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  1. Thanks! That is great advice. Time to study up. lol. I'll def. post in spare a grade too!
  2. As requested here they are. What do you think?
  3. Hi James, I have about 241 comics. I am trying to educate myself before I do something dumb like put money into a book that is worthless OR sell something that is valuable for pennies. This is what I have: I put in bold the issues I think might be worth something --- but this education thing is still an ongoing process. I'd be interested to hear your take. Should I be paying attention to any others here to evaluate the condition more closely? The Avengers # 7,59 The Avengers King Size Special# 1, 3, 4 The Amazing Spiderman# 60,74-76, 101, 104, 105, 106, 149,146-157, 162, 159-167, 170, 259,273,282, The Amazing Spider man King# Sized 5, 7 The Brave and The Bold# 71,74-79, 111,121,122-140, 144-147,156-158 The Brave and The Bold Super Spectacular pages# 112 Batman# 190, 294, 295,299,324,325,326,328,329, Batman Giant #193, 198 Dare Devil# 31-35, 42 44,91,99, 100-103 The Defenders#16-30 Fantastic Four# 129, 131-136, 296 Giant Size Fantastic Four 5 The Invincible Iron Man# 1, 30-35, 63, The Invincible Iron Man King Size Special# 1 Justice League of America #52-57, 59, 60-64, 68, 86-88, 90,95, 96,99, 100, 101,103-105,126, 126-138, 224 Justice League of America Giant# 58,67, 141-149 Superman# 196, 208 The Amazing World of Superman #280 The X-MEN # 47,48, 49, 50-57, 72-79, 103-108 The Uncanny X-MEN #133 X-MEN Giant Sized Annual # 9 King Size Special The Incredible Hulk # 1,2 King Size Annual The Incredible Hulk # 6 The Super Friends# 2-10 Adventure Comics Featuring Super boy and the Legion of Super Heroes# 366 Tales of Suspense# 50, 54 Giant-Sized Defenders # 1 Marvel Features presents The Defenders #2 The Mighty Thor #136, 137,150 World's Finest Comics starring Superman and Batman #310 The Big Blockbuster World's Finest Comics starring Superman and Batman# 244 Giant Size Werewolf # 2, 3 Fantasy Masterpieces #7 Giant Size Creatures Featuring Werewolf #1 Marvel Super-Heroes featuring Iron Man DAREDEVIL #28 Ms. Marvel #1 Superboy #147 Super Natural Thrillers featuring IT #1 Conana the Barbarian #21 Giant Size Chillers featuring the curse of Dracula #1 Prince Namor, The Sub Mariner #1 Lord of the Hidden Jungle #KA-ZAR1 Shanna the She-Devil #1
  4. Thank you everyone! I really appreciate the feedback. Unfortunately that is tape....I was wondering if that was considered restoration? I just didn't want to lose money on the book or any of the books I have by getting them graded - until I know what i'm doing. No need to worry about bursting my bubble I'm a realist. I will add that the book smells like a basement, does that impact potential grading? Unfortunately the person who had them before me left them in a basement. I want to take care of the books but I'm just trying to sort through the ones that I should invest in getting cleaned and graded.
  5. Thank you everyone! This has been really helpful! One last question for anyone who sees this....if they smell like a basement how much does that impact grading? Should I get them dry cleaned? Is it worth the dry cleaning and the grading costs considering the condition they are in now?
  6. Hi all, new to all of this. Trying to get an idea of the condition of a few comic books here from people who have the knowledge. Worth grading these?
  7. HI, I'm a newbie to all of this. I am just trying to determine the condition of some of my comics. Hope you all can help with some speculation Is it even worth getting this graded?