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  1. Cmon man, can't you read? PCH is way down, bro.
  2. With your permission Jordy, I'm in for another 175.00 from my end to make it a cool $500!!! Somebody get this man a 9.8 Belit!!!
  3. Correct. There are multiple copies of Action 23 and Superman 4, that boardies were kind enough to share, that support this timeline through date stamps as well.
  4. Here is ComicConnects latest description for their copy of Superman 4... crm/ow pgsJoe Shuster cvr/art; 1st Luthor (Spring 1940); This book appeared on newsstands BEFORE Action 23As Holmes had Moriarty and Flash Gordon had Ming the Merciless, so did Superman have Lex Luthor, the tortured, evil genius hell bent on world domination and the subjugation of the Kryptonian hero. In only his second appearance, Luthor is established as a money-mad, power-crazed menace, using a convoluted scheme involving oil wells and real estate to conquer the business world and the American landscape, and capturing the attention of a certain reporter--superhero in the process. Early Man of Steel tales were almost mundane in scale, with Supes taking on such depression-era scapegoats as robber barons, gangsters, greedy tycoons, and corrupt pols, making Luthor's operatic badness stand out from the pack. Though even in this instance, Siegel and Shuster still trafficked in the street-level nefariousness that came to define their early plotting. Also of note is the bald baddie on the cover. He can't possibly be Luthor, who still sports his original shock of red hair in the interior tale, but could this follically challenged cover cameo have spurred Siegel's later alteration of the ginger-tressed villain within? Hmm?
  5. Ok, we are officially closed. I will invoice everyone, and send books put that are already paid on Friday. Thanks again everyone.
  7. Don't have any of those. Go away
  8. Last call for alcohol... Had multiple offers on Vampi, but im firm on her . Will negotiate on other remaining books in recap above. Shutting her down tomorrow. Thanks again!!!
  9. The herd has been thinned, due to some PM trading and selling. Remaining available books as follows BRICK BRADFORD 6 VAMPIRELLA 1 ***removed*** MAGIC COMICS 9 DETECTIVE COMICS 135 WEIRD FANTASY 21 ***SOLD*** PLANET COMICS 61 Get offers in on remaining books while you can. There is no shortage of sharks in the water, gobbling up the Golden Age goodies!!!
  10. I'd say so. Cut it from 9 pages to 1, just by eliminating the thread crapping, people harassing William, and pictures of Alfred... which reminds me...
  11. an_Adam is the Please PM me your shipping info to receive your spoils! Congratulations, you sir are the winner. It just goes to show, old people are still fast on occasion.
  12. @wombatis the Warren publications published 112 of the original 113 books in the run. #113 was published by Harris and later recalled. It was also a reprint and cover swipe. Please PM me with your shipping info. Congrats... proceed to playing 'We are the Champions' by Queen in the background.
  13. This book has color that just screams at you, with its deep yellows and reds. First appearance of Frankenstein in DC comics, and a very tough book in above mid grade. Ask anyone who's tried to find one. Fine range copy, supple Off white pages or better. Detective Comics 135 F range $800