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    PGM Spider-Man #300

    Actually they all don't break color I was surprised after I took the pic but I think it's the flash of my phone on the ticks. I'll try and take another in natural light to show the difference.
  2. Bought this Spider-Man #300 for I think $200 or 225 i forget but it has a couple small spine ticks and a pressing wouldn't hurt any thoughts on a possible grade after a press? Thanks
  3. billsid

    PGM New Mutants #98

    Thanks for the replies, sending it out tomorrow so I'll post the grade when i get it back.
  4. billsid

    PGM New Mutants #98

    Thanks for the input guys!
  5. what would you grade this NM#98 the cover has a miss wrap will this effect the grade much? Otherwise looks perfect, thanks!
  6. what does a staple pop do to a grade? See attached books in great shape but the top staple has pulled thru any idea on a grade? I'm having this dry cleaned so it should help a little. thanks **** So I went back and took a look at this book and the top staple DID NOT pull thru the cover it's just a small tear near the staple cover is still attached sooooo how will this affect the grade??