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  1. Weird War Tales #1. VF- (Restored). This is a great copy of a key book, with some resto. Small tear at the CCA logo, backed with archival mending tape and some minor color touch. A really affordable way to get a classic bronze age key. Light crease on back cover, and small scratch on the top of the ‘I’ in the masthead. $35.00. SOLD!!!!!
  2. Star Spangled War #151. VF/NM First appearance of the Unknown Solider, with Kubert art all through the book (including the Enemy Ace reprint backup tale. Another tough book to find in raw, high grade shape. Offwhite pages. (last raw VF/NM sold on ebay was listed at $245, though it went with a best offer.) Books is a solid deal at... $125.00. SOLD!!!!!
  3. Our Army at War #218 VF/NM First USS Stevens by Sam Glanzman (not mention a killer Kubert cover and an incredible art job by Russ Heath on the Sgt. Rock story). Tough book to find in grade, and even harder to find a nice raw copy. Tiny dent/crease at upper right corner front cover (visible in scan). White/offwhite pages. $45.00
  4. Hi everyone, A little trio of sweet DC war books! All sales are guaranteed, and paypal only please. Shipping is $8 for one book, $10 for 2, $15 for 3 in North America. Beyond that we'll figure it out. Good luck and enjoy the sale! Shep 
  5. Totally helps. I priced these based on what I saw these issues brought from completed sales on ebay over the past few months. Thanks man... appreciate that feedback! Shep
  6. Thanks to everyone who picked up some books off this thread - great stuff in here. Here's what remains unsold: New Gods #11. 8.5 Kirby art, Darkseid appearance. Wear at the top edge of the cover (visible in the scan.) Otherwise, a really tight, fresh copy with white/offwhite pages. $14.00 Master of Kung Fu #48. 9.0. Nice book. Small crease at lower spine, back cover. Vertical production creates on back cover. $5.00 Kobra Set. Kobra #1, #5 and #6. This title has picked up a little steam of late. Here are three nice copies. #1 doesn’t have the greatest wrap, but it’s a solid 9.0 with offwhite pages. #5 is a 9.4 with just the slightest of blunts at the bottom right corner of the front cover with white pages. #6 is 9.0/9.2 with some slight wear at upper spine front cover, white pages. These are really fresh-looking books. The 3 for $18.00 Prez #2 9.0/9. Nice clean copy, with just a few small spine ticks. Small number in ink on cover. White pages. $6.00 Stalker #3 9.2. Nice copy. White pages. Wally Wood/Steve Ditko art. $6.00 Stalker #4 9.2. Nice copy. White pages. Wally Wood/Steve Ditko art $6.00 Star Hunters #3. 9.4 Hard to find some of these esoteric implosion-era books in grade. White/offwhite pages. $6.00 Star Hunters #5 9.0 White/Offwhite pages. $5.00 Star Hunters #7 9.4 White/offwhite pages. $5.00 Korak #46 9.2. First DC issue. Lovely copy of this book. Amazing ‘Carson of Venus’ artwork by Kaluta. Small date in ink on front cover. Offwhite pages. $15.00 Korak #55. 9.2. Light wear at bottom right corner. Carson of Venus’ artwork by Kaluta. White pages. $10.00 Tarzan #220 9.4. Kubert cover and interior art. White pages. $14.00 Unexpected #142. 9.4. Cardy cover. Great copy. White pages. $20.00 Unexpected #209 9.4/9.6. Great, late number from this run. White pages. $10.00 Ghosts #57. 9.2. Dominguez cover. White pages. $8.00
  7. Question for folks... this is the first time I have ever posted in Copper/modern (my usual thing is silver and bronze). Didn't get a bite on any of these books. I'd love some feedback: were these books priced too high, under-graded, or just too common/undesirable? Let me know... always want to learn more. Shep
  8. And that's it for tonight! I'll be in touch tomorrow with each of the buyers to line up final totals, etc. Thanks everyone! Shep
  9. Ghosts #83. 9.4 SOLD!!! Dominguez cover. White pages. $10.00
  10. Witching Hour #69. 9.0/9.2 SOLD!!! Don Rosa copy. Dominguez cover. White pages. $7.00
  11. Witching Hour #50. 9.0. SOLD!!! White pages. Awesome Nik Cardy cover. $8.00
  12. House of Mystery #289 9.4. SOLD!!! Nice copy. White pages. $10.00