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  1. Good detective work everyone! This was a fun read.
  2. Ryan Benjamin: Eric Canete: Joe Ng (Tricky Digits): Francis Manapul:
  3. Another late 90's SDCC sketch I'm trying to ID. Does anyone recognize the signature?
  4. Agreed! Richard Friend would be a great fit for this one. Love his inks over Finch.
  5. This has been a very informative read. Has anyone looked into the logistics of a safety deposit box at a bank?
  6. This is deviating a little from the topic, but can anyone help me identify the artist via the sketch or the signature? I asked an artist at SDCC sometime in the mid to late 90s for a quick sketch on a comic backing board and he gave me this. I must have recognized his name at the time, but I am now drawing a blank. Most likely at the Wildstorm or Top Cow booths. I'm not looking to sell it, but it would be nice to know the artist behind it.