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  1. Can someone from CGC please post on-site grading prices for C2E2 Chicago coming up March 22nd 2019?
  2. CGC replied to me on Facebook about 2 weeks ago that they will NOT be exhibiting at ACE and have no witness scheduled. I wish we could get a straight answer on this. But it does look like CGC was added to the ACE exhibitor page:
  3. Pirate, being a noob I’ve tried to read everything on CGC SS I can get my hands on. My first CGC grading experience was at Wizard World Chicago but CGC exhibited there. I’m trying to figure out how the whole process works when CGC is not exhibiting. I have reached out to Kevlar several times with questions but no reply. I also emailed Twin City directly and someone got back to me and is helping me out now. What I have learned so far is just takes a while for someone to get back to you. But sure, of course I’m going to post and see if someone else can help me out if I don’t get a reply from the first person. What else should I try? From my thread reading I do see the trend of “season veterans” putting down noobs when it seems it would be so much easier to help them out. It also makes it more intimating for noobs to feel welcomed and want to post and ask questions.
  4. Any Facilatators for Ace Comic Con in Chicago this October? Looks like CGC will not be exhibiting and I want to get a bunch of books CGC SS. Any help?
  5. Anyone else getting replies from Sharon? I emailed a couple days ago and wondering what the turnaround time is now.
  6. Finally got my ASM 300! Saved $100, thx!
  7. How long until this code expires?
  8. Noob here, I think I have the whole CGC Signature process down. One thing I'm not finding too much information on is the premium artists usually have VIP package that included signatures at shows. Are you required to purchase one of these packages to get your CGC signature? Or does it help in the process? Can you skip the line? Do CGC staff prefer this? Let's use a real world example: Rob Liefeld is now doing CGC signatures at 2018 Wizard World Chicago. The Wizard World site offers the following Liefeld VIP packages: Do you need to purchase one of these VIP packages in advance to get your CGC signatures? Or can you just pay for signatures once you are at the show? Also one more question please: I have seen posts about other 3rd party grading Co's like CBS slabs getting cracked to get a signature. But what about a CGC Slab? Should I bring the CGC slab as is and let the CGC people crack it for me on site if I want to get a signature? Thanks in advance, I'm sure this whole process seems easy and streamlined to the vets but hard to put it all together for a noob who has never been to a show.