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  1. Thanks! I wish it was under different circumstances too, but these days I'm taking all the good I can out of the situation...
  2. That's part of why I started getting out of comics about 9 years ago. I ordered a box of about a dozen slabbed war books for around $800. Sounds like a lot of money to me now, but that was getting to be a regular purchase back then. I got them in September, and didn't even take them out to put them in my collection until the Christmas break. When I did, I realized I had 10 of the 12 book already, in marginally lesser grade (9.4 instead of 9.6, 9.0 instead of 9.2, etc) and it just hit me like a ton of bricks that it was starting to get a little dumb. Over the following year or so, I sold the majority of my silver and bronze age war books - including solid copies of GI Combat 87, OAAW 81, 82 and 83, plus a lot of uber-violent Atlas war covers. Got great money for all my books at the time, though just 8 years later many are 4-6x what they were worth then. Still have nice copies of most of the 1970-onwards stuff, but I sold a lot of that too. Slowly re-filling those holes, but happy with clean raw 8.0-9.2, instead of chasing down white-paged 9.4 and 9.6 books, which even then were getting impossibly expensive to put together in long runs.
  3. Hey everyone, I had an interesting week with my collection. I stopped collecting hard a number of years ago, and indeed have slowly been selling off a lot of my collection. I've held onto the books that I really wanted, but I still have a a few boxes of loose books that came in lot purchases, or got upgraded a long time ago, or that were unsold after selling threads and that never got put away properly. In short, I've been sloppy with a large part of my collection that got scattered around that I just lost interest in. With the whole Covid thing, I'm home with some time on my hands (like many of us, I suppose). So, I took a few days to just get all this stuff that is secondary to my main collection into one big pile and sort through it, something I haven't done in probably 10 or 12 years. Bottom line, I was shocked at some of the stuff I found. And because a lot of it is low to mid grade, I found myself spending a lot of time actually reading these books... which was so great. It's been a very long time since I've just put my feet up, sipped a chilled glass of root beer, and dug in. So... what did I find? Well, first up... a LOT of war books. Between all the boxes and misplaced stack, I found about 125 mid grade war books I had pretty much forgotten I had. A not-too-terrible run of Captain Storm... Buncha lower-grade Silver Age War... Some 1950s DC Westerns... Some 12cent Big Box DCs, and a copy of Sea Devils #1... had totally forgotten about that book. And this book I bought at my LCS (The Escape Hatch in St. John's, Newfoundland) in 1981. Great Joe Kubert art on a seminal Hans von Hammer story in showcase. This books would have been mint when I bought, and I read it down to a FN. Again, thought I had lost this book years ago... None of these books are super valuable, but I'm taking this as a Covid silver lining for sure. My old instinct would be to sell all of these, but these are sticking around... great to have some awesome reading close at hand and not getting weirded out about dropping a grade. Also found a ton of 1980s books like Firestorm, Fantastic Four and Avengers... all store stock books I bought years ago from a shop that was closing, and promptly forgot about. Anyone else digging around in their stacks these days and finding some forgotten surprises?
  4. Hey fellas, Hope that you are well these days. One tiny silver lining of the stay-at-home-because-of-covid19 is that it's given me some time to sort out a couple of decades of stuff that's never been sorted out. Found this today - a letter from Sgt. Rock creator, writer and editor extraordinaire Robert Kanigher, from April 2001, only a year before he passed away. I was working on a book about DC war comics back then, and was interviewing some creators (including Joe Kubert and Russ Heath... fabulous). Kanigher typed this tanatlizing little passage on the back of the letter... Stay well friends, Shep
  5. And another. Kubert was just so. Dang. Good....
  6. I'm game... here are a couple of killers from the era.
  7. So sad to hear this... I loved Mort's work in both MAD and the DC war books, and if I am correct he was the last of the major artists from the glory days of the Big Five. Sigh. All things must pass... but I hate it sometimes. Hope all are well during these strange, strange times. Shep
  8. Thanks man. I've run a number of these over the years, and it brings me great joy seeing books like these find good homes in great collections. War book collectors are a special breed....
  9. Gentle bump! This closes out today, so last chance to grab some nice war books. Thanks again to everyone who bought. Invoices out later today or tomorrow. Thanks again! Shep
  10. And that's it! I'll be sending out invoices tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who purchased some books - I do appreciate it! Have a great Saturday everyone, Shep
  11. Our Army at War #135. FN Nice copy, with a great Kubert art job on the main story. C/OW pages. $26.00
  12. Our Army at War #123. VG Nice copy that presents better than VG. Small stain (possibly removable) on front cover left of tank turret. 3/4" vertical tear on bottom back cover. C/OW pages. Great book. $20.00
  13. Boy Commandos 2. NM- A few non-breaking spine stresses. Light blunt at bottom right corner. W/OW pages. $10.00