to you. I've done business with both CGC and PGX and to be honest i perfer PGX. To me there cases are stronger and my book doesn't slide around in the case or have rainbow rings like CGC. I read so many stories of folks sending a 9.8 PGX book to CGC and getting a lower grade. Is there anyone who has sent a 9.8 CGC to PGX and recieved a lower grade? I never see those videos. Once you've cracked open that case you have ruined that grade. No matter how "CAREFUL" you think you are in repackaging the book you have ruined the grade. Especially after it goes through the postal system. Packages are thrown around like footballs. So i can understand if a item comes back a grade lower. Grading is subjective. A 9.4 in my opinion may be a 9.2 in yours. Does that make either of us right or wrong? Now this is my issue for all those who praise CGC as the Gods of grading. How can this issue of The She-Hulk #1 be graded a 9.8 with a detached bottom staple? A 9.4 or 6 i can get with but 8, Hmm.. Suspect 😒.
  2. Yeah, I have an serious issue with CGC's grading practices. How can this issue of She-Hulk #1 receive a 9.8 grade with a detached bottom staple? Seriously...???