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  1. Looking for someone that's doing facilitation at Monroe Pop Fest in September. It's a small con but it's the only one Kyle Hotz is signing at this year.
  2. That list really helpful. Anyone know of a facilitator for ATL?
  3. The movement of your skirt isn’t something I’m interested in. I am however excited about some of these new characters being created right now and enjoy having them in my collection regardless of whether they’ll develop into something really significant. And if I were to get the books graded for MY collection then I’d like to have the key comments updated.
  4. I'm just impatient and want it immediately just to add it to my collection, regardless of value, haha. Right? I'd be down to do it too. I think there are enough resources out there with solid information about first appearances and stuff that CGC could refer to for quick database updates. Also doing that as a little part-time gig would be pretty fun.
  5. Not returning it. It's not worth the hassle when I only paid $40. For the price of the book raw, fee to get it graded, and shipping for everything, the seller broke even or even lost a little money. Just gonna hold on to it, move on, and pay more attention next time.
  6. I have a couple books that have come out in the last couple weeks that I wanted to get graded for my own collection like Venom #3 (first appearance of Knull) and Teen Titans Special #1 (first cameo? or first appearance of Crush), etc. But if I were to get them graded and have them come back without any key comments on it, it would bother me. Anyone have any idea how quickly their database gets updated?
  7. Yeah a switching of the book didn't make sense to me but neither did the damage that came with it. I'm new to the game so I just wanted to get other opinions. I also noticed that about the variant cover and the label. I looked at others and they all seem to be like that.
  8. Thank you both for the input. I agree with both of you. Definitely getting my money back. Very straight forward front and back photos. I can see the damage now but I honestly didn't pay much attention when I got it. I definitely should have but I didn't think this was going to be a big deal as the issue isn't really very valuable yet.
  9. Good to know. I just recently started getting into grading so this was very helpful, thanks.
  10. First time posting on here so I apologize if I'm doing this the wrong way. I recently bought a 9.8 graded copy of Doomsday Clock #1 through ebay. The seller seemed to be very reputable. I just received it today and noticed that the book was sliding around inside the slab as well as a sizable gash on the side of the slab It looks like someone pried open the case to take out the book. The book matches the CGC label in terms of the issue title, author, number, etc. but I'm not sure if it's the 9.8 version of the book as there is minor damage to both of the corners of the spine (see pictures). It doesn't seem like damage that could have been done in transit. But maybe I'm wrong? I was thinking of trying to go after the seller for a refund. Advice would be appreciated.