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  1. not at all, this is pathetic that this was graded at a 9.8 how does it even happen? Aren't they suppose to double check things prior to shipping? I sent in 25 books and had them all pressed and cleaned and books that had very minor non color breaking ticks got 9.4's and 9.6's and there's absolutely nothing wrong with them and then i get this which is laughable.
  2. so I'm just curious what everyone thinks about this book, it's already been graded and I received it yesterday but looking for a ball park what you guys think, my guess was a 7.5-8.0 the pics below are just the front cover not sure if you can see the issues or not but the back is perfect not a single defect that I can see and the pages are White anyway if this is not a good post than please let me know and I'll remove it.
  3. my concern with this was the Tanning on the inside of the cover you always hear that CGC dings books hard for tanning so I was worried about that thinking if it came back a 5.0 I would be happy but a 6.0 is a true bonus for me considering what I paid for it.
  4. Grades In, was hoping for a little higher.
  5. what's crazy is i also sent in a She-Hulk #1 which I thought to be at a minimum 9.6 with possibly getting a 9.8 I didn't even bother to ask here what everyone thought I figured it a no brainer, it had 2 ever so tiny ticks 1 that just barely broke color and that came back a 9.2 compared to this book it should've been way higher and the grader notes were the same for both. "light spine stress lines to cover" go figure.
  6. Finally got some books back, you guys are good! Happy with this was really hoping for at least a 9.0.
  7. I was hoping you guys would say 4.5-5.0 they want $125 for it and I thought that would be a good price at that range.
  8. I have a chance to buy this copy of ASM #41 just curious what you might think it will grade thanks
  9. Both staples are tight. Do you think a press would be worth doing?
  10. Just received this Sub-Mariner#1 that I won on the Bay what do you guys think? Covers glossy small ticks along the spine small piece missing FC corner, corners are soft lower BC issue. Thanks